Almighty – Ch. 114


Yang Tian peered toward the door for a while then took in a deep breath to calm his racing mind. “Come on.”

Yang Tian froze. He didn’t expect to see Meng Yunxi or after just a few days since they last met. Meng Yunxi sat down on the bed and dimpled. “Brother Yang Tian, you must be surprised.”

Meng Yunxi’s gaze was as enthralling as ever. She had a unique ability to completely grab one’s attention as if she was taking their soul. Thus, Yang Tian turned his head away and subtly smiled. “Very. Why are you here?”

“I was worried for you when I heard you were being hunted, so I came to see you. I’m surprised you escaped from so many people. You’re quite the man, Brother Yang Tian.”

“… Have you found out anything pertaining to my brother?”

“We had a three year agreement. It hasn’t even been half a year. What’s the rush?”

“Hehe, I was just worried.”

“Just stay here and cultivate until this blows over. There are lots of people searching for you out there. During this period, you will be Meng Tian, not Yang Tian. Mess up and I won’t be able to guarantee your safety.”

Heart warmed, Yang Tian smiled/ “Thank you, Sister Meng Yunxi.”

“Hehe…” giggled Meng Yunxi, hand covering her mouth, thereby revealing her globes. “By the way, Brother Yang Tian, your vitality…”

Yang Tian shook his head vigorously in denial.

Meng Yunxi thumped her luscious thighs and puffed her cheeks. “Petty. I just wanted to use an accompaniment for pill concoction. Don’t tell me you don’t have any.”

“You know pill concoction?”

Meng Yunxi raised an eyebrow. “I’ll have you know I’m a Level Four Alchemist, and I’ve almost reached Level Five.”

“I can give you some accompaniment; however, I also need some things. Consider it a trade.”

Meng Yunxi rolled her eyes but accepted the deal – not that she had a choice. Yang Tian went ahead and listed some low-grade herbs in addition to pill formulas. He also asked for a decent pill furnace.

“Brother Yang Tian, you want to pursue pill concoction? It’s not that easy to learn. I suggest you quit while you’re ahead. Better to stay safe than blow up a furnace and lose your life…”

“Blow up a furnace? I don’t think you should pry into that. I might even surpass you for all we know.”

“We’ll see about that. If you can surpass me, I’ll call you ‘Big Brother’. Wait here.” Meng Yunxi then hurried out.

“Blow up a furnace? I’m not convinced I’m doomed to fail.” Yang Tian was eager to get into it as he paced around in the room.

About fifteen minutes later, Meng Yunxi came in and tossed Yang Tian an interspatial ring. “Let’s make a bet. If you can produce a Rank One Pill within a month, I’ll help you fulfil one wish, deal?”

One month… That makes it three months for me, then…

After Yang Tian saw Meng Yunxi out, he sat on the bed and poured the contents of the interspatial ring out. There were a thousand practice pills and a red pill furnace. Yang Tian removed the lid on the furnace to find two vents. There was the image of a Mutated Beast covered in fire branded on the furnace. Yang Tian was quite surprised Meng Yunxi was generous enough to provide him with a pill furnace that was presumably a High-Grade Mystic Rank pill furnace. He put the herbs and furnace away.

The last item was a small and exquisite jade slip with a clear fragrance coming from it. His divine soul received a rush of large volume of information that put a smile on his face. He touched his chin and chuckled. “I guess calling her ‘Sister’ comes with its perks. Look what we have, a pill manual method.”

Although Yang Tian believed Lightning Dragon Flame Control Technique was of a decent level. Pill concoction was a relatively hard profession to get into. Without a mentor, one would have to take many detours and roundabout methods. A pill manual would save him from those challenges.


Yang Tian placed two interspatial rings on the floor of Ancestral Dragon Ring. Both were enhanced with divine soul energy. One of the rings was already shattered. That one came from the unnamed disciple. Yang Tian didn’t want Gu Mo to die, so he fed the latter a drop of vitality water, allowing him to enjoy the torture inside Golden Crow Divine Furnace.

Yang Tian emptied the interspatial rings. “Only thirty thousand mid-grade bloodstones? He’s an Ancient Grounds Disciple. Why is he so poor?”

Yang Tian sorted out the pills, most of which were healing pills. Then, he turned his attention to the small green seal with divine markings on the ground. “This Dao Item should be a mid-grade item. How many Dao Items foes Ancient Sacred Grounds have to be handing them out to ordinary disciples?”

Yang Tian sent his divine soul energy into the other ring, where there was a weak divine soul energy inside the small dimension.

The weak energy shuddered and threatened, “Yang Tian, you better let me go. If you dare to lay your hands on me, Ancient Sacred Grounds won’t spare you!”

“Gu Mo, you’re defenceless as it is, yet you’re still stuck up.” Yang Tian amplified his divine soul energy and crushed Gu Mo’s Divine Soul energy.

“Hey, let me out!”

Yang Tian heard a sound comparable to metal clanging from the Golden Crow Divine Furnace inside his body, so he sent his divine soul energy inside to investigate. He found Gu Mo’s flesh had healed. Still, the latter was in horrible shape. He was emitting smoke from his body. Yang Tian smirked. “Haha, keep it up, and I’ll crush your qihai and pimp you out!”

“You son of a…”

“Enjoy it in here. When Ancient Sacred Grounds get off my tail, I might decide to spare you.”

“Dream on!”

Yang Tian shut the lid and then dove into the interspatial ring. The interior was over six-and-a-half kilometres long and wide, and half of it was packed with items.

Yang Tian grabbed a pill similar to an ancient pill. Sadly, it was a notch below an ancient pill in terms of effectiveness. “This sort of pill is Ancient Sacred Ground’s exclusive pill. No wonder why they weren’t too interested in Martial Arts Mountain. Gu Mo must hold a high rank within Ancient Sacred Grounds.”

Yang Tian blinked his eyes at the sight of the two-hundred high-grade bloodstones. “How does he have so many high-grade bloodstones?”

According to legend, bloodstones didn’t exist when the world was first formed. The energy inside the spilt blood of adepts transformed into bloodstones over time. In saying that, Yang Tian hadn’t found any proof to substantiate the claim. Premium-grade bloodstones existed in the world of cultivation, but they were rarer than rare. To put it into perspective, they were as valued as Peak Dao Items. The reason premium-grade bloodstones were so highly valued was owed to their immense energy and purity. Given Yang Tian’s absorption rate, it’d take him a month to absorb all of it.

A particular piece of material caught Yang Tian’s attention. “A-a woman’s underwear? What in the world? A female’s piece of clothing is a Half-Complete Dao Weapon now? Sheesh.” When he noticed an image on the back, he hurriedly flipped it over. “You’re not serious…”

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