Almighty – Ch. 121

Terrifying Coffin

“He must be Yang Tian! He absorbed lightning. Those purple lightning bolts were definitely the energy from the heavenly tribulation!”

Li Hongtao’s declaration was the catalyst for the crowd’s frenzy. With that said, many didn’t believe him since they were cognizant of the fact that there was bad blood between Yang Tian and Li Clan.

Wan Shengxue , Myriad Sword Sacred Grounds’ disciple who was close to reaching Profound Connection Realm, asserted, “Quiet. If you want to pass through, attack the monster with lightning. Otherwise, you can all forget getting any treasures.”

Yang Tian’s group crossed the bloody hall to enter an underground palace.

Qing Yuan: “Yang Tian, where have you been? They’ve lost their minds searching for you.”

“I’m at Demon Subjugation City at the moment. There’s no chance they’ll every find me.”

“By the way, is the Gu Mo’s affair with Gu Lingyun for real?”

Yang Tian reached for the underwear. “Hehe, let me show you something nice.”

“Auntieflipper, that’s the look of a woman after research on a bed…”

The three took in the gorgeous view for a while. Then, they looked up at Yang Tian with expressions that read, “Where did you get this from?” Yang Tian recounted the event with Gu Mo for them. Once they understood what transpired, Qing Yuan smiled filthily. “How about auctioning this off? I’m sure plenty of people would offer a bid. I’m sure it’ll fetch an exorbitant price…”

“Auction it? If that woman really does go bananas, I’ll be in trouble. Furthermore, nobody would dare to auction this off.”

“Not actually auction it. I meant spread the word,” explained Qing Yuan, winking and chuckling. “I’m sure there will be people who believe it. She’ll have to go around with a bag over her head from then on.”

“That’s genius. She’s always acting high and mighty yet is having an affair with her eldest nephew. They asked for it…” stated Xing Hao, slapping his thigh.

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Unfortunately, their heated conversation came to an end when a ripple started in the dimension. Yang Tian unleashed his qi and blood to crush a dark silhouette looming overhead.

Dan Qu discerned the nature of the monster from the aura. “This is a violent place if vengeful energy could manifest as monsters.”

Yang Tian was able to easily crush various monsters along the several kilometres they ventured through sheet brute force as that was their weakness. Eventually, they came across an abandoned palace that housed coffins constructed from black jade.

“Wait.” Yang Tian poured a crimson aura from Heavenly Cauldron onto himself to shield himself before approaching the coffins.

A black coffin shook the cauldron and generated sparks.

Xing HaoL: “So, are we opening them?”

Dan Qu: “What if they’re feigning death?”

Qing Yuan: “Feigning death my foot. They’ve been in there for tens of thousands of decades. You think they’d be alive after that long?  Not even the greatest individuals in the ancient era could.”

“Move aside, I’ll open them.” Xing Hao activated the divine markings on his gourd, yet he couldn’t get the coffins to budge. “Not going to work. They’re too heavy. The only option is to cut them open.” Xing Hao then took out a long sword and slashed a coffin. Slashing it produced sparks, but he didn’t even scratch it. “It’s too tough. What is this thing made from?”

Yang Tian meandered over. “Let me try.”

“With a broken sword?”

Using Heavenly Cauldron as a shield overhead, Yang Tian swung Broken Sword down and shaved off a corner as smooth as butter. The coffin shook and unleashed a lethal attack once the interior was exposed. He immediately used Golden Crow Divine Furnace to protect himself but was still sent reeling.

Xiaobai shook his rose gold bell. The invisible energy emitted from the bell spread out in the void and attacked the other invisible energy.

Qing Yuan: “That’s some menacing energy in there. What’s suppressing it?”

The energy was so overwhelming it was already shattering the void.

“If that thing does come out, I doubt anyone will get out alive.”

“Cover it!” Dan Qu grabbed the shaved fragments and tried to shove it into the small opening to no avail as they could still feel whatever it was resisting.

Yang Tian suggested, “Let’s get out of here. These three things are freaky.”

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