Almighty – Ch. 134


“Shape Shifting Grand Art…” mumbled Yang Tian, after receiving the teachings. He lamented that having an elder in the family would bless the family with the wise teachings of the elder.

Shape Shifting Grand Art was an appearance transformation technique that altered one’s face, physique and even their aura.

“It is unfortunate that my cultivation is too inferior at present. I would surmise that advanced cultivators would notice my disguise.”

Approximately three hours after Yang Tian finished cultivating, Fallen Devils’ Grounds had completely shape shifted. The people who attacked it exited with murky expressions smothered in filth. Gu Canghai resorted to a large-scale attack in the end in order to force open a gap for people to escape. As a consequence, he suffered grievous wounds.

News of the lopsided defeat travelled through the eastern side of the continent at as fast as a wind. Seven to eight Half-Step Almighty adepts died overnight; some were severely wounded. The clans that took part were furious with the results. The majority of people believed the clans and sects were defeated by the killing formation as they knew the palace was full of unexplainable features and housed some of the best treasures around.

Somebody once tried to take a coffin home for research purposes. Howbeit, moving a coffin activated the killing formation that killed the thief on the spot.

People guessed that the interior was a Divine cultivator’s grave, and the coffins were supposedly there to keep him company. They assumed there was a magnificent treasure storage inside with the Divine Realm cultivator’s cultivation method. Once the rumour spread, Yang Tian’s suspicion reduced significantly. It wasn’t so simple to enter a Divine cultivator’s grave, obviously.

Yang Tian had been inside his ring for over a dozen days. He summoned a small qi and blood figure next to the ceiling. Every blast and every drop of his qi and blood was a powerful blast in and of itself that sent ripples through the air.

Yang Tian’s qi and blood river expanded as he absorbed the energy within the premium-grade bloodstones. After breaking through to Warrior Realm Seventh Layer, his energy level continued to surge. The might of his punches shook the one hundred and eight vital points in his body. His forward momentum stopped when he broke through to the eighth layer. The changes to his body subsequently altered the flow of time inside Ancestral Dragon Ring.

Xiaobai slept hugging a premium-grade bloodstone. He had improved by leaps and bounds. He hadn’t transformed into a demon, yet already emitted the aura of one.

Yang Xiao said, “He’s fallen deep asleep several times and will wake up in a few days’ time.”

“The auction should be soon, right?”

Yang Tian and Yang Xiao chatted for a short while before the former returned to his physical body. Yang Tian sat in silence after returning to his body.

“I doubt even Xing Hao and the guys can recognise me now.” Yang Tian subsequently wore on his black robe and left.

The glistening floor was a sign it rained not long ago. He took in a deep breath that numbed his bones.

“Look, he’s Meng Tian, isn’t he? He’s a core disciple of the clan. I heard Young Miss often visits him.” Maids in the distance ogled Yang Tian.

The entire hall of over thirty thousand square metres was packed full to the brim. As a number of adepts suffered heavy injuries in the assault on Fallen Devils’ Grounds, people wanted to leverage it to inflate prices.

Meng Yunxi couldn’t believe it when she saw Yang Tian; she thought he sneaked in. She knocked on the ochre table and curled her hair with her other hand.

“Brother Yang Tian, you have more and more secrets now. Where did you get the appearance transformation technique from?”

“Don’t you think you’re prying too much? It’s better for you to know less.”

“Oh, so you have the guts to threaten me now, do you?” Meng Yun Xi glared at Yang Tian for being a tease.

Yang Tian touched his head and wiped his smirk off. “By the way, did you finish collecting the materials I asked for?”

“I did. Sadly, somebody doesn’t respect me and even threatened me. Oh, what a pity.” Meng Yunxi covered her mouth and cackled in response to Yang Tian’s reaction. She tossed him an interspatial ring. “I have other business today and, therefore, shall spare you for now.”

The interior of the interspatial ring was over three hundred square metres in size. It was packed with refining materials. Transferring to Ancestral Dragon Ring, Yang Tian handed Yang Xiao the ring and laughed quietly. “Uncle Xiao, is this enough?”

“It should be. The pill formula has been formulated. You have the other herbs. You’re still missing one herb.”

“Which one is it?”

The missing herb had to do with Star Sect’s jade slip on top of the Blue Sky Illuminates a Jade Wave quirk. Hence, there was no room for half-hearted attempts.

“You need a dragon tongue flower herb. Keep a lookout at the auction. It was relatively common in the ancient era. I, therefore, assume it hasn’t gone extinct.”


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