Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 130

Luo Ming

The golden light impelled those present to avert their gazes from the blinding light. The sparks from the cauldron resembled raining light fragments within the golden light’s ten metre circumference.

A-Lan expressed, “What a bizarre sword, nefarious one moment and now…”

“Like the majestic sun driving out the darkness at dawn,” Abels chimed in. “Luo Ming’s sword is a sovereign’s sword. It’s hard to believe how they nurtured the sword core like that.”

Abels had every intention of forcing Poison King to confess. Unfortunately, Abels found out Poison King couldn’t speak. The comparison of the sun at dawn wasn’t just figurative speech; Poison King really was perspiring profusely, and his body was conceding to the pain owning his body since he was a user of poison – a dark art.

Luo Ming rose “from the ashes” and showed he was a different man from before – inside and out. His hair and skin succumbed to the vicissitudes of time, grooming him in an appearance more befitting of his age. This was the same appearance Luo Ming first met Abels with in the windy desert, albeit with a worn out visage and shabby cloak back then that a man who didn’t care for another’s opinion of his appearance would wear.

Just as the majestic dragon qi harmed Poison King; it purged the Binary Poison Style’s effects inside Luo Ming’s body, consequently cancelling the poisons’ ability to maintain his youthful appearance in addition to restoring his enviable internal energy and true personality, that bitterness one wouldn’t think someone who seemingly had it all would wear.

Luo Ming spent a moment marvelling each and every red trail on his sword: “Is that so…? Feng Jian died?”

Having ran as fast as he could and employing any means necessary to reach his goal of revenge, Luo Ming no longer had anyone behind him. Mayhap that was a predetermined outcome when he chose to seek revenge ten years ago.

“What a warm day.” Luo Ming raised his sword at the sun: “Feng’er, do you really think… this sword will never lose its edge?”

Besides Abels, people were astonished Luo Ming could stand up after being punctured; even the thought of him being immortal crossed their minds for a second. In truth, regaining himself meant regaining his progress in Evil Eminence Scripture. Combining its fifth level with Sea Deer Hunter, the two closed his chest wound.

“Finally awake.”

“Yeah.” Luo Ming didn’t even spare Abels a glance.

Abels didn’t mind Luo Ming’s dismissive attitude. To the contrary, he could sense Luo Ming was dangerous enough for him to signal for A-Lan and Mountain Monster to get out of the ring. “Congratulations on forging the ultimate sword.”

“Forsooth, it is a good sword.” Luo Ming ran his hand up the blade. “Sadly, I am not worthy of it.”

Abels paid no heed to the comment, focusing on conjuring a defensive barricade around himself: “I was annoyed I couldn’t beat you fair and square. Now we can set the record straight.”

“In that case, how about releasing this one’s guest first?”

The moment Luo Ming looked up, Abels released Poison King and thereupon bound backward. Luo Ming replaced Abels’ hold on Poison King’s lapel and Abels’ feet a second ago with his own. Abels had seen plenty of fast people, but that was faster than anything he had witnessed in his lifetime. Had he let go a fraction slower, Luo Ming would’ve lopped his hand off already.

“What… did you do? For what purpose did you forge the sword?”

“I’ve been wrong for ten years. My sword is a principle. Strength is a principle just as powerlessness is. To exert or not is a swordplay principle.” One casual swing from Luo Ming gave the impression a giant just parted clouds. “Henceforth, this one shall be a sinner. All he can do is avenge and then perish.”


“… never lose its edge”. – The phrase used here can refer to one’s skill with a sword but also an actual sword. So, the phrase Feng Jian used points to both usages.


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