The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 12 Ch. 09

Coveting the Throne

“It’s not so bad since we’re locked up together. I’d be bored to death if I was locked up by myself. If you don’t say anything, I’m going to assume you’re dead…”  Alice comforted from her narrow bed since she didn’t think it was right to tap Lin Chucheng’s face.

Lin Chucheng sat against the door, head hanging in silence ever since being thrown into detention.  Hearing Alice, he juddered and bent his legs up to hide his face.

“Come on, don’t be so soft. Yes, we were wrong to be begin with, and I am also to blame for not persuading you to return, but we unquestionably sunk two ships. With that calibre of skill, we’ll sweep up all of the medals. There’s no need for you to look so pitiful…”

Why is he down in the dumps as if he’s a kid who had his toy figurine taken from him? He just sunk two ships… Am I supposed to give him a hug as I would with my younger brother?

Alice believed Lin Chucheng was stronger than that but was questioning himself. He reminded her of her younger brother from their first meeting. She presumed that his sensibility was his inferiority complex’s shield. He was afraid of giving others trouble and not being useful to others, thus trying to prove his worth with awards. Her brother developed an inferiority complex because he felt his ailment burdened his family. Therefore, the question was, what was the source of Lin Chucheng’s inferiority complex?

Alice hopped off her bed and squatted down next to Lin Chucheng. She gently placed her hand on his sweaty head and gulped: “You… need a hug?”

“… Uhm…”


“I could cry tears of joy. We can’t let Lin Chucheng be in danger a second time. Do not let Lord Lin Dongqing’s son run into any mishap while he is in our squad. If he dies, it’s going to be more than you and I who have bullets through our skulls. He is Lord Lin Dongqing’s only son. If anything unfortunate befalls him…” The captain shivered and touched his neck.

The command centre was in chaos after hearing Lin Chucheng pursued the enemy on his own. After the first plea to send a fighter unit out to cover him was denied, the captain grabbed his handgun and drove over to demand they went to Lin Chucheng’s aid at the top of his lungs. When the fighter division heard it was Lin Dongqing’s son who was out there, they didn’t just send a unit; they sent their elites. With Lin Chucheng in detention, everyone could sleep soundly for the night.

“Oraina, Lin Chucheng is your subordinate, so you must protect him. Assign him some pointless missions just to give him an experience. I’m sure he’ll ask to go home soon. Never ever let any harm befall him, understood?!” The captain walked around to Oraina’s back and pinched her shoulder.

Oraina nodded and rose to her feet: “Captain, I would also like to request a green oak leaf medal for Alice and Lin Chucheng. They successfully completed their first mission. Defying orders is one thing, but their accomplishment is worthy of an award.”

“You’re right. I’ll put in a request with the superiors. I think they will approve quickly.”

“There is also Alice, Captain.”

“Who? Oh, her. A gunner doesn’t need a medal. Plus, she’s just a commoner. She’s blessed to be sharing an aircraft with Lin Dongqing’s son.” The captain sneered and patted Oraina’s shoulder: “That’ll be that. Take good care of the young master, and do your best to leave a good impression on him. He’ll be awarded for sure, and he’ll promote us.”

“Yes Sir.”

Everyone but Oraina bobbed their heads. She had her brows and lips together. She didn’t know how to relay the decision back to her subordinates without hurting their feelings, nor did she know how to convey to her superiors that Lin Chucheng wasn’t a noble who just wanted to have fun. She wasn’t an imbecile; a man wouldn’t risk his life the way he did if he wasn’t genuinely there to fight. She knew it wasn’t him having an ego erection or coveting a medal.

Oraina wasn’t sure how to treat Lin Chucheng, frustrating her. She joined the military to fight, not to babysit Lin Chucheng. Her captain had a point. Nevertheless, she saw an excellent pilot in Lin Chucheng and hoped to see him soar in the sky. At the same time, she was afraid to send him into battle, lest everyone shoulders the brunt of the penalties.


“Have you chosen to return to your nation?”

Meeting the beautiful Elven Queen at the entrance, Lin Dongqing respectfully bowed: “Yes, Queen Vyvyan. Thank you very much for having taken care of me. Though I have no means of showing my gratitude at the political table, I promise to repay your kindness.”

Vyvyan pursed her lips into a smile: “My son doesn’t have many friends, and you are his best friend. As such, I hope you remain friends despite the clash between our nations’. Mr. Lin Dongqing, I have prepared your medication and a gift for Lucilia from the faraway nation. I would like to trouble you to see that it is delivered.”

“I will. Thank you again.”

“Oh, also, Vera.”

Vvyvyan pulled over a young elf by the door. The young maiden didn’t inherit her grandmother’s body, taking after Lucia instead… She bowed her head. With decorum, eloquence and prudence, she stated, “It is an honour to meet you, Prime Minister Lin Dongqing. I am Vera Galadriel Rosvenor, Princess of Troy City.”

“It is an honour, Princess Vera. I am Lin Dongqing, but I am no longer a prime minister. I am but a commoner now.”

Princess Vera was the most mysterious among her sisters. Liu Yue studied abroad. Nona was Freya’s apprentice. Daisy served in the military. Vera was a mystery as hardly anyone at Troy City had seen her. She spent most of her time in the elven lands. As such, Lin Dongqing was curious why she was at Troy City all of a sudden.

“I am here today in hopes that you can take me to Iris Kingdom’s capital. I humbly request to learn foreign and internal diplomacy from you as your student.” Vera raised her head and showed Lin Dongqing a graceful smile.

Lin Dongqing glanced Vyvyan’s way. Her smile expressed a “would it be all right” question. The answer immediately came to Lin Dongqing: Vera was reaching for the throne.

Liu Yue wasn’t well-versed in politics. Nona was too naïve. Daisy was a soldier.

Sisi and Lin Dongqing kept their daughter, Irena, close to them in order to groom her into Sisi’s successor. Vera was in the same position as Irena.

“Of course.”

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