Almighty – Ch. 85

Surpassing Human Limitations

Jingle! Jingle! Yang Tian was dumbstruck when he opened his eyes and saw Xiaobai excitedly rolling on the ground with the ochre bell around his neck. The divine markings had deactivated, so it was no different to the average every day bell.

“A Mutated Beast can be the master of an item now?” blurted Qing Yuan.

Yang Tian knocked Xiaobai on the head and laughed. “Okay, stop showboating now…”

Qing Yuan finally turned to the crimson furnace since furnace was the next best item in line. “Yang Tian, try the Sun Divine Furnace imitation. I think you can make it recognise you since it’s a fire element item.”

“All right, I’ll try it out.”

Yang Tian, who had wanted an item for some time already, consumed a pill and cleared his mind to overcome the heat. Upon contact, the furnace jolted, spitting its flames out. Each of the flames seeped into his body when they landed on his hands. The painful sensation came and went. Every inch of his flesh was burnt in the process.

“Brother Yang, how are you feeling?”

Xing Hao pressed down on Yun’er’s shoulder and quietly told her, “Don’t interrupt him. If the person trying to win the item’s recognition is disturbed during the process, they will suffer severe damage in the best case scenario and death in the worst case scenario. Getting an item to recognise you as its master isn’t simple. You must pass its test.”

“He’s right. If you want a Dao Weapon to recognise you, you need to pass its test. The furnace is an imitation of Sun Divine Furnace, so you can’t compare other normal Dao Weapons to it,” elaborated Meng Hao.

Qing Yuan then looked down at Xiaobai, who was on the ground and watching Yang Tian closely: What Mutated Beast are you, Buddy? How did you manage to win its recognition so quickly and without going through a test?

The flames collected in Yang Tian’s body multiplied by the second. He actually would’ve melted and not just bled if it wasn’t thanks to his robust body. In fact, he was spitting flames from his nose and mouth. “I’m going to be fried good if I let it keep burning me,” he inwardly noted.

Yang Tian propped himself on the ground, then let his mind escape into the silence of Ancestral Dragon Ring, where he fired up Heavens Conqueror Manual at maximum capacity. As soon as he began, the wild energy around rushed into his body.

“Rest easy, Yang Tian is cooking up a miracle,” assured Qing Yuan.

The others focused on recovering their lost qi and blood.

Heavens Conqueror Manual completely refined all of the energy entering and trickled it into Yang Tian’s qi and blood river, adding a touch of carnage to his internal energy. The fire energy fragments gradually reduced to a countable number. Every round of tempering created space for him to take his body up a notch. Only a very small amount escaped his body. A lot of the remaining energy from mystical energy nourishment pills he previously consumed was used up to refine the flames.

“I thought I had seen it all, but this thing can help me temper my body now?” Yang Tian wasn’t sure when, but he eventually felt his body changing. His focus was on the floating waves of fire that were being refined. “Am I surpassing my limits? These flames must’ve been pent up for countless years, allowing them to grow stronger and stronger.”

Yang Tian delved into Sun Divine Furnace. His body’s flames were a drop in the bucket compared to the furnace’s flames.

Yang Tian: Once I reach Warrior Realm, my fire-element body will be able to summon a flame. I remember I’m supposed to be capable of summoning Earth Flames, True Flames, Mystical Flames and Celestial Flames. The authentic version of Sun Divine Furnace is supposed to carry a flame that surpasses Celestial Flames. I heard it could melt anything. I wonder what type of flame is in this imitation.

After the tempering process, the pain gradually subsided. All of Yang Tian’s bones were pristine and radiant. A lot of The Mystical Energy Nourishment Pills properties were also refined during the process.

“Since we’re tempering my body, I may as well kick it up a notch.” Yang Tian sucked in Sun Divine Furnace’s flame through his mouth.

The flame rampaged inside Yang Tian’s body, damaging many components. His robust body he just earned through the tempering crumbled. He roared as fiercely as the fierce beasts. The reason he made such a daring decision was because his Ancestral Dragon Ring could seal his qihai. As long as his qihai was intact, he would be able to mend issues and heal.

Yang Tian poured out three drops of vitality spring water. Tendrils of steam curled from his body.  A crimson glow renewed every inch of Yang Tian’s body. The renewal process was one way of surpassing limitations.

Xing Hao mumbled, “You reckon Yang Tian could give a sacred grounds sage a hard time?”

Every sacred ground had a sage who could produce quirks.

Meng Hao shook his head. “Impossible.”

Since Meng Hao argued otherwise, Yun’er grumpily pouted. “I wouldn’t be so sure…”

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