Almighty – Ch. 120


Yang Tian: What is that thing? Why did it trigger Ancestral Dragon Ring?

Dan Qu couldn’t even explicate his feelings, resulting in him mumbling to himself. “That devil aura… Were they destroyed…? Impossible…”

“Dan Qu, what’s the matter?”

Gaze on the unknown species, Dan Qu shook his head for he didn’t want to divulge too much on the taboo that many had forgotten. “We can’t enter. We should leave. We might lose our lives.”

“Who cares if it’s a sea of fire or mountain of blades? Yang Tian is probably inside. Don’t back out…”

“If they’re not dead, the entire continent will be plunged into chaos.”

After he calmed Ancestral Dragon Ring, Yang Tian’s flame seed started to fidget weakly. “Why are you also fidgeting? What it is it? I’m surprised they’re both sending me the same signal.”

Nobody budged as the devilish figure watched them until it eventually couldn’t stay still any longer. It began to move, forging a black mist that blasted the crowd.

A strong group of young individuals at the front shouted, “Let’s go together. Kill it!” The group attacked one after another with ancient bells, small pagodas, golden swords and ancient kites with divine auras. In response, the devilish figure cackled. It extended dozens of tentacles from behind the black mist and caught all of the weapons hurled at it. Those without a divine aura were instantly crushed in its grip. The devilish figure then extended its dozens of large arms out and crushed the weaker ones in its grip.

Qing Yuan brandished his Thundergod Hammer imitation and attacked. The devilish figure retreated. Xing Hao blasted it with fire from his gourd. Lots of ancient clans’ direct disciples went all out, summoning their Dao Weapons to attack.

A young man in white from Myriad Sword Sacred Grounds summoned a large golden sword and cut open a wound on the figure. Celestial Sound Sacred Ground’s representative summoned small phoenixes from her kite. The concerted attack pushed the devilish figure back and dissipated a substantial amount of its black mist, thereby revealing a hideous body.

The devilish figure summoned it upward and splashed his body with it, healing his wounds.

Expending energy at that rate wasn’t going to work. A few people were crushed trying to kill it. The thing had the durability of a cockroach but with the bonus of unfathomable offensive might.

The devilish figure cackled again, then smashed another few more individuals. Behind its malicious mist were red skulls floating in the air.

Qing Yuan slammed his hammer down. The lightning managed to decapitate one of the figure’s tentacles. The monster tried to catch his head in retaliation. Dan Qu intercepted with an arrow.

Yang Tian surmised the monster was weak against lightning element on the fact that Qing Yuan was able to take a tentacle. He then looked over to the unknown path ahead on the bridge. He made a decisive call to continue crossing the bridge.

Yang Tian’s qi and blood were so excited they sneaked out of his body. As he was a brute force specialist, he was a perfect counter against the malicious entity. At the same time, his Ancestral Dragon Ring began to send him its will as he closed in on the entity. If the devilish figure killed him, then nobody could stop the others, and his dream of a big catch would go with the wind.

Yang Tian had to calm his ring again before reaching the end of the bridge. He tapped his three old friends on their shoulders and told them to back off.

Qing Yuan: “It seriously is you.”

Yang Tian: “Let’s leave the chatting for later. Let’s charge in. I have an idea to cross the bridge.”

“Will it work?’

“Yes, just follow my lead.” Yang Tian surveyed the path up ahead and sprinted forward with the three in tow.

The devilish figure attempted to catch Yang Tian.

“Qing Yuan, attack with lightning, now!”

“Gotcha!” Qing Yuan activated the divine markings on his hammer and whacked out a lightning net.

The devilish figure summoned the bloody ocean up. A devilish figure dozens of metres tall jumped out from inside the waves and made a beeline for Yang Tian.

Yang Tian clad a fist in purple lightning and tagged the incoming enemy. The lightning erased the black mist around it. Soon enough, the black monster’s true form came to light. Then, he stopped his lightning, and the group continued on their way.

The people around didn’t know if they’d find a monster or treasure inside, but they knew Qing Yuan and company could deal with the monster.

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