Almighty – Ch. 108

Sitting Back and Reaping the Spoils

It was that time of the day where the sun was at its peak above the mountains. Beasts were loudly snoring, but an occasional huge shadow would zip past across the sky, gusting up waves of wind and leaves from the ancient trees down below.

Yang Tian and Xiaobai carefully sneaked past a Level Three Fierce Beast roughly sixteen metres tall in its slumber.  Yang Tian searched for Gu Mo for half a day to no avail. Yang Tian heard a loud sound the moment he planned to leave. He, therefore, halted in his tracks and hid in the bushes. He suppressed his aura and kept his eyes fixed on the individual speeding over from in the distance.

“Wait, there are two people.”

Yang Tian could tell the second person was on the verge of breaking through to Profound Connection Realm. Yang Tian’s chances of winning against Gu Mo and him were slim at best, never mind killing them.

“Xiaobai, lure them here.”

Xiaobai dashed through the forest faster than Yang Tian, catching Gu Mo’s attention.

Seeing the white flash come and go in an instant, Gu Mo exclaimed, “What was that?”

“Gu Mo, let’s go take a look. I think it was a small beast.” Gu Qing took off right away, while Gu Mo lingered for a tick before diving into the bushes in pursuit.

Xiaobai returned to Yang Tian’s shoulder. Sensing the big beast behind him, Yang Time petted Xiaobai’s head. “Haha, now this is going to be fun.”

Yang Tian suppressed his aura and went on the offence.

The wolf-like beast with a horn wagged its three-metre tail crushed all the ancient trees around as it bulldozed its way through the boundless forest. Horned Fox Beasts were renowned for their speed. Normal Profound Connection Realm adepts wouldn’t dare to pick a fight with one.

“Gu Mo, stop running. A Level Three Fierce Beast has no chance against us,” opined Gu Qing, turning around to face the black beast.

“Gu Qing, you confident about this?”


Gu Qing: Pussy.

Gu Qing: “I think I have a good chance. I’ve already broken through to Profound Connection Realm.”

Gu Qing cast red energy onto his fist. “Repulsive beast, die! Ancient Mountain Crushing Fist!” Gu Qing launched his fierce punch at the beast’s tail. The residue energy pushed Gu Qing back eight steps before he found find his footing.

Gu Mo, seeing that the beast didn’t even budge, summoned his small seal, which was actually a Dao Weapon consisting of a light-red glow with a small golden dragon playing above the divine markings, to his hand while cursing, “What sort of moron tries to take a horned wolf beast head on. I guess it’d have to be the type with a death wish…”

Yang Tian: “That must be Golden Dragon Seal. All of these divine descendants are loaded.”

Gu Qing hand a small sealed formed on his palm, as well, but his was a green dragon.

Yang Tian recalled another three individuals when he saw Ancient Sacred Grounds flaunting their wealth with their Dao Weapons. He was sure those three he thought of had Dao Weapons, too. He, however, wasn’t sure if the weapons belonged to them. They weren’t weapons one would find every disciple at Ancient Sacred Grounds carrying. The weapons were weapons the adepts loaned them to apprehend him.

Against two dangerous weapons, the beast prepared to flee.

Gu Qing launched his green dragon seal at the beast, pouring as much energy as he could into it to expand it dozens of metres. The two seals worked in unison. With one in front and one in the rear, the beast was trapped in their confines. The overflow of energy cut the beast down. The beast roared over and over as it expanded. It raged and raged. It emitted a black smoke from its body, causing a change all around.

The beast used its large feet to generate black qi from its body in an attempt to fight back against the two seals via sheer brute force.

Unlike Gu Qing, Gu Mo struggled because he only just entered Warrior Realm. Moreover, he didn’t focus on cultivating ever since he reached it. As a consequence, using Golden Dragon Seal for a while exhausted him. Gu Mo was bleeding from his mouth due to the damage sustained from the continuous jolts.

Yang Tian: I hope their help won’t come.

Gu Qing imbued his green dragon seal with more energy to push the horned wolf beast back over thirty metres. “We can’t keep this up forever. Let’s use our ultimate skill together. The beast is crumbling!”

“All right.” Gu Mo popped a pill, revitalising his qihai with the potion he converted into qi and blood. His seal expanded until it resembled a golden wyrm.

The large green seal attacked the beast as if a huge wave came crashing down.

Yang Tian looked over to the golden river and smirked. “Let’s give this a whizz…”

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