Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 10 Ch. 05

May I Ask Which Way to Go? (Part 1)

It had been a long time since I had seen morning. The sun was as shiny as honey rubbed onto pork shoulders, yet it only spurred me on to keep sleeping. Had it not been for the clamouring by my ear, I would’ve laid back down instead of staring out the window, waiting for my brain to logon.

“Get up. The sun is about to head to bed.”

“Can you shut up?! Is the price of pork in the entire nation gong to increase if you let me act cultured while sitting on my bed for a while or something? God damn!”

“I couldn’t care less if you’re losing brain cells!” Su Xiao sounded as if his thoughts were in disarray for some reason. “Y-you’re clinging to me!”

I remember hugging an iron coffin in my dream – stiff, disappointing…


“Iron Coffin, I mean, Xiao, what a beautiful morn-, noon.”

Su Xiao, face as red as the hand mark on my face, fixed his attire to ensure there wasn’t as much as a wrinkle on it. “Always with you. Don’t you know how strong you are? It hurt.”

“How long did I hug you for?”

Face even redder somehow, Su Xiao bellowed, “I spent an hour trying to wake you up!”

I chuckled as I playfully pinched Su Xiao’s shoulder. At first, he was all grumpy, but he eventually got into the mood for a shoulder tapping game.

Ever since the end of Refining Divine Convention, which had been over two weeks ago, we got to kick back and relax. His Majesty generously rewarded everyone and promised more rewards to come for those who contributed majorly. Our mini vacation was sponsored, so we only had to return what we didn’t finish spending. We, needless to say, didn’t let his kindness go to waste. Therefore, we endeavoured to stimulate the economy of Jiangnan.

Since Huzhou has high-quality silk, Su Xiao ordered himself an entire bed set for summer and winter, which he had to pay for delivery as it’d take three months to fulfil his order. His majesty didn’t spend too much time on work, touring Huzhou daily as though he was catching up on missed holidays and compensating for what he’d lose out on once he was back on duty. It was fair game. The entire escort was put under immense stress for the last month. They ran into Divine Realm opponents over and over again, constantly lived in trepidation and high-strung mode.

The trip to Jiangnan brought to light that not only Huzhou but also Jiangnan, the imperial family and the rest of the nation would be facing big changes. Thus, His Majesty needed to work out who had the reins in the process. Even I needed time to digest and analyse the surprises that caught me; I was thankful for the break.

For the last few days, I had been strolling through the streets, teasing cats and dogs, duping Long Zaitian out of money or training with Lass Yu. I expected her to take another seven years to reach Divine Realm at her current standard, let alone meld it in with her original style. If you ask me, I don’t think anyone twenty-five and under was her match in the Nine Provinces.

Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s group departed for Hangzhou after ten days of rest, probably because she was worried about her shifu. Plus, their situation was comparable to the vice-general and the elites of a fortress leaving it.

Prior to leaving, Lass Yu said, “Brother Feizhen… I’m leaving.”

“Good luck. I’ll visit you in Hangzhou when I have time.”

Lass Yu clenched her fists: “I shall prepare Shifu’s betrothal gifts in anticipation for your shifu’s arrival!”

… Oh, crap, I completely forgot about selling Shifu to Matriarch Zi! Uh… I think it’s too late to do anything about it now…

“I heard Shizun recovered for the most part ever since catching wind of that. She went and killed the bandits running rampant in Hangzhou just a few days ago.”

Yep, too late. No exchanges and no refunds.

Besides, Shifu deserves it. The two of them have been flirting for years now. It’s time for him to grow up, and learn to take responsibility. That being said, I had a feeling things were going to be violent at my next reunion with Lass Yu.

Wang Tietui visited two days after Lass Yu left, so I wrote a letter to Young Shiyi, hoping she wouldn’t suffer too much while waiting for me. I can tell you I was dying to run back to her, but… Anyhow, I then slept until now.

“In any event, our good days are coming to an end before we know it.”

“What good days? You mean boring days. If His Majesty doesn’t have us go back, I’m requesting to head back first,” Su Xiao sulked. “I’m getting fat from all this eating, drinking and playing.”

As I massaged Su Xiao’s shoulders, I recalled the sensation of his body moments ago.

I don’t feel any difference. Wait… Has he started to grow?

My eyes made their way south.

Su Xiao speared my eyes. “Where are you looking?”

“Your fingernails.”




“’Look’ is the incorrect verb. It should be ‘touch’.”

Su Xiao shoved my head back with his fingers. “These days are making you lazier and worse than you already were.”

“Worse? You haven’t seen me back then. By the way, why did you wake me?”

“See? You even made me forget about it. Vice-Captain told you to go to her room.”


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