Almighty – Ch. 82

Ancient Sacred Grounds

The boys who guarded the doors of Arms Sect, which eventually succumbed to extinction during The Hundred Clans War, were called “Treasure Boys”.

Gaudy Gu Mo, a resident of Ancient Sacred Grounds, jibed, “Qing Yuan, the demon lord once disabled your qihai. You were fortunate enough to have it repaired, yet you haven’t learnt your lesson?”

“Go ask your mum to find out. If you want a fight, come get some,” replied Qing Yuan, standing alongside Yun’er, Xing Hao and Dan Qu. Qing Yuan clenched his sweat hands. The enemy numbered far too many, and Gu Mo was strong enough to pose a threat on his own. If Yun’er was hurt in combat, Qing Yuan would be too ashamed to face Yang Tian. “I beat the living daylights out of your eldest brother back then. You want a knuckle for lunch, too, is that it?”

“I hope you have the skills to back up your big talk!”

Li Hongtao, having regained all of his cultivation, sauntered over to Qing Yuan’s group. “Qing Yuan, give me my soul crystal back. I’ve already promised to give it to Big Brother Gu.”

Qing Yuan shook out his fatty body. “Haha, I must’ve gone too easy on you two days ago. No matter. I’ll help you loosen those joints today. You know, you should stop being people’s lapdog. You bring shame to primordial clans.”

“Qing Yuan, there are only four of you, yet you want to fight against us? I don’t want to make things difficult for you. Just hand over the soul crystal, haha,” Gu Mo provoked.

“Four people plus me, that good enough?!”

From over three kilometres afar, a big silver ship soared to the arena.

Li Hongtao walked over to Gu Mo with a smile after snickering to himself. “Big Brother Gu, the soul crystal is on them. He is Qing Yuan’s friend.”

Gu Mo: Sacred Silver Wing Boat? Isn’t that Meng Clan?

Seemingly detecting Gu Mo’s misgivings and fear, Li Hongtao flattered, “Big Brother Gu, the person inside’s name is Yang Tian. He does not belong to any big clan. If you wish to kill him, you just have to reach out and squash him.”

“Oh… if he’s not from any faction, then that makes things easy.” Gu Mo patted Li Hongtao on the shoulder.

Transporting the ship away, Yang Tian and Meng Hao sped over to Qing Yuan. Seeing someone she recognised among the two figures, Yun’er grabbed her hair by her shoulder and dimpled. “Big Brother Yang, you’re finally here.”

Gu Mo was irate over the fact that such a beautiful and graceful girl would smile to someone not from any big clan. Part of his ire was due to girls of Yun’er’s calibre being rarely seen at Ancient Sacred Grounds.

Grateful for the situation, Li Hongtao added oil to the fire. “Hehe, Big Brother Gu, Yang Tian is skilled when it comes to scoring girls. A girl as gorgeous as her in his hands is no different to flowers on dung.”

“That won’t save him from dying!” Gu Mo approached Yun’er with a refined façade. “Miss Yun’er, you should not be with that sort of shameless scoundrel. How ab-“

Yun’er imitated Yang Tian’s eye rolls. “And we have found another imbecile…”

In the meantime, Li Hongtao was proud that he was able to lead Gu Mo by the nose. “Yang Tian, Yang Tian, now you’ve gone and done it. You just offended Ancient Sacred Grounds.”

Gu Mo demanded, “Yang Tian, give me the soul crystal, and I’ll spare you.”

Meng Hao stepped forward with his eyebrows furrowed. “What? You want to get physical?”

“Black Mystic Sword!”Gu Mo tried to guess Meng Hao’s identity based off the sword.

Li Hongtao: Why does the scoundrel have so many damn protective talismans?! They just keep bloody coming.

Gu Mo took in a deep breath and trained his gaze on Yang Tian., “Yang Tian, are you going to be a coward?’

“Moron,” stated Yang Tian, smirking as he took two steps forward.

“Yang Tian, be careful. He’s no pushover,” warned Qing Yuan.

Gu Mo was genuinely very strong, not to mention Ancient Sacred Grounds was more powerful than Green Sun Empire.

“Don’t worry. I’ll exchange a few moves with him. If things don’t bode well, you can all join in and take turns rearranging his face.”

Gu Mo looked at Yang Tian as the bigger man looking down at the smaller man.

Yang Tian took off, putting a distance of metres between them with every exchange. As the name suggested, Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps allowed one to go where they want, without any qualms, and he had only scratched the surface.

Gu Mo snickered. He converted his palm into claws as he swung toward Yang Tian, who was now eager to see what Ancient Sacred Grounds was capable of. Yang Tian countered, destroying the force of the attack, then returning the favour with hundreds of crimson arcs.

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