The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 11 Ch. 19

New Job

“Good morning…”

Despite Lin Chucheng going to work early on a chilly morning, Irena was still earlier. There were only the relatively diligent people heading to work or people out for morning exercise. Irena from the table to regard him with a nod: “Good morning. You’re early.”

“Same goes for you.”


Irena looked away because the both of them felt awkward. They came early to avoid the awkwardness, a consequence of Lin Chucheng carrying Irena on the street last time. Not even he knew why he did something so crazy. He didn’t have any explanation for doing that in front of everybody, including Lin Dongqing’s daughter. That was why she didn’t understand what was meant when he was called “Chu”.

Irena buried her head in her book. Lin Chucheng didn’t know what to say, either, since it felt awkward regardless. She was the Princess, after all, even if she didn’t put on airs.

Lin Chucheng: Why did I have to go and do that to Her Highness?! That was embarrassing!

“Oh, good morning. I’m glad you’re here early as new recruits. I like your attitudes. There’s no point in being early, though, unless you could prepare our drinks for the entire day,” teased Sulina, finally putting an end to the awkward atmosphere. Sulina didn’t actually notice the awkwardness between the two. She clapped her hands calmly: “Fantastic, fantastic, you two completed your job quite well. You won’t receive any official medals, but I am pleased. Wait, I take that back. I meant Irena specifically.”

Sulina still glanced at Lin Chucheng with a disdainful look. Despite not welcoming it, he couldn’t make a case against it as his behaviour did make people want to barf.

“Now, you two are basically qualified tax officers who managed to survive. Therefore, it’s time to continue business. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting a break.” Sulina tossed a document onto Irena’s desk. “You’re tracking down elders without children this time. Don’t go easy just because they’re elderly. They owe two quarters worth of tax. All the letters we sent out were brushed off, so we need to personally visit now. Don’t worry about their livelihood. They run a company and have income.”

“I see…” replied Irena.

A company shouldn’t be lacking funds to pay taxes, which meant that their life necessities were covered. Even Lin Dongqing paid his taxes every quarter. Since the elders had income, officers wouldn’t need to feel guilty about collecting their taxes. Logically, then, it should’ve been an easy job.

“Why are we being given such a simple job?” Lin Chucheng questioned.

Sulina rolled her eyes: “Because it’s within the area you’re responsible for. You’re only ordinary tax officers. Whoever gave you the confidence to assume that we’d trust you with the toughest jobs? If you need, we do have difficult assignments. I just think you’ll end up in struggle town.”

“Oh? What might that be?”

“What’s it got to do with you? They’re elders, so be attentive of your manners when communicating with them. Don’t embarrass us. We aren’t robbers; don’t create bad impressions, understood?”

“I understand,” assured Irena.

Satisfied, Sulina nodded subsequently clapped: “Hurry and prepare, then. We don’t have much time for you to waste. We’ve prepared most of the information you need in the files. Go now. It’s best if you can clear it up before the man leaves.”

“Understood.” Irena got up to get to work. Truth be told, she wasn’t used to the swift work pace… except she had to get used to being more efficient as a tax officer. She turned around to face Lin Chucheng. “Are you planning to sit out this time again?”

“No, no, no, I’m going with you.”

“Let’s be on our way, then. Sort out the information and forms, and then we’ll head out.”

“All right.” Lin Chucheng quickly picked up everything they needed.

Irena had tidied up her desk, organising each form by category, so she just needed to grab what she needed when she went out on jobs. She needed a tax officer’s records, a form acknowledging delaying of payment and a form stating there wouldn’t be another delay. There was also the form to request resorting to confiscation. Nevertheless, they hoped they wouldn’t need to use the confiscation form.

Irena read through the documents while they were in the horse carriage and informed, “This job isn’t that hard. Their property and life are decent. I think there might be some misunderstanding. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say they thought their company taxes were their own personal taxes when they’re two separate matters. The chamber of commerce handles business taxes. Going by their business performance in the last two years, he could pay his taxes, yet now owes two thousand D in taxes.”

“Really? I think we can collect it once we clarify it, then.”

“Mm, I hope it’s that straightforward.”

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