Almighty – Ch. 124

Head-Sized Bloodstone

“Hurry… hurry and dig… there’s more inside,” demanded Qing Yuan.

It would take them several years to absorb all that a premium-grade bloodstone had to offer. That was not to mention the qi and blood was so pure that their bodies could uptake it immediately without filtering any impurities.

Yang Tian dug out another premium-grade bloodstone with Broken Sword, albeit it being slightly smaller than the first one.

Dan Qu: “I don’t think there will be many. They’re too rare for many to exist…”

Qing Yuan summoned a high-grade herb to his hand and smiled to Xiaobai. “You’re a capable guy, little fellow. Have a sniff. See if there are more.”

Xiaobai devoured the herb and licked his mouth. Not yet satisfied, he leaned over to Qing Yuan to ask for more.

“Sheesh, your appetite is big.” Qing Yuan took out a few pills. “Xiaobai, sniff around, and see if there are treasures anywhere else. I’ve got enough pills to stuff you to death.”

Xiaobai consumed the pills then leaned back and peered inside.

It was hard enough to go as deep as they did. They couldn’t activate their Dao Weapons. Therefore, if they were hurt in the process, then a pinch was right around the corner. Hence, Qing Yuan shook his head. “We’ll have to give up on going in there because we can’t.”

Yang Tian dug out the last premium-grade bloodstone. “This is the third one and that’s all.”

The three took a while to decide to leave the bloodstones in Yang Tian’s care for the meantime.

“Let’s hurry on to see if there’s more inside other caves. If there are, then we’ll be filthy rich.”

Some young and powerful individuals arrived inside the graveyard. The interior of the cave estate was open, and it was time for the big clans’ disciples to get to work.

Yang Tian followed the directions of Ancestral Dragon Ring. Ever since he arrived in the graveyard, the ring would jolt every now and then, compelling him to suspect that there was some item beyond his imagination inside.

After going through several caves and coming out, Yang Tian’s group discovered several people wandering outside.

Yang Tian grinned. “It doesn’t matter how many they bring. They won’t get their hands on premium-grade bloodstones, in any case.”

Xiaobai smugly hooted as he knew all the credit was his.

Yang Tian’s group travelled extra fast thanks to his vitality water. The group stood before a gigantic mountain range that was outside the boundary of Falling Cloud Mountain Stream.

Yang Tian was undecided as to whether they should go in or not as their lives would be at risk even if they possessed the best items around. “Shall we go in or not?”

Qing Yuan took out his hammer and donned his sacred garment. “We go in. We’ve already come all the way here, and you want to turn around? We’ll spend the rest of our lives in regret. My intuition tells me there’s a secret hidden inside.

“All right, then.”

They split the vitality water with each other in case of emergency.

“Let’s go. I bet some sacred grounds will send their disciples here.”

The area they were in was essentially a small world. There were mountain peaks and more mountain peaks. Ancient qi was found within every inch of the atmosphere.

They discharged their qi and blood and fully equipped themselves for combat, only to discover there was no hostility for some reason. There were odd mountains and rocks around, patterns with copious amounts of vitality energy, but there was an eerie aura.

Yang Tian warned, “Something is odd about this place. Stay on your guard.”

Dan Qu skimmed over the rock chips all around. “There’s a formation here!”

“A rock has markings now? What the hell is this place?” cursed Xing Hao, as he flinched and cautiously watched his steps.

The group came across a jade wall with an image carved on.

Yang Tian saw an individual, albeit very vaguely. Before he could hone in on the individual’s face, an overwhelming bloodlust scared his Golden Dragon Seal overhead. A drop of blood coursed down from his eyes despite his prompt retreat. “Don’t look at it. There’s something weird about the wall.”

The group cautiously forged forward. The further in they went, the more potent and abundant ancient qi was. Ancestral Dragon Ring’s vibrated more vigorously.

Xiaobai discovered premium-grade bloodstones, so he looked over to a stone wall up ahead with his teary eyes. Yang Tian went over and dug out eight premium-grade bloodstones. Size-wise, they were close to the ones they found before.

They came to another cave at the top of the small world. When the group took their first step toward the entrance, they suddenly heard loud rumbling from outside.

It was coffin haven outside. If they released the entities in the coffins, the heavyweights would have their hands full. Knowing that, Qing Yuan scrubbed the premium-grade bloodstone in his hand and chuckled. “Let them come. We’ve made enough already.”

“Let’s head in.”

“It gets harder and harder to walk as we get closer and closer.” Yang Tian consumed a drop of vitality water to heal his split skin.

The interior was fitted with more eerie coffins. There was no ancient qi to be found inside.

A monster suddenly appeared. It had a flesh bulge growing off its back; the bulge was the size of two human heads. The monster glowed silver and stood over three-metres tall. It wasted no time charging over to Yang Tian and company. They sliced it into five.

The group walked for another hour. Footsteps behind them grew louder.

Yang Tian turned a corner and found a bright golden light. “Look, it’s a golden jade corpse!”

“Oh, for real. An Autarch Realm cultivator died inside!”

The dead Autarch Realm cultivator was just a golden jade skeleton once he died despite him reaching Autarch Realm in his lifetime. Even his bones were snapped and cracked. Yang Tian emotionally sighed and then collected the skeleton. Yang Tian planned to bury him outside. The skeleton could be refined into an item, yes, but there was unlikely to be anyone on the East with the ability to do so.

Xiaobai hopped out and stared at the ground to signal there was a treasure down there.

Yang Tian dug up the earth with Broken Sword. To his amazement, the ground was tough. “He passed away so long ago, yet his blood remains. He honestly does have god-like blood.”

“I dare say the Autarch Realm adept had a background exceeding our imagination. I’d venture a guess that it’s some sort of special attribute.”

Yang Tian started to panic for the reason that the disturbance outside continued to encroach upon them. It wasn’t just one or two people. He kept digging and digging, sweating bullets in the process. It took him about ten minutes to finally see the corner of a bloodstone.

“Hurry, they’re almost here,” pestered Qing Yuan, wiping his sweat.

“Don’t rush me. This is a big catch. I bet it’s the size of a head.

Boom! The group jolted upon hearing the loud sound outside. They began to dig frantically. Even Xiaobai speedily joined them in digging.

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