Almighty – Ch. 81

Vitality Spring Water

Xiaobai was as jubilant as if he was swimming in bliss and not just another pool of dark-green water.

“This is the vitality spring? No wonder why Meng Hao was sure there was vitality spring water in here… They say that vitality spring water is a treasure among treasures and that it takes forever for one drop to form. How can there be a pool-worth here?”

Yang Tian picked up Xiaobai and put a big vial in. Xiaobai wanted more. Unfortunately for him, it was too potent. He didn’t dare to senselessly absorb it in case of falling deep asleep.

“A life depends on this water; don’t go drinking it.” It took five big jade vials to collect all of the water. “This must be the vitality spring water’s accompaniment. Still, it’d be a sacred treasure to a low-level cultivator! It’s more powerful that herbs and magic pills. It can save a life, after all.” Yang Tian stored the five large jade vials in Ancestral Dragon Ring. “So this is the vitality spring water in legends, huh? A total of nine drops comparable beautiful jade pieces … Okay, stop crying, Xiaobai. This is used to save lives. What do you want it now for?”

Since Yang Tian went to leave, Xiaobai wagged his tail and anxiously called out to him. Yang Tian stopped. “What else is there?”

Xiaobai stared at a stone stool and cried out. He kept biting into it, but the stone wouldn’t chip off despite how hard he bit.

“Is there some treasure?” Yang Tian summoned Broken Sword to cut it open. Inside was a silver-jade token blessed with divine markings and “Star Token” carved onto it.  “Whoa, this token is a Dao Item! There’s also a jade slip inside. Could this be Star Sect’s cultivation method?”


The angry beast’s roar echoed throughout the entire area.

Meng Hao, mangled, struggled to his feet. Parts of his armour were concave after shielding him from the beast.

Bam! The beast struck again. The impact broke Meng Hao’s bones and propelled him through the air. The beast charged over to Meng Hao and aimed its foot at his face.

“Is this the end of the line for me? Haha, ah, crap.” Meng Hao shut his eyes and clenched his interspatial ring he stored his father’s remains in. He wanted to accompany his father in there.

When the beast was about to deal the finishing blow, a frightening aura appeared.

When Yang Tian saw the fire unicorn horn beast trembling in fear, Yang Tian derisively yelled, “What are you still standing there for? Get lost!”

Xiaobai jumped out and stared down the big lump of meat in front of him and bore his fangs. His hairs stood up to ready himself for combat. The fire unicorn horn beast packed its limbs in.

“Brother Meng Hao.”

Yang Tian found Meng Hao barely hanging on by a thread. Yang Tian grabbed the talisman that hardly had any energy left, put the latter on his back and raced out. Although the fire unicorn horn beast was afraid of his aura, who could guarantee that accidents wouldn’t happen?

Yang Tian took out a vial and carefully poured out several drops. “You’re a lucky one, brother. The vitality spring water’s accompaniment is enough to save you.”

When those few drops of the accompaniment dropped onto Meng Hao’s dying body, his life force returned in all its glory.

“I might as well call you ‘Vitality Wate’r from now,” joked Yang Tian.

Yang Tian took out dozens of small jade vials to divide up the water in the large vials. A mere accompaniment it was, but if others found out about it, they’d be fighting for it. The effects were minimal relative to an adept. That being said, who could complain about getting more?

When Meng Hao opened his eyes to see Yang Tian, which didn’t take long at all, he blew a breath air and leapt to his feet. “Brother Yang, you found it, right?”


Yang Tian took out five drops. He didn’t want everything to go to naught. Had it not been for Meng Yunxi requesting him to take the job, he wouldn’t have had the fortune of picking some of the vitality spring water.

“It really is vitality spring water. It really is…” Meng Hao stepped back two steps and bowed.

“Eh…? I can’t accept that.” Yang Tian quickly helped Meng Hao up.

The two shared a laugh as they scratched their heads.

Yang Tian passed Meng Hao two small vials, but it took a while to convince the latter to accept them.

“Brother Yang, the vitality spring water is very useful to my clan. I shall ensure you are remunerated appropriately.”

“Haha, you don’t need to mind it, Brother Meng Hao. We were in an agreement to begin with. Weapons Sect will soon be opening, so let’s make haste.”

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