Almighty – Ch. 123

Premium-Grade Bloodstones

“A coffin? This again? Who or what on earth is sealed inside? It feels like they’re still alive.”

The group headed to the entrance. Yang Tian checked out the other caves. “Whatever. Let’s head in.”

The weapons over their heads couldn’t help trembling. Plenty of people died at the entrance, and their skeletons almost clogged the entrance. Many were killed by the killing intent. Only those in possession of Dao Weapons dared to try their luck inside.

In the underground world, Yang Tian’s group had to slow down. They stuck closely together so that Yang Tian could shield them with his Golden Dragon Seal. Nonetheless, that was extremely taxing on him.

An ugly beast smothered in a viscous liquid leapt toward Yang Tian. His small golden seal overhead pierced the monster’s skull in one go with a golden heat beam. The monster didn’t die despite its head being pierced. Though surprised, the group didn’t chase their fleeing foe.

Dan Qu: “I’m sure they’re a species that hasn’t evolved into a devil.”

“Devil… devil…” muttered Qing Yuan.. “Aren’t those thingymabobs already dead? Why are they showing up again?”

“I’m not sure…”

Sun Continent’s history traced back to the desolate era, a time when mankind wasn’t strong and was slaves to the hundred races. At some later point, humanity gave birth to lots of powerful adepts cultivators who went on to change the status quo.

Humankind was in its prime at the end of the desolate era, but it was also their saddest era for almost all of the mightiest were sacrificed in the battles. Humanity eventually drove out the hundred races. When they entered the ancient era, nevertheless, devils suddenly appeared out of thin air.

The vile and violent race initiated an all-out war on humanity for administrative rights to Sun Continent. Eventually, the eight surviving big clans from the desolate era took a stand. One of them had a supreme cultivator who subdued the devils. The devils suffered heavy damage as a consequence of the fighting. Meanwhile, the supreme cultivator vanished without a trace. Some said he suffered grievous injuries, thus ending his legend.

Qing Yuan: “Which clan did the supreme cultivator belong to?”

Dan Qu: “I don’t know. The clan is already no more. Nobody wants to mention this part of history anymore. It’s the eight desolate era clan’s secret.”

If they were heading in the devil race’s graveyard, then it was definitely a big deal. Hence, Yang Tian opined, “If the outside world learnt of this, the world would probably be plunged into chaos again.”

“I hope it isn’t them…”

Xiaobai broke the silence with his hooting. Yang Tian excitedly looked forward to finding out what was inside the cave Xiaobai looked at.

Qing Yuan urged, “Let’s hurry in.”

The group heard an explosion not long after they headed the cave. Six monsters aggressively attacked them to prevent the group from approaching the cave, affirming their suspicions that there was something valuable inside.

“Kill them,” instructed Yang Tian, using Golden Dragon Seal to blast the monsters.

While the monsters were afraid of Yang Tian’s crimson beams, they didn’t slow down. Golden Dragon Seal’s crimson beams amputated them, yet they still had enough in the tank to get up and flee.

After resuming their journey, Yang Tian stopped out of the blue. “Something’s wrong.” He observed the surroundings to sense the direction of something else coming their way.  “Let’s kill them together.”

Yang Tian used Golden Crow Divine Furnace to blast the monsters with a wave of fire.

Xing Hao summoned his rose gold gourd and blasted the monsters with fire, as well. The monsters were awfully afraid of fire and lightning. Some, in fact, ran once they saw their allies burnt.

“Let’s hurry out of here. Something about this is strange,” proposed Yang Tian, as another group of monsters charged toward them. He consumed a few star pills, then ran full pelt into the cave.

“I’m going to fry all of you,” blustered Xing Hao, burning the monsters with his gourd’s ability.

Qing Hao: “When I get back, I, too, am getting myself a flamethrower.”

The group expended lots of energy over ten minutes to finally reach the interior of the cave. Upon entering, another mass of hostility cut their skin. They quickly donned their sacred garments.

Qing Yuan saw another huge extravagant coffin. “Why the bloody hell is there another coffin?”

“Hoot!” loudly hooted Xiaobai, joyously wagging his tail.

Yang Tian looked to the stone wall Xiaobai was focused on. “Dan Qu, shoot it open.”

“Got it.”

The wall didn’t budge; not even a mark was left on it. Dan Qu was surprised the wall was so tough. Normally, the last shot should’ve pierced a boulder weighing hundreds of tonnes.

Yang Tian commented, “I guess we’ll have to go over to it.”

The stone wall was far from where they were. Ideally, he didn’t want to dismantle it up close as the hostile atmosphere intensified as they closed in. Xiaobai curled up similarly to a hedgehog and shook his bell the entire time to erase the hostility.

Yang Tian consumed more pills. At ten metres away Golden Dragon Seal swayed back and forth.

Interwoven divine markings were a sign of power. If the markings disappeared, Golden Dragon Seal wouldn’t have much power left. It’d just be a sturdy bit of material.

Yang Tian used all of his might, but that came at the cost of rapid qi and blood expenditure. The last step finally saw his flesh slit. He summoned Broken Sword right away and shaved away at the wall. The wall’s colour changed as Yang Tian shaved it. A light red qi and blood simultaneously made an entrance. “Don’t tell me it’s a bloodstone mine.”

Dan Qi: “Hurry and dig… Are they premium-grade bloodstones?”

Yang Tian was blown away when he dug out a stone with divine markings on it. He flicked the stone on both sides away to reveal two fist-sized stones. They were coated in divine markings. The potency of the energy within was equal to a Dao Weapon. The stones were completely transparent and pure. Xiaobai couldn’t even shave a chip off.


There will be no elaboration on what the hundred races are, so don’t give yourself a headache trying to theorise what they are. The author merely uses the mention to weave an air of elaborateness.

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