The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 12 Ch. 01

Our Sky is My Ocean

For the last eighteen years, he never once earnestly deliberated what the sky was. A recent popular romance film described the sky as something that stretched further than the ocean; it could be an entirely different world. At long last, he had the opportunity to explore the world he heard of.

Feet firmly planted on the ground, he looked up at the cloud-dappled blue sky, the dome of his existence. The heaven-bound black birds were brilliant; their brightness amid otherwise infinite blue, soaring as free souls. He remembered the female protagonist could change the world’s weather. At his graduation ceremony last month, his instructor loudly told him he was the ruler of the sky.

He was able to join the air force due to his father travelling to another kingdom for treatment. Previously, he had to forge his age. Fortunately, he was able to proudly join the air force in the end. War had finally broken out, and he was able to stand at the forefront to rule the sky as he had prepared himself to do.

“My father has tainted this world. I shall now create my own world!”

The winds picked up, assailing his nose with the smell of the world. The black birds, the children of humanity’s science, created to explore the sky and to burn fuel, descended. As the ground personnel sped over to welcome back the combat hawks, the young man put his eagle-emblem cap on.

“You must be the new graduate?” an officer carrying a folder approached and asked.

The young man saluted the officer: “Air Force Technology Department’s fiftieth class graduate, Lin Chucheng, reporting in, Sir!”

“The upper echelon has informed me. You’re Prime Minister Lin’s son. I can’t believe Prime Minister Lin’s son would be assigned to our squadron. I mean, this is Prime Minister Lin we’re talking about! I-Is your father still all right?” The officer ecstatically grabbed Lin Chucheng’s hand and didn’t notice the gloominess that flitted across Lin Chucheng’s face.

Lin Chucheng curled his lips: “Thank you for asking. My father is currently resting. I am very reluctant to admit I am Lin Dongqing’s son.”

“You should be proud of your pedigree! I can assign you to the service department or the r-“

“Please do not worry about my background. I did not spend half a year in training to leech off the military! I joined the air force to write my own story! I do not want people to keep calling me Lin Dongqing’s son! Instead, I want people to call him Lin Chucheng’s father! Please assign me to the combat division!”

The officer scratched his head and chuckled dryly: “I… would think that is not wise. As you know, war has broken out. You may very well be sent to the battlefield if you join the combat division. You are Lin Dongqing’s son, so w-“

“Please do not call me Lin Dongqing’s son! I am Lin Chucheng! I came here so that he stops sticking his nose in my business!”

The officer flinched.

Realising he just yelled at an officer, it was Lin Chucheng’s turn to scratch his head. He bobbed his head and expressed, “I apologise for stepping out of line.”

“N-no, it’s fine… If you insist… w-we shall assign you to the combat division. Should you change your mind, please let us know. You may be our soldier, but we w-“

“I am another pilot. Please do not offer me special treatment or treat me as Lin Dongqing’s son. I want to obtain a sky-blue medal for myself!

Lin Chucheng would’ve assumed a fake identity if he could register under a fake name. He was sick of the treatment as Lin Dongqing’s son at the academy; if he was subjected to any more of it in the military, he’d flip out. He wanted to prove himself in the air force, believing that achieving victory would drive off his father’s shadow cast on him, yet it almost sounded as if his father would still be controlling him.

“In that case, you shall be assigned to Second Dive Bomber Wing, First Detachment. Your captain is Oraina Jean Farochett. She’s also the daughter of a noble and our best support pilot.”

After filling his form in, the officer pointed Lin Chucheng in a specific direction. He saluted the officer, then made haste for his destination.

Lin Chucheng trained to be a dive bomber back at the academy. He liked the thrill of hunting for his prey from the sky for it empowered him with the belief that he governed another’s fate as opposed to being encumbered.

The airfield located thirty minutes away via car was spacious as it was the one closest to the battlefield. The kingdom’s unique metal hawks lined up in two columns in the hangar and the scent of smoke still looming in the air painted a smile on his face.

Lin Chucheng aimed his hand at the sun, then exhaled vigorously, elated he was finally uncaged. He took in a deep breath and fixed his cap. He dusted off his uniform his mother ironed for him and headed to the command centre. Upon entering, he saluted the officer: “Hello, I am new pilot Lin Chucheng, reporting in to Captain Oraina Jean Farochett!”

The staff officers looked up. One of them put down his cigarette and queried, “What… was… your surname?”

“… Lin,” Lin Chucheng responded, irate.

Even the communication officer removed his headphones with his eyes double in size. The staff officers enthused, “Really?! Really?! You are Prime Minister Lin’s son?! He sent his son to the frontlines?!”

Lin Chucheng retreated from the hands trying to physically pry him whilst endeavouring to offer an explanation. Alas, none of them were listening because they were more excited in hearing about his father.

Due to the door behind Lin Chucheng opening, he accidentally tripped, landing against a pair of cushions and in a pair of arms. Frantic, he turned his head. The golden avalanche and eloquent scent from a woman’s neck shut his mouth. With her piercing eyes on the staff officers, the maiden brayed, “Get back to work. You’re the kingdom’s commanding officers. Is this any way to behave just because a punk came to report in?!”

The staff officers scuttled back to their positions.

Once the maiden released him, Lin Chucheng straightened up and saluted her: “Hello, I am the new pilot, Lin Chucheng, reporting in to Captain Oraina Jean Farochett!”

Oraina’s brows came apart. She wore the same uniform as him, except she couldn’t pull her jacket up all the way. Lin Chucheng’s eyes went back and forth between the shirt inside her jacket and his peripherals.

Oraina fixed Lin Chucheng’s cap and reciprocated the salute: “I am First Detachment’s captain of the Second Dive Bomber Wing, , Oraina Jean Farochett. You will be my pilot henceforth. Nobody receives special treatment in the team. I don’t care if you’re Prime Minister Lin’s son or not. For as long as you’re under my command, you will give up your life if that’s what I demand!”

It was supposed to be a captain’s warning against insubordination that would have the pilots respond in earnest, yet Lin Chucheng raised his brow for a second and then cracked a smile…

“What are you smiling about?!”

“Ma’am, I just thought of something that made me happy!”

Oraina Jean Farochett evaluated her pilot’s wit in one word: slow…

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