Almighty – Ch. 104

Significant Improvement

As Yang Tian looked so calm, Hong Xue hesitated to speak. Eventually a charming curve bloomed on her lips. “Yang Tian, can I ask you for a favour?”

“I could.” Yang Tian grinned. “But I want two Primordial Spirit Fruits in exchange.”

Hong Xue stomped. “How ungrateful. Had it not been for us, you might be dead already.”

“Don’t forget I just repaid the debt. Moreover, it wasn’t you who saved me; it was Hong Ying.”

Although awkward, Hong Xue was aware Yang Tian was right. The guards also felt ashamed of themselves as they looked at each other. The majority of them were indifferent to him; only a minor number spoke to him. Given the facts, Hong Xue nodded and smiled again. “All right, I promise to give you two…”

The man with the scar: “What? Done discussing how you’d like to die?”

Yang Tian shrugged. “If want it, come get it. Although it’s a tall order, try not to die in the process.”

“Sharp-tongued kid, kill him!”

One of the men aggressively charged toward Yang Tian. The moment his punch was about to find its target, Yang Tian extended a hand clad in lightning. In the man’s moment of distraction, Yang Tian kicked him in the lower abdomen, sending him through several trees.

The man treaded through the air and landed about thirty metres away from Yang Tian. He rubbed his chest and realised he broke a rib. “Kill him!”

Yang Tian stopped Hong Xue because she went to attack. He was eager to test out how strong Heavens Conqueror Bronze Body was. From Hong Xue’s perspective, he was turning down her kind offer. Slightly irate, she stomped her foot.

Yang Tian dashed over and ripped the Power that the three condensed.

“Be careful. Something’s odd about the kid.” The man with the scar summoned a cyan iron broadsword overhead. The other two also summoned iron broadswords.

Hong Xue summoned a sword and prepared to jump in and help when necessary. She warned Yang Tian, “Be careful, that’s their team attack.”

The three hurled their cyan iron broadswords toward Yang Tian. The three blades formed a large net with their auras mid-flight. Yang Tian powered up his silver aura further and further until the air could be heard vibrating. He punched out a silver fist that tore through the net and headed for the broadswords.

Yang Tian simultaneously knocked the three broadswords away and pushed the three back sequentially. The three bled out of their mouths after their own treasures wounded them.

Big Brother, what do we do?”

Before gathering his qi and blood, the man with the scar answered, “Act accordingly.”

“Hmm, not strong enough,” thought Yang Tian, rubbing his fist with a small cut on it. The cut quickly formed a scab.

Yang Tian stole a gander at the fruits. The energy emitted from them had increased, which was a sign of them almost being ripe. He, therefore, advanced and generated enough pressure via Power to force the three back. Then, he threw a vicious punch toward the man with the scar.

The man with the scar felt his qi and blood not responding so energetically. “Get him together.”

The three men hurled three cyan broadswords at Yang Tian again.

“Piss off!”  Yang Tian threw consecutive punches to crack the blades and then shifted over to reach them.

“What style is that?” wondered the three who were punched dozens of metres away.

They coughed blood. The man with the scar was shocked to find he couldn’t condense his qi and blood.

Their leader yelled, “Run!”

The three heard three muffled footsteps. Next thing they knew, Yang Tian was right in front of them. Before they could react, he kicked all three in the chest so hard they bled from their chest.

The man with the scar wobbled to his feet. Wrathful, he summoned a jade gourd. He opened the lid to release a black mist. “Disperse!”

The black mist encroached on Yang Tian.

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