Almighty – Ch. 105


Sensing danger, Yang Tian’s retreated over fifteen metres. The black mist melted an ancient tree the three clung to and then continued to its next target. Yang Tian identified the mist as Decaying Demon Mist. “How sinister. You three can die today.”

With their tails between their legs, the three ran for dear life.

“Hell’s not that way!” Yang Tian summoned hundreds of light rays in arcs that expanded rapidly. At the same time, he palmed the air. The rays of light spilt blood and dissected flesh.

To protect her sister, Hong Xue covered her sister’s eyes. “Shut your eyes.”

Hong Xue had mixed emotions about Yang Tian, and his exceptionally ruthless display only echoed the sentiment.

Yang Tian picked up the three’s jade vial and popped the lid off to then absorb the mist outside into his vial. “It is Decaying Demon Mist, indeed. You three got off easy.”

Decaying Demon Mist is a venomous mist that’s concocted from qi of the dead.  What they did was draw out the dead qi from a corpse of someone two hours after they died. Hundreds of corpses were required to concoct a gourd-worth. The mist could destroy weapons and people alike.

After Yang Tian collected the threes’ interspatial rings, the primordial spirit fruits suddenly burst with energy that attracted heaven and earth vital essence within a radius of over three kilometres whilst releasing its own medicinal scent.

If one was to consume the fruits without turning them into pills prior, they would lose out on a tonne of the benefits they had to offer.

As the heaven and earth vital essence gradually slowed down, the fruits ripened. Even though she was reluctant to give him two when they only had two, Hong Xue still fulfilled her promise.

“Thank you.” Yang Tian made his way over to Hong Ying. “This one is yours. Consider it my thank you for saving my life.”

“Brother Yang Tian, you…” Hong Ying scrunched and twisted her clothes. It was her first time receiving such a generous present.

Yang Tian shoved the fruit onto Hong Ying and smiled. “Take it… It’d be in a thief’s mouth by now if it wasn’t thanks to you.”

When Yang Tian went to speak again, he stopped because he noticed an incoming threat. Similarly to being stripped naked, Yang Tian felt his secrets being revealed for a fleeting moment.


A Mutated Beast with a red crown circled over an old herb in the centre of a mist screen. A wyrm played in the river. The mountains were lush. The spring was clear.  At the peak of a mountain, there were rocks with bizarre divine markings on them. The pavilion interior housed jade carvings. Every now and then, figures could be seen travelling back and forth between the clouds.

A light-red seal rotated up above in the centre of three seated elders in a purple forest. When they ceased infusing the seal with their energy, the seal with a qilin on it returned to the ground. Eye of the Sky Seal was carved on it.

“I’m getting more and more interested in the kid. It took the three of us five attempts to locate him using Eye of the Sky Seal. He’s a peculiar one.”

“He must have a high-grade unique treasure to be able to avoid Eye of the Sky’s detection.”

“I’m not interested in his item. If his cultivation method really can absorb lightning, it was worth the effort we spent. Moreover, his blood is unusual.”

“Indeed, he’s an unusual one. Young Mo said he carried lots of vitality items to replenish his expenditure during the thunder tribulation. His body is also extremely tough. I would surmise he practiced a body-strengthening art.”

One of the elders threw a jade slip that vanished in the air. “Haha, we’ll be meeting him soon, so we’ll get the opportunity to unravel all of the mysteries. It’s been a long time since we’ve been active. The East may have forgotten our Ancient Sacred Grounds by now. Let’s teach the young ones a thing or two. Such a cultivation method and treasures in the hands of a weak cultivator is the equivalent of putting them in a rubbish dump.”


“Yang Tian, what’s the matter? Did something happen?” asked Hong Ying, when she saw Yang Tian’s ashen face.

“Nothing?” Yang Tian waved it off, then peered into the sky. “I have an urgent matter to attend to. Take care. Remember not to tell anyone about me. Nothing good will come out of it for you.”

Hong Xue concluded Yang Tian couldn’t have been the disciple of an ordinary clan with his skill and brute strength.

Wang Mo: What does he mean? Why doesn’t he want us to mention him?


Qilin – A mythical beast that symbolises good luck and prosperity. It’s a chimerical creature that has a single horn on its forehead, a yellow belly, a multi-coloured back, the hooves of a horse, the body of a deer, and the tail of an ox.

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