Almighty – Ch. 106


People were afraid of traversing Hundred Thousand Mountains alone as lots of Fierce Beasts wandered there. Of course, elite cultivators were the exceptions.

After Yang Tian bid Hong Ying goodbye, he sped into the dense forest without hesitation for he was more concerned with escaping the area. Xiaobai cheerfully ran in front to open a path. After travelling twenty-five kilometres, Yang Tian found a dense mountain range and shaved out a cave for himself.

Somebody threatened to take Yang Tian’s life while he was with Hong Ying. Though the dangerous prophecy hadn’t been fulfilled, a portent harassed him. He didn’t know every treasure under the sky, but playing it safe was his best bet. He peered outside the gap in the boulder every now and then, praying it was just his imagination playing up on him.

Yang Tian’s forty hours of peace was disturbed when he picked up an energy signal outside. The dome was no longer the usual recognisable colours. Beasts within a two hundred and fifty kilometre radius from the aura instantly prostrated themselves. Cracks appeared in the void as the energy intensified.

“I thought they were looking for me…”

A light shaped similarly to a fingernail shown down on where Yang Tian previously was. Five people smashed their way through the void.

Next to the young man was quite the charming woman. The three in the rear were weak relative to the first two mentioned, especially the one in the rear. The one right in the back appeared to be fifteen, if not sixteen. He wore a fancy robe, but his cultivation was lousy, to say the least.

An identified force helped the group land smoothly on the ground. The leader glared daggers at the young boy behind him. The weak young man displayed a tinge of anger when he noticed the gaze on him. Nevertheless, he didn’t dare to harbour any “smart” ideas as the leader was far too strong for him.

How did they find me? They sure think highly of me to be sending several elites after me.

Yang Tian moved the boulder at the cave entrance. He utilised Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps at maximum output to run. After travelling for over five kilometres, a beast suddenly unleashed an ear-splitting roar, prompting him to climb up an ancient tree.

“How are they finding me?” Yang Tian caressed Xiaobai, who was on his shoulder. “I’m lucky I have you, buddy. I hope the Fierce Beasts behind us will be able to hold them off.”

Yang Tian deliberately passed by the location where Mutated Beasts were gathered as he blindly fled.

Having encountered dozens of Fierce Beasts waves, the weak one cursed, “How come the Fierce Beasts don’t attack him?!”

The leader, wanting all of the credit for himself, glared at the weak young man and snickered. “Gu Mo and you two, Gu Xuan and I are going on ahead. Be careful not to end up in some beast’s belly.”

Two mumbled to themselves, “I guess he doesn’t want to bring us along.”

Gu Qi swept his gaze over to Gu Xuan’s peach. Gu Qi summoned a jade gourd and spat out a light, levitating the gourd into the air where it then expanded to a hundred metres. Gu Qi leapt up onto the gourd and restored his refined demeanour. “Gu Xuan, this gourd is extremely fast. We have an important job to do; we can’t delay, so let’s go together.”

Gu Xuan lingered for a tick before getting on, still aloof.

“Sit tight.” said Gu Qi stole a glance of Gu Xuan’s cleavage and smirked. He tapped the gourd to command it to take off.

They stood to gain a lot from the clan. They wouldn’t have torn open the void, otherwise.

Yang Tian travelled through the boundless mountains for an hour. When he left a Fierce Beasts’ den, he heard a deafening shout.

“Toss it. I’m going to have to give it a shot.”

Yang Tian looked behind him to see a huge object travelling through the air, so he dashed into the shrubs and took cover in a cave. He summoned a lit up furnace overhead. The furnace expanded to a hundred metres as it rotated. He jumped in then shrunk it to the size of a grain of sand.  Because the ceiling inside of the furnace was a region of fire. Yang Tian needed to consume ancient pills to sustain his qi and blood.

Arriving near the cave, yet not seeing Yang Tian anywhere, Gu Qi’s uncertainty grew. “Come out. How dare you play games with me?”

Yang Tian: Thank heavens they’ve lost me.

Following a while of searching with his eyes, Gu Qi pulled out a crystal ball to see it dimmer than before. “What in the world? How did he just vanish into thin air?”

Oh, so they can sense my aura. No wonder why they chased after me as if they were dogs.

Flustered and exasperated, Gu Qi opined, “Gu Xuan, he must have some item that prevents us from picking up his aura.”

Gu Xuan nodded subtly.

The divine markings on Golden Crow Divine Furnace must be preventing them from picking me up.

Frustrated, Gu Qi flipped over the rocks, boulders and kicked up dirt around using shockwaves generated from his punches.

“Search this place, tough guy,” Yang Tian mocked.

After searching for a while, Gu Qi was enraged enough to start slashing the mountains around. Soon enough, the three he left behind located him thanks to his rampage. The three looked at Gu Qi as if he had flies around his brain. Gu Mo realised Gu Qi lost track of their target when he saw the dim crystal ball.

Gu Mo: Hmph, well deserved.

Gu Xuan pulled her eyebrows together and quietly stated, “Randomly attacking the surroundings isn’t a wise strategy. He might already be gone.”

Gu Qi immediately erased his exasperated look and restored his refined facade. “Hehe, you are right, Sister Gu Xuan.”

“Let’s split up and search,” suggested Gu Xuan, generating a red aura beneath her feet to head out.

Gu Qi wiped his smile off his face and ordered the other three to split up prior to resuming as a solo act

Yang Tian suddenly felt an urge to kill Gu Mo as he observed the latter. “Don’t let me catch you.”

Yang Tian’s divine soul energy scanned his body the entire time, eventually discovering an energy source but couldn’t remove it. The energy also seemed to be fixed in one location, giving him a headache.

Yang Tian peered into his sea of consciousness. Ancestral Dragon Ring hovered similarly to something that never budged with time. Next to it was Dragon Jade. Below it was the plethora of “conquer” characters. He could sense a will calling out to him. Ancestral Dragon Ring was his keystone. He didn’t know how to use it, but he didn’t have any other option besides gambling. Technically, being caught was an option; it just wasn’t the ideal option.

After spending some time trying to communicate his will and expending an enormous amount of qi and blood, Ancestral Dragon Ring suddenly vibrated when Yang Tian was about to call it quits.

“Wait. Did I just succeed?”

Yang Tian transferred his will until the vibration resulted in Ancestral Dragon Ring violently jolting. A small black dragon on the ring parted its eyelids, revealing its jet-black eyes, then spat a black mist. When the black mist made contact with his flesh, he emitted a transparent light.

As the black dragon went to devour the invisible light, the light released a tangerine glow.  A wave of qi burst forth from Yang Tian’s body, splintering the rocks around. The invisible light’s energy abruptly intensified. The abrupt intensification wasn’t what Yang Tian was after for it was bound to alert his pursuers. However, when he was about to flee, the black dragon moved.

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