Almighty – Ch. 112


Yang Tian managed to put a kilometre and a half between him and the scorned woman, yet he could still sense her energy behind him.

Yang Tian checked on the two figures inside Golden Crow Divine Furnace. He assumed they were on the verge of death. After all, they had one leg through the door already. With the heat inside tormenting them, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were barely alive.

Yang Tian snapped their fingers for their interspatial rings, then smirked. Some disciples from big clans left seals on their interspatial rings, so it wouldn’t be surprising for core disciples of Ancient Sacred Grounds to.

“Yang Tian!” Gu Qi was furious to see Yang Tian safe and sound.

Yang Tian pulled over. “How does being fooled feel?”

“Shut up!”

Yang Tian pointed over to the woman in combat and smiled. “You should go and check up on the old hag. She’s about to have her head stomped.”

“Old hag…?”

Plenty of young men admired and lusted for the exalted former holy maiden, yet Yang Tian called her an old hag. What a gusty man.

Gu Qi smiled heartily when he realised he would receive a handsome reward on top of being forgiven for his mistakes if he could capture Yang Tian. “Sharp-tongued smart ass, come with me.”

“Wait, I’ve got a present for you. I’m sure you’ll like it.” Yang Tian summoned a bloody body to his hand, then threw it over to Gu Qi.

Gu Qi instinctively went to slash the bloody body but stopped himself. If members of the team he led perished, he’d have a share of blame to shoulder. Furthermore, the team he led consisted of core disciples. Their blood was relatively potent. “N-n-no way. Wait. D-doesn’t that mean Gu Mo…”

Gu Qi looked up to the figure fighting in the void. He knew the previous holy maiden, Gu Mo’s aunt, was rarely ever aggravated… Plus, she was closer to Gu Mo… After Gu Qi processed the facts, he thundered, “Yang Tian… Yang Tian… You’re a dead man.”

Gu Qi propelled himself as fast as he could. If something happened while he was separated from Gu Mo, he’d be severely punished and incur the wrath of the former holy maiden.

Yang Tian went his own way, arriving at a small river after travelling for ten minutes. Xiaobai splashed water as he leapt in. He came back out soon after and shook the water off. Yang Tian followed suit and exited the water. He climbed to shore, wore on his black robe, then headed to Demon Subjugation City, which was one million and five hundred thousand kilometres away. If it wasn’t for Xiaobai’s potent blood, it would’ve taken then fifty to sixty days to reach the city.

Yang Tian jumped into a shrub, lied prone and suppressed his aura after dozens of kilometres.

A pair of eighteen-year olds walked past. The man mumbled, “I’m sure someone was here before, but’s he’s vanished without a trace.”

“Was it worth our clan sending out so many members?” the maiden queried.

“I don’t know. I heard Yang Tian and Li Qingxue were betrothed to each other. Apparently, he took Li Hongtao’s soul crystal, as well…”

Their voices disappeared as they continued walking.

Yang Tian: Li Clan must also be here. Wow, everyone sure likes to make me a celebrity.

They had to branch disciples of Li Clan; if they weren’t he’d already be in another plight.

“If Li Clan is here, Yin Yang Cultivation Sect definitely knows I’m here. I need to hurry out of here, or I’m going to be in serious trouble.” Yang Tian headed out, traversing through a mountain laced in danger at every turn.

A member of Li clan with a shoulder wound came out from a stone cave. A Transcendent Realm cultivator attacked him. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to evade in time, thereby a fatality.

Yang Tian consumed a few healing pills before continuing his journey to Demon Subjugation City. He bled profusely after going on the run for an entire night. He was lucky to have Xiaobai’s keen nose as armour, allowing him to avoid encounters with humans.

Xiaobai ran over to Yang Tian and quietly hooted. Yang Tian understood he had to go into hiding again.

The ground quaked – courtesy of the brown Mutated Beast somebody rode. The rider stopped for a brief moment and then opted to seek an answer to his question by shattering rocks and plants around with a wave of his hand. Yang Tian didn’t dare to budge because the man before him was most likely a Transcendent Realm cultivator. Thankfully, the man left after destroying the environment yet finding naught.

“Li Clan again!” Sensing that it was much safer, Yang Tian poked his head out whilst wearing a resentful expression. “Ancient Li Clan! I’ll be sure to pay you back for this…”

Yang Tian was exhausted owing to avoiding confrontations. He was close to Demon Subjugation City. The divine markings linked together in the void were not to be trifled with.

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