Almighty – Ch. 132

Soul Cultivation Technique!

“Women sure know how to act…” Yang Tian searched inside his interspatial ring, then transferred himself to Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Uncle Xiao, does your secret cave still exist?”

Yang Xiao chuckled. “Don’t’ worry. I set up many layers of killing formations back then. I left my divine soul mark inside, and it’s still there; I’m positive it’s fine.”

“I am glad to hear that.”

Before his imprisonment, Yang Xiao left behind a secret cave where he stashed his belongings. There was a special procedure for opening the cave estate. As such, Yang Tian needed to procure refining materials. He had to get into an ancient adept’s cave estate – not to mention that Yang Xiao had his belongings in there.

Meng Yunxi pursed her sultry lips. “So, Brother Yang Tian, have you made up your mind yet? Sell me the field.”

“Uh…” Hopeless, Yang Tian passed Meng Yunxi a divine lotus. “How much is this worth?”

Meng Yunxi stroked the lotus in her hands. “This is a divine lotus; it’s evidently grown for a decent length of time. Where did you get it from?”

Yang Tian knocked on the table. “That, you don’t need to worry about. Instead, tell me how much it’s worth.”

“You sure have plenty of treasures on you… Hehe, it’s worth roughly fifty thousand mid-grade bloodstones. You’d have better luck if you auctioned it. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to sell it for double its worth.”

“When will the auction be held?” Yang Tian couldn’t fritter at Demon Subjugation City for too long because he was afraid something undesirable might occur.

“In about two weeks. Lots of people are bound to come.”

Yang Tian could afford half a month. “All right, then. Help me collect the materials as soon as viable. I’ll take my leave once the auction is over.”

“Hehe, I think we have some leads on your older brother. I haven’t confirmed the authenticity of the news yet, having said that. According to my current sources, he has formed an assassination organisation that specifically targets Blood Illumination Devil Palace. That’s all I have for you at the moment. I have other business to attend to, so I shall take my leave.”

If the report was true, Yang Ba was essentially walking on a tightrope above a pit of spikes. That being said, Yang Tian was glad to hear news on his brother. Plus, he wouldn’t have to search blindly anymore.

Yang Tian sat silently to settle his emotions, as well as collect his thoughts, before entering Ancestral Dragon Ring. Ever since he migrated the field into Ancestral Dragon Ring, the soil around underwent a change, while the essence of the colourful herbs within saw an increase. The mist floating above swam down onto the herbs, increasing the vitality potency. Vitality water trickled down onto it at certain intervals. It grew a hundred times faster compared to in the outside world.

The herb was denoted the name “dragon beard herb”. The innovation was Yang Xiao’s brainchild. For that, Yang Tian was grateful. The herb was actually grown specifically for Xiaobai. The purpose was to increase his energy.

“Once we reach the secret cave, you will find several ancient trees. If you can move them into this field, Ancestral Dragon Ring’s dimension will start to look as it should. Right now, you need to make the most of your time and raise your cultivation level. The dimension is too small at the moment. I shall give you a soul cultivation manual.”

“Thank you, Uncle Xiao.” Yang Tian asked Yang Xiao about soul cultivation on their journey and learnt the latter knew several methods.

Yang Xiao flicked a black ray of light into the centre of Yang Tian’s forehead. A vast volume of memories entered Yang Tian’s mind and headed to his sea of consciousness. The columns of black text headed to the deepest part and shone. Yang Tian saw: Soul Refinement Manual, Divine Soul Cultivation Method, Nurturing Heaven and Earth Second Soul and Life Soul Body Condensation. Once one mastered the five, they would reach the unparalleled Primordial Deity…

“This is a cultivation method that leads to Primordial Apotheosis Realm!” Yang Tian spent a few moments trying to comprehend the cultivation method. He then opened his eyes but still had many questions pertaining to it. “Uncle Xiao, where do I absorb soul qi from?”

The cultivation method required its practitioner to absorb soul qi to strengthen one’s divine soul.

Yang Xiao patted Yang Tian on the shoulder. “Soul qi is the soul qi within a divine soul. You didn’t know that?”

“The soul qi within a divine soul? … I have to kill people, and take their divine soul?!”

“Correct. In saying that, do not kill indiscriminately. You can’t absorb an excess amount, either, or your realm won’t be stable.”

“I will not do that. I have plenty of enemies. In fact, I would never finish killing them all.”

“Haha, luckily, there’s plenty of soul energy in the soul crystal that hasn’t been absorbed. By my estimations, you should be able to jump a lesser realm or two if you absorb it all.”

Yang Tian moved to his sea of consciousness. His divine soul sat cross-legged on the soul crystal. His two hands formed a hand seal that pulled the soul qi toward his body along with the elixir. Every time it was tempered, the energy within would grow more potent.

“What rank is this cultivation method? It’s outlandishly fast.”

After a while, Yang Tian placed a fist-sized bloodstone on his lap. He ushered the qi and blood within the stone into his body via his nose and mouth. His qi and blood improved. His vital points beamed crimson rays of light.

Yang Xiao: “Our patriarch truly created a formidable cultivation method in Heavens Conqueror Manual. Hardly any other methods can compare.”

Xiaobai did circles in place as if he was drunk. He exuded a demonic aura because of Yang Xiao’s special method. In essence, he split the demonic core’s power and fed it to Xiaobai. In legends, the Heaven Devouring Divine Beast ate everything, so the demonic energy wouldn’t have any negative effects on Xiaobai.

Yang Tian’s ability to absorb the properties of star pills also saw a rapid increase after his qi and blood improved. The interior of his body radiated as bright as stars. His qihai and physique reached new heights. He spent every day concocting one pill. And, with Yang Xiao providing guidance by his side, his cultivation system was perfect…

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