Almighty – Ch. 119

Blood Sacrifice

“Xing Hao, Qing Yuan and Dan Qu are here, too. I suppose Yun’er didn’t come.”

Lots of people had their eyes on Thundercloud Sect after Yun’er obtained Formation Sect’s inheritance. Word on the streets was that several mysterious adepts went to Thundercloud Sect to try their hands; however, Thundercloud Sect’s adepts activated the killing defensive formations to kill one of the intruders.

Killing one to deter the others was relatively effective. Thundercloud Sect possessed Celestial Weapons, and their killing defensive formations were capable of killing highly-advanced adepts. With that said, Thundercloud Sect wasn’t done after that. An old monster, who had sequestered for ages, went to knock on Huang Clan’s door at Martial Arts Mountain with a Peak Dao Weapon in hand. The man nearly killed Huang Clan’s elder without saying a word prior.

After Thundercloud Sect demonstrated their overwhelming might, a number of big clans developed a fear for the powerhouse. Soon enough, Thundercloud Sect could walk the East as they saw fit.

Dan Qu looked into the dimensional passageway and commented, “The cave estate is opening any moment now. I wonder if Yang Tian will come.”

Xing Hao quietly responded, “I hope he doesn’t. It’s far too dangerous inside. Lots of people are eyeing him.”

“Hah, he might already be here.”

The interior was the equivalent of a massive trap waiting to spring on Yang Tian. He’d need multiple retries in life to see how they jumped him.

“How do you know?”

Qing Yuan opined, “Haha, Yin Yang Cultivation Sect and Li Clan have always stayed out of each other’s hairs and are on decent terms. The two sects randomly went at each other’s throats not too long ago. Huang Li and Li Hongtao killed the other’s disciples. Don’t forget that not everyone in their generation possesses Heavenly Cauldron, the Half-Complete Dao Weapon…”

Dan Qu: “I’m… not convinced.”

Xing Hao rambled, “Doesn’t that mean Yang Tian left clues behind…?”

Qing Yuan lecherously grinned. “Hehe, I’m more interested in knowing if Gu Lingyun and Gu Mo’s rumours are true. If they are…”


Yang Tian: Li Xuan, debts eventually have to be repaid…

Li Xuan glared daggers at the young man in purple next to him just as everyone else at home did. “Are you positive Yang Tian took Heavenly Cauldron?”

Li Hongtao wrathfully replied, “Big Brother, I wouldn’t lie about that. He really did take it. Moreover, I’ve only just been allowed to leave the clan. I’m sure a lot of our disciples fell victim to him.”

Li Xuan: You better pray I don’t catch you, or I’ll hack you limb from limb.

When Yang Tian shut his eyes to rest, the dimensional passage up ahead vibrated. The area around joined in as cracks appeared. He picked up on the traces of resentment seeping out and, thus, concluded that the other side of the passageway had to be the burial grounds of a Battle King adept.

The dimension crumbled as if a tornado whipped through. Though the dimensional passageway steadied itself, the space around the fragments of the space around remained.  As such, the energy in the cracks would pull cultivators, who were considered rightfully strong, in.

When Yang Tian went to enter, he caught sight of those at the mountain peaks remaining still in place and followed his instinct to stop.

The people who rushed into the dimensional passageway cried and screamed as black mist blasted them when they entered. In response, some people yelled out to retreat, but it was too late. Blood slithered around within the black mist. Every one of the skulls was bloody.

Yang Tian: No wonder why they didn’t move. This cave estate requires a blood sacrifice to open.

The black mist vanished abruptly. Skeletons littered the ground, and their resentful aura was left to linger in the atmosphere.

Qing Yuan looked at the scarlet door that appeared. “Let’s go. I think it’ll be fine now.”

The group behind them stormed in after. Upon stepping into the bloody door, Yang Tian noticed the awfully vengeful aura. The aura seemingly penetrated him to intimidate him. Nonetheless, he used his qi and blood to disperse it. Lots of people already dropped to the ground due to the vengeful aura behind them invading their minds. Others fought each other.

Yang Tian punched an attacker as he continued on his way. The corpse instantly transformed into a bloody mist that drifted into the other passageways.

Xiaobai came out to heed Yang Tian’s call and sniffed the air. The vengeful aura was too strong for even Xiaobai to pick up treasures with his smell.

The area below the bridge Yang Tian crossed was essentially a river of blood. Lots of people didn’t look well but few left. Graves of similar nature had appeared before, and some found treasures within. Once they got through the palace at the outer perimeter, they would find the silver lining.

A group of startlingly powerful individuals already crossed the bridge. Thanks to their sacred garments, the vengeful aura wasn’t able to approach them. Suddenly, the bloody ocean below the bridge began to burble when they were about to cross the bridge. They heard the cries of ghosts. A monster enveloped in black mist exited the bloody ocean.

Given the monster’s ability to raise an evil entity inside, the grave must’ve existed for tens or thousands of years. The further in they went, the tougher the challenges would be.

The black mist with red eyes stared at the figure on the bridge and laughed. Yang Tian’s Ancestral Dragon Ring vibrated – signs it wanted to escape from his body and kill the monstrosity.

You can’t come out…

Yang Tian didn’t know what the ring was trying to do. However, if it did kill an unknown species, people would start hunting him for the ring, too.

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