Almighty – Ch. 98


The sudden attack seemingly brought the sky down with loud gales.

“Get lost!” Hei Sha punched back with his purple fist coated with lightning. The first expanded over three hundred metres tall to intercept the hand. “Huang Quan, what is the meaning of this?”

Assuming he was only dealing with Li Clan, the complication developed beyond what Hei Sha was comfortable with.

“Nothing. I came for Yang Tian’s life. Now, out of my way.” Huang Quan amplified his energy.

“He’s under my care. Nobody shall harm him with me around.”

“You asked for it!” Huang Quan palmed again, splitting the ground beneath Hei Sha’s feet.

Hei Sha took the fight to the air. He punched his purple fists together, generating a gust of wind as he took to the sky. The duel between the two Battle King adepts had people watching on in awe. The two moved too fast for their eyes to keep up with. All they could feel was the gusts of wind from their movements.

Yang Tian gave his entourage a smile. “Take care. I’m off.”

“Yang Tian, hold your horses. Li Clan has a debt to settle with you. Come with me.” Li Clan’s Li Ren went for Yang Tian’s skull.

Yang Tian snickered and planned to crush the jade slip in his hand. “You should already be dead, old man.”

Xing Jue suddenly appeared and crushed the large hand in the sky. “Haha… Li Ren. My clan owes Yang Tian favour. Sadly, he won’t be able to go with you.”

Yun’er waved. “It’s Second Grandpa.”

“Oh, nice, nice, Formation Clan’s Inheritance!” Xing Jue heartily laughed once he sensed the energy of the seal in Yun’er. “Xing Hao informed me about what took place on Martial Arts Mountain already.”

“Haha, you should protect the lass next to you first. You won’t be able to protect Yang Tian,” taunted another elder.

“That’s not your concern.”

The elder flicked his sleeve and generated a flurry of sword auras that rained down against the. Whilst Yang Tian was viewing the fight, yin yang qi sneaked up toward Yang Tian.

“Haha, so you’re all coming out of the woodworks now, huh?” Yang Tian summoned a seal to his palm and hurled it at the people watching. As the seal soared across the sky, he shouted, “That’s the key to Pill Mystics Sect’s central area. Happy birthday.”

“Hehe, thank you for the generosity.” An elder  in whitezipped down to snatch up the seal, vanishing from the sky in an instant. All that was left was, “Thank you for the gift, Young Man. My name is Dao Ba.”

Dao Ba was renowned for being an adept who wandered the continent alone. He was only a Battle King Realm cultivator, yet few dared to accost him. As his name suggested, he was an expert grave robber. He was the one who emptied out some of Li Clan’s graves. Put it this way: wherever he passed by, things would leave with him.

“Yang Tian!”  Wang Zhe chased after Dao Ba as fast as he could. If he lost the key to an outsider, he’d be in a lot of trouble with the clan.

Qing Yuan asked, “Yang Tian, how are you going to escape?”

“Brother Yang, how about coming to Thundercloud Sect?” proposed. Yun’er.

Xing Hao expressed, “I agree. There are lots of people are you now, so it’s not safe to be wandering about.”

Yang Tian laughed. He was grateful for everyone’s care. “This is a dimensional jade slip. You get it now?”

Dimensional jade slips contained a defensive layer that Battle King Realm adepts couldn’t break.

Teary, Yun’er clasped her hands and forced a smile. “Brother Yang, take care.”

”You all take care, too.” Yang Tian crushed the jade slip, generating silver light. His immediate surroundings began to tremble as cracks appeared.

“Old Xing, get out of my way,” raged Li Ren.

The elder from Thundercloud focused on stalling his opponent, not attack. “Haha, and he’s safe.  Xing Jue always keep my word.”

Li Ren kept on throwing strikes at Xing Jue, but he couldn’t hold a candle to the latter.

“Bye,” taunted Yang Tian, taking one last look at his pursuers before stepping into the portal.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, Kid. You’re welcome at Ancient Sacred Grounds.”

Someone fired a white beam at Yang Tian’s portal, defusing it. “Argh!” The blast struck him so hard he bled from his nose and mouth, while his bones broke.

Thundercloud Clan couldn’t run amok in Ancient Sacred Grounds! Moreover, the opponent was a Battle Emperor adept.

The one who joined the fray was the previous generation’s holy maiden. She was around Hei Sha’s age, yet she was already in Battle Emperor Realm.

“L-, Senior aunt, it was him. Capture him!” instructed Gu Mo, pointing to Yang Tian and laughing.

Yang Tian wanted to kill the Battle Emperor adept out for him! He was in a pinch with nowhere to run square kilometres immediately around him were confined.

“Ancient Sacred Grounds sure is something else. A Battle Emperor is picking on a Warrior Realm young boy. What a joke.” Meng Yunxi appeared next to Yang Tian. She glared at the woman in the sky. “Brother Yang, are you all right?”

“Still alive.”

Noticing Yun’er’s hostility directed at her, Meng Yunxi turned her head and looked at Yun’er with her eyes narrowed. She responded to the hostility with an eye roll.

The charming Battle Emperor looked down at Meng Yunxi and Yang Tian. “Your Meng Clan has more problems than it can handle; what business do you have sticking your nose into our business?”

Meng Yunxi curled her sensual lips. “Detestable woman.”

“Junior, did your parents not teach you manners?”

“Elder Zhou, stop her,” commanded Meng Yunxi, chuckling.

The elder beside Meng Yunxi flicked his sleeve, generating a strange glow. With an odd attack, he destroyed the void with a finger.

“Fine, if that’s how you want to play.” The airborne woman summoned a jade palm in the sky that then vanished and reappeared over Elder Zhou’s head.

“Nuisance!” Elder Zhou slammed the jade palm into the air.

Seeing Yang Tian bleed a puddle onto the ground, Meng Yunxi suggested, “Brother Yang, I think you should hurry and leave. You don’t want anything happening to you.”

“All right.”

“How dare you?!”

“Ugly, use a mirror,” ribbed Meng Yunxi.

“Ugly?”  The holy maiden dashed over to Meng Yunxi and attempted to kill the latter.

Elder Zhou generated a shockwave to blow the holy maiden away.

“Farewell. I guess we’ll meet again if we have the chance.” Yang Tian chuckled. He looked back to Meng Yunxi. “Remember your promise. Farewell.” Yang Tian entered the dimensional portal.

The woman in white shot a bright and blazing beam aimed at Yang Tian.

Witnessing the woman in white go in for the attack, Qing Yuan chuckled. Underneath that casual laughter, though, was a strong desire. “It seems we need to work on our cultivation.”

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