Almighty – Ch. 96

Ancestral Dragon Ring’s Change

Forty-eight vital points operated at maximum capacity, shooting crimson fragments out. Yang Tian’s qi and blood river expanded. The energy he had in his qihai was the equivalent of ten-times that of a Half-Step Warrior Realm cultivator, not to mention his body’s toughness. His divine sou soaked in the soul lily and benefited from the residue soul qi from the soul crystal. In his soul, the soul crystal managed to expand the dimension significantly.

It finally stopped…

How do I nurture the flame seed…?

Yang Tian willed the purple flame with lightning coating it into his hand. The energy inside was weak. Thankfully, there was a lot of potential for the flame seed to grow and absorb lightning. He only knew a little about flame seeds. If he didn’t know the correct nurturing method, the flame seed would take a long time to grow.

The energy wreathing around Yang Tian had an area of effect of thirty square metres. The grass swayed in accordance with the wind generated from said energy. He stopped using his divine soul’s power after experiencing it.

Weak energy from Yang Tian’s divine soul seeped into his Golden Crow Divine Furnace that then levitated overhead and rotated.

Divine soul energy could be used to control items. Yang Tian’s divine soul quickly ran out of energy for he was only in his beginning stages of Soul Formation. He took it to premium grade, but he wasn’t too proficient at controlling it.

Yang Tian opened his mouth, cueing his divine soul to suck his furnace through his mouth and set it gently atop his qi and blood river. The longer it was immersed in the qi and blood nurturing process, the more he’d be able to control it.

Dao Weapons could nurture a weapon soul, which would allow the weapon to fight autonomously. The issue was that the chance of its success was minute at best due to difficulty. Yang Tian didn’t know how long Golden Crow Divine Furnace would need to conceive a Weapon Soul as it was up to luck.

The instant the flame was placed into the furnace, the flame left the intense fire.  Going as per prediction, Yang Tian was overjoyed. The spark the flame absorbed was formed over countless years, meaning it possessed decent energy.

Ancestral Dragon Ring’s interior was over ten times its original size.

I was worried about space for the herbs, but I can’t plant the majority now.

Yang Tian planted about a dozen dragon beard herbs next to the fire dragon divine fruit tree and carried out some gardening work. He picked up over three thousand herbs on his journey, three of which had grown for five thousand years or more. The others had all grown for decades. They wouldn’t do him much good if he took them outside.

Next to the flower garden were almost fifty thousand mid-grade bloodstones piled up, not inclusive of the thirty thousand he reserved for Lin Yuan. On the right were a collection of almost fifteen thousand star pills and three vials of vitality water.

Six hours later, Yang Tian dusted his hands and left Ancestral Dragon Ring. Returning to a dark outside world, he spent no time diving back into Ancestral Spirit Ring for another two hours. He confirmed his suspicion when he looked up to the sky: the time inside Ancestral Dragon Ring had changed. In the past, one day in the ring was the equivalent of two days in the outside world. Now, one day in the ring was the equivalent of three days outside.

“That means that my one year of cultivation would be the equivalent of other’s three years-worth of cultivation. I wonder if that’ll continue changing if I go beyond Warrior Realm?”

Yun’er’s aura underwent a dramatic change thanks to her forming Blue Sky Illuminates a Jade Wave quirk. “Hehe, Brother Yang.”

“Congratulations on developing quirk, Yun’er.”

“It was all thanks to shifu teaching me. I wouldn’t have been able to succeed otherwise. By the way, Brother Yang, where do you plan to go once you leave the mountain? Will you head home?”

“Not yet. I plan to go off and train for some time.”

Yang Tian took a glimpse of the dimensional jade slip inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. That was his ace for getting out of peril. After engaging in idle chatter for a while, Martial Arts Platform began to rumble.

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