Almighty – Ch. 84

Three Dao Weapons

The three metre stone tablet grew over three-hundred metres up. The words “Arms Sect” also vanished from the stone, replacing the stone with a huge stone door.

Upon entering a black light instantly enveloped Yang Tian, sending him into a trance and confused state. When he returned to his senses, he discovered he was in a ginormous dimension.

Qing Yuan observed the treasures hovering for a while, then warned, “You can only take one treasure in this room per person. If you take more than one, the killing formations will strike you down.”

“They’re basically all Mystic Weapons. There are probably over tens of thousands of treasures in here, and we’re only at the outer perimeter.” Yang Tian watched the weapons trying to outshine one another.

Qing Yuan’s Thundergod Hammer imitation was retrieved from the inner sections. Upon seeing a large group of people rush further in, he pestered, “Let’s head in. The stuff at the outer perimeter is lame.”

The deeper the group went in, the greater the force stopping them. Walking in was comparable to walking with a big rock on their backs as they trudged forward. So many people had quit or died by this point that the thinner numbers were obvious.

A sword illuminating a purple glow caught Yang Tian’s attention. Interest piqued – since he realised it was a Half-Complete Dao Weapon – he went to touch the sword. Unfortunately, it was snatched from right under his nose. Before Yang Tian could sigh, purple light emanated from the sword and severed the man’s hand. The purple sword then disappeared before Yang Tian’s eyes.

“It can autonomously attack now?”

One couldn’t just pick up the items inside to their pleasure. They needed to possess the ability to force the items to submit to their will. Back then, the lightning power in Thundergod Hammer almost zapped Qing Yuan to death.

Qing Yuan enlightened, “A number of people died to the weapons before. Dao Weapons, in particular, killed many people.”

Xiaobai popped out and pinned his gaze on one of the rooms while bouncing up and down on Yang Tian’s shoulder.

Yun’er petted Xiaobai. “Xiaobai.”

“I guess that means there’s a treasure waiting. Let’s get moving.” Yang Tian smiled, inferring that there was some splendid treasure in store judging from Xiaobai’s reaction.

Yang Tian headed in with the group for about fifteen minutes when they gradually dropped their pace. Weapons were forbidden in the area, reducing the combat abilities of many. They halted in their tracks when a light door stood before them.

Qing Yuan wiped his sweat. “I’m certain there are Dao Weapons inside. I’ve even heard there are Heaven Weapons inside the light door. This trip was worth it.”

Yang Tian saw a flash of white light. When he regained his senses, he felt a hot breeze on his face. As a result, the group recoiled. They were in a fire-red palace with flame symbols smacked on everywhere.

Xiaobai leapt out to run inside.

“Hurry after him,” urged Yang Tian.

As much as they wanted to sprint, it was too draining owing to perpetually rising temperature. At the forefront of the large palace was a huge stone bed. Three treasures hovered over the top of it. An ochre bell, which was attached to a rose gold chain, hovered at the centre of the bed. To the right of the bed was a crimson and golden three-legged crow furnace approximately three metres in The lid’s divine markings were curled and tangled with each other. On the left was an ochre gourd with flowers, fish and insects carved on. The other two considered the bell the leader, meaning it was the superior one among the three, though they couldn’t determine what level it was.

Qing Yuan: “Three Dao Weapons… We have some sort of plot-armour-level luck.”

Dan Qu had his eyes on the crimson furnace. “Hey, look… The furnace is an imitation of Sun Divine Furnace.”

Sun Divine Furnace was an ancient divine item. It was said that it was created from a golden three-legged crow, therefore able to raze the earth with the sun’s flames.

“Xiaobai, get back!” shouted Yang Tian.

The weapons had automatic attack features. If they attacked Xiaobai, then it’d be troublesome. The group was startled, but Xiaobai was too quick for them; he already made contact with the ochre bell by the time they reacted. As soon as Xiaobai’s claws touched the hovering bell, it began to shake. The divine markings activated, and the bell shone a blinding purple light.


The three-legged crow is a commonly found in a number of mythologies and arts of East Asia. It’s believed to inhabit and represent the sun. In Chinese mythology, however, it is more commonly referred to as a golden crow. A rabbit was used to represent the moon – at least in old times.

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