Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 128

The Forest is More Peaceful When Cicadas Are Chirping

“Thought you were told to leave?”

Xiao Huangquan took out three Luo Clan members upon reinforcing Liu Shan Men’s trio: “This old one is getting rusty after two days of rest. Besides, how can he just watch on if Liu Shan Men is bringing up the rear? Even without the uniform, this old one is still a member of Liu Shan Men, no?”

“He’s right. If you kids are going to fight, how can we old men just sit back?” added Elder Shou.

“Oi, oi, don’t lump me in with you. We’re a generation apart!” grouched Xiao Huangquan.

“Could this one bother you two to stop bickering? He is having a hard time and would be grateful for some help.” Venerable Mianhua blasted compressed air from his sleeves as though he was firing air cannons. Luo Siming had already brought most of the situation under control. Venerable Mianhua merely requested support to squash the unnecessary quarrel.

“Vice-Captain, I have something to resolve.” Tang Ye went after a member of Luo Clan in the distance.

Shen Yiren didn’t stop Tang Ye since his loyalty had already found its way back to them.

Elder Shou glided onto the ground once they had cut off the pursuers: “How do we end this? Lass, you’re a clever one, so let’s hear you have in mind.”

“We need to return to the ring first; however, we have no place in that fight, so we can only wait.”

“It probably will be a splendid show given Abels and Luo Ming make for an interesting match.”

“Mayhap… we are waiting for someone else.”

“Luo Ming, get up. Don’t tell me you’re already done,” Abels belted.

Abels stung Luo Ming square in the face for sure. In saying that, the reciprocal force that went back into his body would’ve wrecked his right hand had he not mastered the sixth level of Evil Eminence Scripture.

It’s only been half a year since we last met, yet his internal energy has improved so much? What has he been doing? I never imagined he could match my strength given our age difference and fields of specialty.

The dust on the ground whirled together to rise in similar fashion to a war beacon. The red energy coating the sword was now glowing bright enough to trick one into believing dust was red. Luo Ming vaulted up, dragging along a trail of red smoke and cleaved down.

Abels tugged up a corner of his lips as he prepared to meet Luo Ming head on. “That’s all you’ve got.”  Abels spawned a water-like, yet solid, blue sphere of three metre radius encasing him.

Luo Ming breathed laboriously, unable to tag Abels at all no matter how much strength he exerted, personifying the phrase, “To lose without fighting.”

“Coming down from the sky was cool and all. You remember what you told me about the concept behind swordplay? Is that how Luo Clan’s swordsmen hold their swords? What is that? A broadsword? You think brute strength is all it takes? Look at you. I guess you’re enlightening me as to why I lost to you. People not in the right frame of mind really are easy picking.”

Luo Ming had strength, yet he couldn’t cast Enlightenment because you can’t use it while seething with rage. No matter how potent your internal energy may be or how masterful you are with a sword, charging blindly against a Divine Realm fighter is just asking to be starched.

“You’re an embarrassment to martial artists.”

Without lifting a finger, Abels made the front of his sphere spiral, pulling Luo Ming in, then taking him for a spin. Luo Ming was hopeless to the waves of energy invading his body and would’ve lost his sword if he wasn’t holding onto it for as though it was his life. Luo Ming, rather, his sword sensed the danger its wielder was in and, consequently, ejected its own energy to speed up the rotation until Abels could no longer control it, thereby breaking Abels’ hold. Nonetheless, Abels didn’t regret losing his hold for Luo Ming was no longer a worthy opponent.

Luo Ming’s blood spiralled as he flew out of the spiral. Upon landing, he bounced off the ground to go for Mountain Monster and River Monster, two free targets he sighted while spinning out. Abels, instead of going to their aid, folded his arms. Luo Ming felt a strong breeze overhead before he could reach them, impelling him to draw his sword back to repel Shen Yiren’s intervention.

“He has weakened,” Shen Yiren noted, finding her balance without any residue pain.

Luo Ming didn’t cut his charge short because he gave up on killing the two maidens but because he noticed the sword in Shen Yiren’s clutch. “Yujing… Yujing…” And, sounding “human” for the first time since appearing with his sword, Luo Ming roared, “Where did you find that sword?!”

Shen Yiren didn’t have the faintest idea about the sword she picked up from Poison King’s secret room in the underground area, while the text “The forest is more peaceful while cicadas are chirping” on the sword wasn’t exactly informative. The only thing she knew for certain was that it was a high-quality sword – evident from the fact that it was still fine after colliding with Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer.

Elder Shou pointed out, “Mrs. Luo’s nickname was Yujing. Based on the thin design of the sword, it should’ve been forged for a woman. It might actually be… Mrs. Luo’s sword.”


Yujing – It’s in the chapter title; it comes from a poem.


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