Almighty – Ch. 133

Capturing Fallen Devils Grounds

Ancient Sacred Grounds was under a lot of pressure. Various clans were very aggressive. There were signs of them joining hands. Ancient Sacred Grounds managed to procure a weapon; however, the other two were split between the other clans.

The most perplexing thing was that Meng Clan, Green Sun Empire and Thundercloud didn’t take part in the assault. Nonetheless, the treasures were within their grasp, they didn’t think too much into it, especially since they were scheduled to attack the cave soon.


Thirty days passed by inside Ancestral Dragon Ring.

Yang Tian’s dormant aura exploded. A crimson glow lit up the void and a wyrm assaulted it. The void trembled. A crimson glow extended over twenty metres shook the air.

“Uncle Xiao, my qi and blood river development is about to hit its ceiling. Shall I attempt a plateau bust?”

Yang Tian finished absorbing a third of the fist-sized premium-grade bloodstone and compressed his qihai during the month, improving its quality several folds.

Yang Xiao, having cultivated to past half way to the peak, was experienced. “Wait for now. Profound Connection Realm is one of the big doors to the world of cultivation. Once you break through to it, you’ll see how it fairs. Once the time comes for you to ascend, you should be able to ascend two layers. You must persist with pill concoction daily, and go all the way. You must master all of them.”

If he exchanged energy based on Profound Connection Realm’s rate, it’d be painfully slow. Stalling for a prolonged time upon reaching Profound Connection Realm happened more often than not.


Yang Tian picked up Star Sect’s jade slip. The stars in his body rushed into the jade slip, lighting it up. After running the process for a while, the glow dimmed considerably. He ceased injecting more in since he hadn’t reached the level required yet.

“In my opinion, you need to gain the Blue Sky Illuminates a Jade Wave quirk in order to access the jade slip.”

“Blue Sky Illuminates a Jade Wave is not easy to form.”

“Hmm… Haha, I remember there was a pill formula that helped with developing the quirk in my era. I need some time to recall it as it’s been a long time. Don’t worry about it for now. The fighting at Fallen Devils’ Palace has started.”

Yang Tian zipped into the courtyard, then peered into the distance where the fighting took place thousands of kilometres away.

Lightning and clouds gathered in the sky. Thunder clapped.

Someone burst through the door. Meng Yunxi seductively strutted over. She rolled her eyes at the sight of Yang Tian’s eager expression.

“They fighting? Did I get the bingo?” Yang Tian quested.

“Careful. They’ll blame you for their losses. They won’t take just your life for reimbursement.”

“That would mean they’re shameless. There were Celestial Weapons in there; I didn’t deceive them.”

The environment’s colour suddenly changed after a short exchange of words. A thirty-thousand-plus-metre tall titan stomped down mountain. He roared and roared as though the sky was coming down as he engaged in combat in the void.  Dozens of golden dragons roared as they soared across the sky. Supreme adepts moved mountains with their howls in the darkness. The entire city quaked as did the people’s hearts while the battle raged on.

“That is Ancient Divine Body. Brat, you’ve caused a major issue if you ask me.”

“Tsk, tsk, it’s best if they all die.”

“I think he’s Gu Canghai. If he is, he’s ruled as a god figure for three thousand years. He is the strongest on the eastern side of the continent. He stands above the other two gods of the other two sacred grounds.”

“Gu Canghai. Best for three thousand years.” Speaking into Ancestral Dragon Ring, Yang Tian asked, “Uncle Xiao, is the killing formation enough to kill him?”

“I doubt it. He is not the only one there. The killing formation may be held down by three Celestial Rank Weapons; however, its output is lacking due to the absence of a supreme adept to control it.”

“Oh… By the way, have you collected all of the materials I asked for?”

“Close. Two more days and they’ll be ready,” answered Meng Yunx. Yang Tian’s order kept her busy recently for it was a massive order.

As soon as Meng Yunxi finished her sentence, a large bell appeared in the sky and brought the sky down. It released energy the colour of fire, enveloping the divine light and shaking the sky. The phoenix on the bell spread its wings and unleashed an ear-splitting cry. It flew out of the bell, opened its mouth and let loose a blast of flames that incinerated the earth and clashed with other forces.

“That’s Skysong Sacred Grounds’ treasure – Phoenix Blood Demon Emperor Bell. It’s a Celestial Weapon,” Meng Yunxi pointed out.

“A Celestial Weapon? That power is… tsk, tsk…”

“That is Myriad Sword Sacred Ground’s sacred sword: Pure Gold Dragon Abyss; it, too, is a Celestial Weapon.”

Lots of powerful adepts had made their move, including the desolate era clans.

The three Celestial Weapons, consisting of a small drum, a small black cauldron and an inch-long small sword, manifested in the void. The ultimate killing formation bore its fangs, butchering anybody who dared to cross it.

Seven adepts howled as they fought, but their ordinary Celestial Weapons were unable to match the Peak Celestial Weapons.

Several big wigs already destroyed the void. A reflection hindered their vision, preventing them from seeing the situation inside. Nonetheless, the power of the light was intimidating.

Meng Yunxi: “I’d like to see what you do when so many of them die.”

Yang Tian: “Hehe, your clan would be in there with them if I didn’t talk you out of it, right? I have yet to receive a thank you from you.”

Meng Yunxi: “How would you like your sister to thank you?”

Yang Tian: “Haha, how about you answer your own question…”

Meng Yunxi giggled as she watched Yang Tian flee.

Yang Tian calmed himself down after he returned to his room. “Uncle Xiao, will those old freaks come after me if they go wild?”

“I’ll teach you a technique to alter your aura; that should be enough to help you avoid detection. Stay in Ancestral Dragon Ring for a few days just in case. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you should be all right to leave.”

“All right.”

Yang Xiao flicked a black ray of light into Yang Tian’s forward, transferring memories into the latter’s sea of consciousness.

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