The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 12 Ch. 08


When the aircraft touched ground again, Lin Chucheng could kiss the ground; never had he missed the land as much before. He slowly released his grip on his controls stick. His shoulders were as sore as if he had been lifting all day. His allies pretty much carried him down the steps.

Looking over his shoulder to see Alice in similar shape made Lin Chucheng feel better – his prideful nature was no secret. He reckoned every pilot ended up in the same state after their first battle.

Alice gave him the thumb of encouragement and shouted to the recorder, “We sunk two supply ships! I have photographic proof!”

Alice’s cheer restored some energy to Lin Chucheng’s legs. He tried to assume a cool pose and adjusted his clothing. He was proud of his accomplishment and believed he was born for the air force.

Lin Chucheng straightened up his torso upon catching sight of Oraina power walking over, waiting for Oraina to crack a smile and praise him.

I’d like my medal, but I prefer sleep first. I’m busted.

Before Lin Chucheng could salute, Oraina whacked his face sideways, rattling his brain. He had never seen his parents argue, but he assumed his father almost ended up with the same treatment.

“Who told you to defy my orders?! Why did you defy my orders? The most important duty for any solider is to follow orders! I gave a clear order to retreat to the hangar. Why did you attack solo? Huh?! Walk yourself to the detention room. You’re not getting any dinner tonight!” Oraina belted at the top of her lungs

Lin Chucheng, on the ground, had never seen Oraina mad. She continued huffing and puffing as she stared him down. “You, too, Alice! You’re in detention, too! I would execute both of you on the spot if you hadn’t taken out the two ships!”

Two soldiers helped Lin Chucheng up. Vexed and feeling mistreated, he disputed, “We risked our lives to complete the mission! Is this how you treat heroes?!”

“You two defied my order!” expostulated Oraina, grabbing Lin Chucheng by the collar. “If you’re going to defy my orders as a new recruit, you’re going to marginalise me in the future! Weren’t you taught to obey orders at the academy?! For every word that comes out of your mouth from now, I’ll add a day of detention! Hero? Acting tough and disregarding your superior’s orders makes you garbage! Now chuff off!”

The two holding Lin Chucheng pressed down on his head and dragged him off. He was livid; however, he couldn’t fight back when he was a rock, and Oraina was a volcano spitting truth lava. He wasn’t at a supermarket to bargain with her; he was in the military.

I took out two ships! I may have defied orders, but I got the job done! Why should I be put in detention? My accomplishment is as real as my mistake! What is this standard?!

“Lin Chucheng, don’t blame her. She has to deal with a lot of pressure. You are Lin Dongqing’s son. Do you know how much pressure is on her when he takes you out on a mission? She lost it when you took off on your own. None of us is looking to lose his head. Therefore, it is fair for her to lose her temper… She would not have called a retreat if you were not part of the team. Stop putting yourself in peril. If any harm befalls you, all of our lives will be forfeited…” whispered one of the soldiers, pushing Lin Chucheng into the detention room.

The soldier’s explanation imploded in Lin Chucheng’s face. He had no argument if he was put in detention for not following a command, and he had a justified reason to be anger with Oraina – self-perceived unfair treatment. The justification the soldier offered, on the other hand, turned it into his fault from beginning to end.

Is my identity as Lin Dongqing’s son so important? I’ve never been important to him. I’ve never been proud of being his son… Why do people only value me as his son? I just want to live as Lin Chucheng. I was supposed to have established myself as a proper pilot… In the end, I can’t escape from his control…

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