Almighty – Ch. 113

Demon Subjugation City

The divine markings on Demon Subjugation City made up a killing formation that was designed to stop rampaging Demonic Beasts. All of Demon Subjugation City was cordoned off in a killing formation. Hence, Yang Tian didn’t need to worry about his location being exposed as it did a few days prior.

Yang Tian removed his tattered clothing and changed into a new black robe prior to strutting in.

I’m finally safe; you lot can take your time searching for me in the mountains.

Guards in armour acted as sentries at the black, three-hundred-metres tall door.

I pray those clans’ influence doesn’t reach this place.

As soon as Yang Tian came close to the city, people locked their eyes on him. His heart skipped a beat. He silently headed in, but…

“Wait,” called the leader of the guards. “Excuse me, may I ask you to remove you hood? People are trying to sneak into Demon Subjugation City these days. I hope you understand I have a duty to fulfil.”

“Insolence. You can’t see this one’s appearance just because you want to. You must have a death wish,” condescendingly admonished Yang Tian, turning his head onto a bit of an angle.

The leader grumpily performed a visual audit on Yang Tian. He didn’t know how to deal with the situation at first. Eventually, he asked in a quiet voice, “Young Master, this one has a duty he must uphold. Multiple prominent sects are searching for a wanted man. As such, everyone must identify themselves.”

Yang Tian revealed a look of realisation and patted the leader on the shoulder. “Oh, so you’re trying to apprehend Yang Tian… No wonder why you’re so strict. Not bad… not bad.”

“Young Master, you…”

The guards’ leader didn’t know what to do. Since the man in black knew about Yang Tian, he had to be from one of the big clans. He couldn’t afford to offend such figures, but he still couldn’t confirm the man’s identity.

“Okay, this young master won’t make things hard for you.” Yang Tian showed the guard a golden token and calmly explained, “I’m also here to apprehend Yang Tian. You did well. I’ll ask the elder to reward you handsomely.”

“Thank you for understanding.” The guard checked the gold token with “Li Clan” etched into it. “This humble one apologises for not recognising you as part of Li Clan. Please forgive him.”

Yang Tian patted the guard on the shoulder and took the token back. “Enough. I have urgent business, so I don’t have time to deal with you. I must be on my way.”

Yang Tian blended in with the crowd. He, too, was sweating for he treaded a fine line between escaping and being exposed back at the door, only relaxing once he managed to mingle in with the bustling crowd. He was on edge every second and every day for the last few days, and that drained him.

“Right now, the safest place is Myriad Auction Company. I guess I could go there first.”

The fact that the big clans were able to deploy the city’s guards meant that they had power within the city.

The branch of Myriad Auction Company at Demon Subjugation City was several times bigger than the branch at Martial Arts City.

Yang Tian and Meng Hao obtained five drops of Vitality Spring Water. The former was certain the latter wanted it to save a life. Meng Clan, therefore owed Yang Tian a favour. If they were after his cultivation method, they never would’ve bothered saving him.

Yang Tian found out there was a small auction today from the crowd’s discussions. He jumped the line and went over to a guard when only those above Battle King Realm or direct descendants of big clans could skip the line.

“Excuse me, may I help you?”

Yang Tian halted in his tracks and glanced at the two men out the corner of his eyes. He pulled out a silver token Meng Hao gave him. Yang Tian didn’t believe Meng Hao when he boasted that the token could be used at any auction company.

Myriad Token was Meng Clan’s exclusive token. Only a small number of direct descendants of Meng Clan and supreme adepts on the continent were permitted to have a copy of the token. Needless to say, they were all on friendly terms with the company.

The two Transcendent Realm guards: “Welcome to the auction company. Please enter, Young Master.”

“Oh…” Yang Tian took the token back, surprised Meng Hao’s status was held in such high regard. Yang Tian followed the man into the main hall.

“Young Master, if you have anything you would like, please do not hesitate to speak up. Would you like me to ask the elder to pay you a visit?”

“No need. Just provide me with a place to cultivate. I will be staying here for some time.”

“Umm… All right, then. Please come inside.” The guard didn’t dare to pry despite having questions in mind.

To the rear of the company was a roughly three hundred and thirty-three-square-metres courtyard permeated by potent heaven and earth vital essence resided.

“Young Master, there is a vital essence spring inside. There are formations in place outside to protect the place, as well, so it is a perfect secret place for cultivating.”

Yang Tian took a quick gander of the surroundings. “I’ll stay here, then. You can take your leave now.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The guard took out a jade slip and smiled. “Should you ever need anything, you can crush this jade slip. If you need anything for your cultivation, you can ask for me.”

“Thank you.”

The vital essence spring was considerably larger than the one at Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy.

They certainly are the biggest auction company on the Eastern Continent. Even rooms have a vital essence Spring. I guess they’re synonymous with wealthy.

Yang Tian sat on the ground and relaxed.

A bit later, someone knocked on the door.

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