Almighty – Ch. 97


A whirlpool with a radius of roughly three hundred and thirty metres appeared in the sky above Martial Arts Mountain, drawing the ancient qi in the environment into it. People realised it was time to leave when they saw the cracks crawl across the sky.

Li Hongtao was glad he could finally leave the cursed place, although the fear of losing his status as a divine descendant beset him. “This is all because you stole from me. I have to get your cultivation method to protect my status, which means you’re going to have to die!”

Sensing the enraged glare on him, Yang Tian looked over to Li Hongtao.

“Yang Tian, watch your back when we get out there. Yin Yang Cultivation Sect won’t let this go. If necessary, Pill Mystics Sect’s seal will be returned to them,” warned Qing Yuan, tapping Yang Tian on his shoulder.

Yang Tian nodded in response. The seal was meaningless to him. It wasn’t as if he could enter Martial Arts Mountain the next time it opened, not to mention that was three decades away. That said, he didn’t necessarily have to return it to Yin Yang Cultivation Sect.

If they didn’t make it out of the cracks in the next two hours, they’d be stuck on Martial Arts Mountain until the next time the exit opened.  While it might not have sounded so serious, there were anecdotes where people who stayed vanished without a trace when the mountain opened again. The freaky part was that nobody knew where they went.

Since most people had left, Yang Tian’s group of five headed toward the cracks. In the blink of an eye, they reappeared at the foot of the mountain. The majority of people left upon arriving; however, a number stayed.

Yang Tian muttered to himself, “It’s time to leave.”

“Who’s Yang Tian. Step out!” raged Jiang Clan’s patriarch clad in white.

The moment Yang Tian went to crush the jade slip in his hand, another old man with a gloomy expression, Huang Clan’s patriarch, swept his violent gaze over the crowd. “Yang Tian, show yourself!”

Following everyone’s line of sight, Wang Clan’s patriarch found Yang Tian. “You must be Yang Tian, correct?”

Qing Yuan, sullen, gripped his hammer and snapped, “Old Geezer, what are you raising your voice here for? You’re getting on my nerves.”

“Old Geezer, you’re Huang Clan’s patriarch, aren’t you?” Xing Hao questioned. “Your son tried to kill my sister. Thundercloud Clan won’t forget the deed. You should be worried about yourself first!”

Despite Jiang Clan’s patriarch furrowing his brows, he didn’t abate his hostility as he didn’t believe Green Sun Empire would open fire on Jiang Clan.

“Sacks of trash are giving me grief even after death!” complained Huang Clan’s patriarch, trying to figure out how to resolve the feud with Thundercloud Sect. Jiang Clan’s patriarch’s grandson was killed. He couldn’t turn tail, as well, or the clan would have its reputation tarnished. Thus, he brayed, “Yang Tian must die today regardless of who backs him.”

Qing Yuan began to discharge energy from his Thundergod Hammer. “Old Geezer, I dare you to try.”

“Move aside.” Jiang Clan’s patriarch struck out with a palm strike, restraining Qing Yuan in the air. He then took his palm strike to Yang Tian.

Yang Tian’s face turned pale in an instant as his bones cracked. A Battle King adept’s might was not something he could handle.

“Old Jiang, you’re stepping out of line. How dare you attack Second Prince?!” a colossal purple fist raced toward Jiang Clan’s patriarch.

“Damn it, it’s Hei Sha.” Jiang Clan’s patriarch mustered up everything he had to leap back.

A huge Mutated Beast appeared overhead, and punched toward his fist! The purple fist with a divine glow tore through the Mutated Beast and punched Jiang Clan’s patriarch away. He crashed into a mountain, literally.

“Hei Sha, what is the meaning of this?”

“Is that a trick question? You think you can just hurt Green Sun Empire’s Second Prince and get away with it? Get lost if you don’t have a death wish! Otherwise, I’ll bury you here!”

The mountains fell silent.

Yang Tian quickly went over and respectfully thanked Hei Sha with a palm and fist salute. “Thank you for rescuing this one, Supreme Commander. Yang Tian shall not forget the favour.”

When Hei Sha wanted to reply, a ferocious huge hand suddenly came down from the sky, aiming for Yang Tian’s dome.

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