Almighty – Ch. 83

Arms Sect’s Doors Open

Gu Mo delivered several shockwaves down at Yang Tian’s head using palm attacks. Right before they landed, Gu Mo teleported behind Yang Tian. With his bright fist, he launched a punch aimed at Yang Tian’s back. Yang Tian cracked a grin and reappeared metres away.

Thanks to his new movement skills, Yang Tian was able to reduce the risk of revealing his true skills. Yang Tian punched the air.

“Ancient Mountain Shattering Fist!” Gu Mo suddenly appeared in front of Yang Tian and violently attacked. He parted the air with his fist.

“Earthquake Seal!” Yang Tian snickered as he watched the incoming fist that was almost in his face. His crimson seal inside his clothing rotated, generating a crimson wave of energy to counter the punch coming down.

Yun’er clasped her hands. “Second Brother, will Brother Yang be able to win?”

Xing Hao glanced at Yun’er with his teasing gaze and laughed “If Gu Mo doesn’t use a weapon, Yang Tian will win for sure. Yang Tian is still holding back… I’m positive Gu Mo has a Dao Weapon, having said that. So, it’s hard to tell.”

“If he dares to pull out a weapon, we’ll jump him together. Who’d be scared of that pussy boy?” Qing Yuan chimed in.

The four nodded, earning themselves an eye roll from Meng Hao.

Gu Mo kept throwing palm strike after palm strike, but the reciprocal impact of striking Yang Tian’s left the back of his hand numb.

Yang Tian fought back with an onslaught of punches. After using it so many times, he was able to maximise the potential of the nameless style. If he wanted to improve it further, he needed to break through to the next realm.

Gu Mo wriggled his arms all of a sudden and pushed Yang Tian back with two shockwaves while retreating, as well.

Looking sullen, Gu Mo collected a destructive energy in his arms and fired it off. “Yang Tian, let’s see what other techniques you have. Ancient Heavens Doom Bringers!”

Yang Tian used his half-open vital meridian at its maximum capacity to power up his qi and blood that gushed forth. He summoned his qi and blood river.

Gu Mo bound forward and attacked Yang Tian with the two arms hovering in front of him.

“Scorching Sun, I summon you!”

The two forces collided, cracking rocks and roaring. The waves of fire pushed the two sturdy arms back. The energy disturbance in the air quickly dropped as the heat erased it.

“Destroy it!” thundered Yang Tian.

Scorching Sun imploded, shooting out residue flames and taking the two arms in the process. Gu Mo was launched through the air, then rolled along the ground.

Yang Tian, dizzy due to excessive energy expenditure, popped a few ancient pills. “Gu Mo, you still want to go?”

“Yes, yes, you will go, to hell!”

“Kill him. Kill him,” Li Hongtao repeated to himself.

Gu Mo summoned a small cast-iron golden dragon seal onto his palm. “Golden Dragon Seal!”

Qing Yuan and Meng Hao went up to Yang Tian at the same time with their Thundergod Hammer and jet-black sword, respectively.

When Qing Yuan jumped in, Murong Jie’s crew also dashed in.

“What? Your motley crew wants to get involved, as well?” Qing Yuan derided.

“Qing Yuan, don’t push it.” Gu Mo tried to withhold his fury because he was scared. He couldn’t take own two Dao Weapons even at maximum strength, let alone now that he was injured.

“Haha, you expect me to help you instead of my brother or something? Man, take up weaving if you don’t want to fight.”

Though both sides tried to intimidate the other with their stares, neither dared to start. Arms Sect was about to open, so they didn’t stand to gain anything if they got hurt before they got what they wanted.

During their stare down, a stone tablet in the distance began to tremble.

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