Almighty – Ch. 107

Decimating an Adept’s Divine Soul

Gu Qi’s crystal ball glowed bright again, compelling him to peer back in the direction where the transparent light came from. “You played me!”

Furious, the small black dragon roared, discharging a black mist that enshrouded the transparent light. Yang Tian could vividly sense the light losing energy. After half a minute, the black dragon returned into the ring. He heaved a pent-up breath. “Finally.”

While Yang Tian was recollecting himself, he suddenly heard a sequence of loud sounds in the distance. “Let’s see you catch me without anything to guide you.”

Gu Qi dismounted his gourd outside the cave. “You will pay for deceiving me. Come out.” He collapsed the cave with a punch, kicking up a gust of dirt. Acting as if he was insane, he attacked the boulder in front of him. “Come out now, and I’ll dial down the physical pain out of kindness…”

Gu Qi attacked for a while but didn’t find any trace of Yang Tian. Irate, he kicked up more and more mud, making sure no stones were left unturned, literally.

Yang Tian watched Gu Qi’s pointless endeavour from a tall mountain. “You go, boy, you go. Even better if you beat that mountain down”

Xiao Bai hopped onto Yang Tian’s shoulder, then snarled. Yang Tian caressed Xiaobai’s head as he tugged up a corner of his lips. “If he knew I was here, I wonder if he’d dig a hole to hide himself in. Let’s find a place to cultivate. I’ll play this game of hide and seek with him for a few days.”

Yang Tian opened up a cave in order to cultivate in seclusion.

Once night fell, Fierce Beasts came out to raucously hunt. Meanwhile, Yang Tian was cultivating inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. Stars flew and danced inside him, creating a scene akin to a fantasy world. Every now and then, the stars would seep into his flesh and temper it.

“I never imagined I’d almost break through to Warrior Realm Fifth Layer.”

Yang Tian threw a punch that shot starlight out, albeit faintly. He proceeded to perform an entire taolu before sitting back down.

Yang Tian took out an ancient interspatial ring that he obtained from Martial Arts Mountain. “… Forget it. Ancient cultivators are outrageously omnipotent. If there are traps in there, I’ll be in trouble.”

Ancient cultivators were far more impressive than current cultivators. Evidence? Some of their divine souls survived until today.

Yang Tian took out Yin Yang Single Qi Furnace and Heavenly Cauldron, both of which were only an inch tall. “Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace requires both qis to unleash its full potential, so toss it.” He threw Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace away.

“What Heavenly Cauldron lacks in offence is compensated for in defence; it suits my purposes. Golden Crow Divine Furnace may be formidable, but it’s tough to use. That’s not to mention it costs an exorbitant volume of qi and blood. Heavenly Cauldron suits me best.”

Yang Tian transferred divine soul energy into the cauldron, lighting it up. His divine soul flowed into the deepest depths of Heavenly Cauldron. Items on the verge of evolving into Dao Weapons, such as Heavenly Cauldron, had a small dimension in their centre. As long as one planted their divine soul energy on the seal, they could control the item at will.

Yang Tian couldn’t get a clear visual of the three hundred square metres. The corporeal elder – rather, the divine soul of the elder – at the centre was the same height as the average adult but had a red face. Subsequent to opening his eyes, the elder fired a black energy beam from his hand.

Yang Tian dropped Heavenly Cauldron at the same time the elder threw the palm strike. His experienced a sharp pain that violated his nerves. “What do I do now?’

“Who are you? Why has Heavenly Cauldr-“ The elder of Li Clan rubbed his eyes. “Those are star pills… How can there be star pills here? They don’t exist in the outside world. H-h-how can the herbs grow so rapidly? Vitality spring water? How…? A dimension? The heavens sure are kind on me.”

Since his physical body wasn’t inside, Yang Tian wasn’t so afraid of the elder.

The elder must not know what happened outside. This oldie must be crazy.

“I made sure to perform benevolent deeds all my life, and it seems my predecessors didn’t lie to me…” The elder gradually calmed down. “Young man, this dimension now belongs to me. You can die now.” The elder immediately attacked Yang Tian with a black aura dozens of metres in size.

A small black dragon roared and absorbed the black energy before it could reach Yang Tian.

“What in the world is that? Weapon… Spirit… Impossible…” The elder profusely shook his head.

The dragon roared again, blasting a wave of energy from it that devoured the elder in one fell swoop.

Yang Tian was stunned as he watched the dragon chomp away. “Y-you seriously telling me it’s over already? Is the dragon Ancestral Dragon Ring’s spirit? I now control this dimension?” Yang Tian tried to make sense of the event before nodding. “If his divine soul has been destroyed, he shouldn’t be able to leak anything. He didn’t recognise me, meaning his divine soul wasn’t able to communicate with the outside world. I guess I’ll have to be cautious from now. There might be divine souls inhabiting one of the items I pick up…”


A certain dimension was home to mountains with divine markings circulating. It was also home to a killing formation’s energy that bound the mountains and earth together.

A colourful light circled around the mountains. Herb gardens where potent herbs grew were found everywhere. Mutated Beasts were employed as the gardens’ sentries.

In a specific house, over a dozen people were engaged in a conversation. One of the elders seated to the leader’s left suddenly sprayed a mouthful of blood.

“Elder, what happened?” inquired the thirty year old leader.

The injured elder took in a deep breath to calm himself. “The divine soul in Heavenly Cauldron has been obliterated. I can’t sense anything from it.”

When a divine soul is destroyed, it takes the victim decades to recover. For a full recovery, the victim would need outrageous amounts of treasured items.

All of Li Clan’s elders were Battle Emperor adepts. Therefore, if somebody could obliterate a divine sense without them noticing, then the culprit was evidently incredible.

“… Do you have a location?”

The wrathful elder responded, “No. There are only a handful of people who could obliterate my divine soul on the Eastern Continent.”

The two grandson’s the elder was proudest off both copped a beating – courtesy of Yang Tian. Li Hongtao was still grounded after being stripped of his title as a holy descendant.

“What a troublesome kid. I’m not worried about him having some unique item as much as I am a potential adept guarding him.”

“Yang Tian must be captured no matter what.”

While they righteously declared their desire to capture Yang Tian, they were actually after his cultivation method and treasures.

“Indeed. Ancient Sacred Grounds sent a group to Hundred Thousand Mountains yesterday. I suspect he is still hiding there.”

“Hundred Thousand Mountains…” The leader had a think before vanishing from the house.


Back inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, Yang Tian grinned sinisterly after getting Heavenly Cauldron to acknowledge him as its new master.

A while later, Yang Tian managed to summon lecherous old Wang from Yin Yang Sect and repeated the same process with his divine soul. Gazing at the location the small dragon vanished, Yang Tian noted, “It seems my energy has increased significantly after devouring the elders’ divine souls.”

Yang Tian practiced controlling Heavenly Cauldron for a while before exiting Ancestral Dragon Ring. “It’s time to exact my revenge…”


*Taolu – The proper term for “forms” in Chinese martial arts. It is a collection of techniques and moves performed in a set routine. Practicing taolu serves multiple purposes including but not limited to physical attributes development and hiding techniques/moves from people trying to learn one’s style. Practical combat techniques are derived from a taolu and sometimes transformed for practical purposes, resulting in somewhat different-looking execution.

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