Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 151

I’m Back

Emperor Yuansheng had Beggars Sect, Wudang and other sects head off to report to their leaders, penning a letter for every sect so that the Qilin Guards wouldn’t attack them during their departure. As the incident involved the Seven Champion White Princes, nobody would defy Emperor Yuansheng.

Lai Jingzhen had recovered from his injuries, while Abels maintained his condition, so Emperor Yuansheng’s safety was of no concern. Furthermore, since Mr. An and Reverend Zha still weren’t back after so long, Emperor Yuansheng started going through reports from his intelligence units to make the most of his time. By the time he was done working, Lai Jingzhen was yawning, and the silver choir was out, though the darkness failed to impose its will on Whale God Island for the flames at the ring denied it the stage. Luckily for Lai Jingzhen, Emperor Yuansheng didn’t pursue his misdemeanour.

“This peasant does not understand one thing. Could you possibly enlighten him, Your Majesty?”

“Brother Bodhi, you are the uncle of Tiezhen Kingdom’s ruler; you are no peasant. As I am in the pugilistic world right now, I should abide by its customs. I am a few years older than you. If it is not too much, you can just call me Brother Li.”

Abels: If this man wasn’t ruling the Nine Provinces, they probably wouldn’t have seen two decades of peace.

“In that case, I shall oblige. Brother Li, although Luo Ming has been defeated, why do you not capitalise on the opportunity to march on them? After all, his forces are still intact. Are you not worried…?”

“You make a valid point; Huzhou’s military is a concern. That being said, I have not received any reports of Luo Sword Manor’s forces and my Qilin Guards entering Huzhou confronting each other. It is clear that Luo Sword Manor’s forces were never given an order ahead of time or privy to the island’s events. Those not informed of the circumstances will mistake it as me disobeying my ancestors to march on Huzhou.”

As someone involved in the political arena, Abels pulled his brows in: “Luo Ming kidnapped you as part of his revolt. That is the best justification. Why would people mist-… You must be trying to keep Refining Divine Convention’s true purpose a secret. If I am not wrong, there is something else inside the letters you gave to the sects.”

“I thought you would be angry with my decision.”

“Not at all. I was the inferior man. If I am going to avenge my brothers, I will beat him fair and square. Real men do not stab people in the back. Besides…” Abels gave A-Lan a smile and stopped there.

What Abels didn’t voice was, “Your subordinate, Ming Feizhen, helped me twice, rescued A-Lan and some of my brothers. I am grateful for his help from the bottom of my heart. To express gratitude, I shall spare Luo Clan this time.”

Though he didn’t know what Abels was going to say, Emperor Yuansheng smiled back because he was glad Abels was no longer hostile. The two then went on to discuss other topics, while the others were left to their own devices.

Qilin Guards were on duty and all business. In contrast, the unorthodox sects that initially showed courtesy found wine and dice, and the rest was history. When Long Zaitian found them drinking and gambling, he flipped out, albeit not for the reason one might think. He raged at them because he wasn’t given an invitation to the party.

Song Ou: “A man with nothing other than a ding dong in his pants and air in his head.”

Long Zaitian: “Get out! Clothing caked in dust. Who was rolling in the dirt?”

“Some people…” Shen Yiren shook her head with a helpless smile. Upon gazing toward the direction Ming Feizhen went again, she espied a tall maiden coming over. “Greetings, Interim Matriarch Yu.”

Seemingly exhausted, Yu Feiyuan sat down next to Shen Yiren without a word. Given her height, she would intimidate some people into silence even when seated, but Shen Yiren wasn’t affected.

“I have not had the opportunity to thank you for saving His Majesty. Had it not been for you, none of us could have succeeded as nobody amongst us can defeat Feng Jian.”

Yu Feiyuan studied Shen Yiren’s eyes and then shifted her gaze southward: “… You’re gorgeous.”

… Uh… I know she’s Ming Feizhen’s childhood friend, but… Did he accidentally court a girl Interim Matriarch Yu likes or something? What is this about?

“Brother Ming… seems to have taken a liking to you.”

Umm… Brother Ming? … Oh…

“… I envy your rosy cheeks. You’re really cute.”

I, uh…

Saving Shen Yiren from the awkward conversation was a shooting star; it was a shooting star until it landed dead centre of the ring. The wooden tab hanging on Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer’s hilt had “It was nothing. No need to thank me” written on it.

Thankful, Emperor Yuansheng cried, “I shall never forget what you have done for us today. Should you ev-”

“Don’t rescind your word later on, then!” everyone heard from indefinite location.

“He is over there! After him!” Emperor Yuansheng enthused, running off with his guards.

“Not going to go see a deity?”

Shen Yiren turned in the direction of the speaker and simpered.

“Told you I’d be back. I’m back.”


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