Almighty – Ch. 99

Hundred Thousand Mountain

A ripple suddenly appeared. A small river burbled. Yang Tian emerged from a dimension in a bloody state at a verdant mountain, where a cold draft blew as fierce beasts soared above the green canopies.

A purple silhouette the size of nail warped into existence. Xiaobai’s bell landed on Yang Tian’s body. Xiaobai dragged Yang Tian to the edge of the river. Xiaobai licked the latter’s face. With tears in his eyes, he softly hooted several times. Suddenly, his ears popped up. Quickly, he hid inside Yang Tian’s shirt.

Horse carriages suddenly pulled over, and the escort set up camp.

Xiaobai suffered from dizzy spells. When he saw a young girl in cyan approach them, he slept inside Yang Tian’s garment.

While the portal protected his body, the woman pursuing him didn’t let up, consequently hurting him several times. As a result, he was rendered unconscious. Had it not been for Elder Zhou’s support, Yang Tian would likely be a corpse.

An unspecified time later, a light appeared in the darkness. Life was slowly but surely restored to Yang Tian’s lifeless body. Still, he felt cold sensations in intervals. Yang Tian remained half-conscious for two days before he could open his eyes. He moved his fingers subtly, but that was enough to register a twinge, prompting him to reactively hiss.

Yang Tian suspected she wasn’t merely after his cultivation method because, if she wanted his cultivation method, she wouldn’t have dealt fatal bows. As for why she wanted him dead, he wasn’t certain.

Yang Tian entered Ancestral Dragon Ring after lying in a horse carriage for a long time. He consumed healing pills, then exited the ring’s dimension. Yang Tian slept for a while longer, allowing the pills to work their magic.

Yang Tian zoned in on his body and examined his damage. His bones were nearly all in pieces. His qi and blood river was lifeless. Fortunately, his qihai wasn’t destroyed, but it would take time to recover. Next, he headed to his soul and saw his divine soul hanging on by a thread.

When Yang Tian confirmed Xiaobai was with him, he finally relaxed. Xiaobai smiled upon seeing Yang Tian awake and leapt up onto the latter’s shoulder.

“What a vicious woman. I don’t care if you’re from The Ancient Sacred Grounds. I’m going to butcher you!”

Yang Tian caressed Xiaobai’s head while wearing a smile. His gaze looked cold once he noticed the numerous cuts that had formed scabs on Xiaobai. He fed Xiaobai pill. Xiaobai immediately jumped back inside Yang Tian’s tattered clothing when someone opened the door.

Yang Tian moved his body, only to feel the pain again.

“Don’t move about. You have grievous injuries. You must rest for a long time,” cautioned the sixteen year old girl sporting twin pigtails. Her cheeks resembled roses before Yang Tian’s striking appearance. “My sister said you need a month before you would wake. I didn’t expect you to already be up.”

Yang Tian smiled. “This one is Yang Tian. Thank you for help me, Miss. This one shall repay the favour.”

“No need to thank me. I am Hong Ying. We are from Hong Clan. He entered the mountains to search for herbs and chanced upon you.”

“… Miss Hong Ying, may I ask where I am?”

“This is the outer perimeter of Hundred Thousand Mountain’s outer perimeter. Were you not aware? I found you by a small river. My sister said it was a miracle you were alive.”

Hundred Thousand Mountains place was dozens of millions of miles away from Martial Arts Mountain and the home to Fierce Beasts and Spirit Beasts further inside. Had it not been for Hong Ying rescuing him, he’d already be a beast’s dinner.

“By the way, my sister said you will need a few years to fully recover, and your martial arts foundation will be hard to regain.”

It was the best time of his life to cultivate. “Years” was too long for him.

“That’s fine. As long as I can recover, then I’m content.

I wonder how Yun’er is doing. It won’t be easy to leave with Formation Sect’s Inheritance…

Hong Ying was comfortable conversing with Yang Tian. Like a switched on tap, she asked him a plethora of questions. “Yang Tian, who hurt you so badly…?”

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