Almighty – Ch. 122

Underground World

The group ran for an hour before arriving at the innermost section of the palace, where the scenery was closer to sunset than gloomy.

Yang Tian warned, “Stay alert. I have a feeling that something will happen” despite the verdant plants and splendid decorations.

Dan Qu: “Yang Tian, you hit the nail on the head. There seriously is a monster.”

Yang Tian looked over to see the approaching figure. “They’re humanoid puppets.”

The one worrying thing was how the puppet still had energy in it after so long.

Noticing the scene behind the puppet, Xing Hao’s eyes lit up. “There’s a large door behind the puppet. My guess is it leads to the heart of this place.”

Yang Tian: “It’s a graveyard outside and a stately palace inside. This place is bizarre.”

“Whatever, man, smash the puppet first. We can’t leave empty-handed, can we?” Qing Yuan spearheaded the assault.

When they were a hundred metres away from the puppet, it suddenly turned its head and stomped, sending a tremor throughout the entire earth.

“Thundergod Summoning!”  Qing Yuan hurled his hammer that expanded 165 metres in length. The lightning bolt ravaged the puppet, yet it was so tough that it only took one step back. “What is that thing made from? It’s tougher than a turtle shell.”

The puppet was solid and offered a mighty offence but was ordinary in the speed department. Therefore, it hardly held up.

The puppet aimed a punch at Yang Tian’s back.

“I doubt he’ll stop attacking unless I hack him.” Yang Tian, having retreated, summoned Broken Sword and swung the blade. “I wonder if we can stall it for a second. I can’t attack it at this rate due to the sword’s weight.”

Before retreating to the rear, Dan Qu hollered, “I’ll do it. You guys incapacitate it.”

Qing Yuan made eye contact with Xing Hao. “Let’s go.”

Qing Yuan closed in on the puppet and smashed it. Meanwhile, a purple arrow wrapped in divine markings, with its tip glowing light red, pierced through the air.

Realising Dan Qu used a Dao Weapon, Yang Tian tried to figure out Dan Qu’s identity.

“Striking Dragons Arrow!” The arrow flew off the bowstring and transformed into a purple dragon. It roared as it impaled the puppet and pinned it to the void. “Now!”

Yang Tian closed in at light speed and swung Broken Swung down on the puppet but only got a clang. Accordingly, he narrowed his eyes and tightened his grip on his sword. He discharged his energy to force it right down the puppet’s centre.

“Yang Tian, your sword is incredible. It leaves my shoddy hammer in the dirt.”

“It’s only remarkably sharp. It’s useless in battle; it’d be a nightmare to use in battle.”

Dan Qu shook his head. “Lots of weapons require you to be in Profound Connection Realm to wieldthem at their true potential. It’s the Battle Aura you can at Profound Connection Realm that allows you to use many high-rank weapons.”

“I sure hope I can use it for what it’s worth.” Yang Tian touched it prior to storing it away. “Let’s hurry in. I’d hazard a guess that the people behind us are hot on our trail.”

After just two steps, Yang Tian looked back and collected the puppet.

Yang Tian’s group crossed an extremely long passageway and chased down a light when they spotted it. As soon as they stepped in, they all froze in place.

Qing Yuan: “Wait, why do I feel unsettled?”

“I also feel unsettled.” Yang Tian peered inside and wondered if it was time to turn back; however, Ancestral Dragon Ring suddenly jumped and encouraged him to enter.

Xiaobai came out, delighted but also having misgivings. Noticing Xiaobai’s reaction, Qing Yuan summoned his hammer overhead. “What do think? I think we should go in. Xiaobai is a treasure hunter, after all.”

“All right, let’s head in.” Yang Tian summoned his Heavenly Cauldron to armour himself again.

“Now what the hell is this?” griped Xing Hao, looking at his vibrating rose gold gourd.

If they didn’t protect themselves with their weapons, they would’ve been in one unfavourable predicament.

“What is this place?” Yang Tian noticed his Heavenly Cauldron cracked and also felt his skin sting.

Qing Yuan: “This place is crazy. I’ll bet anything this place isn’t a Battle King’s cave estate.”

Yang Tian hurriedly summoned his Golden Dragon Seal and hid in its beam to alleviate the painful sensation on his skin. The price was rapid consumption of his qi and blood. He examined the cracks on his Heavenly Cauldron and realised it was done for.

Xing Hao’s gaze stopped on a pitch-black cave. “Look. There’s a cave over there.”

“Let’s go check it out,” suggested Yang Tian, popping a few star pills after.

Xiaobai suddenly came out and shook his bell, stopping the hostile intent’s harassment. Yang Tian noticed the hint of concern in Xiaobai’s eyes. Regardless, they entered the cave.

The cave instantly lit up upon entering the cave. The hostility blasted them again. Yang Tian was pushed back some distance. Sparks flew. Golden Dragon Seal trembled. Yang Tian churned up qi and blood to steady the seal.

When Xiaobai noticed the coffin standing over fifteen metres tall, he went into hedgehog mode.

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