Almighty – Ch. 65

Unrivalled Talent

“Go to hell!” thundered Wang Long.

“Die!” Yang Tian’s scorching sun swallowed the black wyrm into the void. Its crimson glow spread, burning another wyrm in the air.

Yang Tian threw a series of punches. Every time the furnace trembled, Wang Long would be sent back. His hold on Yin and Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace began to slip despite his qi and blood stirring.

“Wyrm Plays with Water!” A second qi began to spill from the furnace right after Wang Long’s. Two ferocious wyrms played in the Yin and Yang river, shooting qi from the river toward Yang Tian.

“Let’s see how long you can keep it up for.”

Yang Tian couldn’t last too long with his current offensive strategy. He, therefore, consumed an ancient pill and resumed punching.

“You forced my hand!”

Yin and Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace melted the mountains around it and dyed the sky red.

Yang Tian consumed several ancient pills again to spur on Heavens Conqueror Manual’s refinement so that he could replenish his expenditure.

“Yang Wyrm, manifest!” belted Wang Long, fighting his fatigue.

The furnace began to wiggle around and expand the flame’s radius again. The two yang wyrms’ divine markings on the furnace lit up. The divine marking began to move as if it was alive.

“Wyrm, extend your claw!” As the wyrm moved, it released its overbearing aura, pushing Yang Tian back several steps.

“Now that’s lethal.” Yang Tian took in a deep breath and churned his qi and blood river, activating his half-open vital meridians in addition to producing Scorching Sun.

“Brother Yang, you must win,” mumbled Yun’er, continuing attacking her two targets with the jade hairpin in her other hand.

The yang wyrm broke off from the furnace and took to the air. Wang Long clenched a fist to command the wyrm to attack Yang Tian with its aura.

There was so much pressure that Yang Tian’s looked deformed.

“Piss. Off!” roared Yang Tian, leaping to the air and punching the wyrm’s claws.

Yun’er and her two opponents fled from the mayhem. The energies’ collision zone suddenly exploded, parting the clouds. Rays of light shot out from the collision and thunder boomed. Wang Long flew into a boulder.

“Where’s Brother Yang?” Yun’er hastily searched for Yang Tian.

The crack that came to be from their clash was over twenty metres wide.

Yang Tian, face finally on display, appeared from behind the dirt storm, dishevelled and dripping blood from his mouth. He fired the small crimson seal in hand at the furnace above. The blood sacrifice item’s damage indirectly shattered Wang Long’s bones.

“Kill him for all I care. We can always be less one scumbag in the world of cultivation.”

The audience assumed Yang Tian had to be the disciple of a powerful sect.

“Impossible. Wang Long has an adept’s divine soul in him!”

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