Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 146

Revealing Sword Flash

“Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer wins through might. Mr. An wins through psychological attacks” – the impression that those who witnessed the appearance of the man who was compared to a blackness that drew attention despite the fear of looking at it. You don’t want to look at a venomous snake, but you’re afraid of letting it out of your sights because it could have coiled around you the moment you avert your gaze. All you can do is look and wallow in fear.

Perhaps owing to the new and unforgettable memory, Emperor Yuansheng suddenly felt the pain of boiling tea scalding his face when he saw the reminder of why darkness is considered scary. “It’s you! What do you want? You think I can’t recognise you just because you’ve changed into black clothing? I wanted to let this go because of Luo Clan’s fate, but I refuse to let you go. Men, fire on him. Let’s see you act arrogant in a squall of arrows.”

Emperor Yuansheng no longer hid his identity, referring to himself using the term exclusive to Emperors.

There was nothing strange about Qilin Guards accurately finding their targets. What didn’t make any sense was how they went straight through their target as though Mr. An was spawned from thin air.

“Ow, ow, that hurt. Your Majesty, how can you treat your citizen like this? Your people would be disappointed if they found out you did this.”

Emperor Yuansheng: Hardly ever do we see Divine Realm adepts, yet five of them, if we include our mystery man who defeated Luo Ming, are here for the sword?

“What… was that?”

Mr. An raised his sword, then cracked a grin. “They say it is impolite to not return favours. This peasant shall return the favour now, Your Majesty.”

“You’ll have to get through us first!” Long Zaitian shielded Emperor Yuansheng behind him.

“Hehe… Okay, get ready…” Mr. An carved a golden arc. The fortress guarding Emperor Yuansheng proved useless when he severed Qilin Guards’ body parts in the one motion.

“… You will pay with your life for taking my warriors’ lives.”

“Ah? This is embarrassing, so embarrassing!” Mr. An started throwing a tantrum when a blue qi wall denied him further lives and ground. “Why?! I’m not pulling punches, so why can’t I cut an over-the-hill Supreme Ten Saints’ qi wall? This doesn’t make any sense!”

Standing by Emperor Yuansheng’s right side was none other than Bodhi Abels.

“Your Majesty, you cannot trust a thing he says for he is capricious,” Shen Yiren cautioned.

Having had a brief discussion with Ming Feizhen, Shen Yiren returned to Emperor Yuansheng’s side at his behest and requested Abels’ aid. Abels, in consideration of what Ming Feizhen did for him and the various offences of Evil Spirits, elected to lend a hand. Of course, Shen Yiren had to vouch for him, or Emperor Yuansheng wasn’t going to suddenly trust his life to a notorious outlaw.

Shen Yiren was explaining how Luo Ming’s plan was thwarted when Mr. An entered the fray uninvited.

Gaze elsewhere, Mr. An bemoaned, “Man, doesn’t it really have to be this way? This is…”

Zipping out of the smithing department was an elderly pair – Lai Jingzhen and “Reverend Zha”. Though they didn’t appear as oddly as Mr. An, their speed was above anyone else present. They cornered Mr. An forthwith to force him into a confrontation. If Mr. An couldn’t really transform into wind, his chances of slipping away were next to none.

“… This is… becoming more and more fun!”

Mr. An didn’t put much force into his swing or apparently swing fast, yet the two still-aerial elites wobbled, forcing them to land. Converting himself into thin air again, Mr. An reappeared as a solid entity twenty-four metres away, celebrating the fact that he left the two elites stunned.

“Who are you?!” Emperor Yuansheng belted, atypically enraged. “How do you know that swordplay?!”

Nobody in Li Clan would mistake the style that their ancestor employed to establish their clan’s reign and earn them the honour as descendants of one of the three greatest swordplays in existence.

“Where did you learn Broken Sword Eight Layers Light from?!”


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