Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 118

Feiyuan (Part 1)

There’s no fixed number of times or how long the intervals are in between using Enlightenment for Quasi-Divine Realm people. In Ling Fengxing’s case, he could only apply it to one technique, but he could perpetually cast Enlightenment in conjunction with his execution of the technique.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say people would be boasting for years to come if they could fight to a draw with Yu Feiyuan, yet Feng Jian was livid he failed to finish her with his ace. He could deploy Enlightenment once every three days and was restricted to only adding it to one technique, which meant that he had to win in one fell swoop once he cast it. Today was his first time failing to finish his target with it. The only consolation was that Yu Feiyuan didn’t show signs of using Enlightenment a second time.

“Get into formation!”

As soon as the three snapped out of their daze and advanced at Feng Jian’s behest, Elder Shou reached for Yu Jian’s back straight away; however, a sword tip licked the middle of his palm, and then another follow up attack forced him to move his hand, lest it pop the same way his displaced scarlet droplet of life did.

Ensuring Yu Feiyuan couldn’t advance, thrusting at Elder Shou, then resuming his offence on Yu Feiyuan took, Feng Jian close to only a second.

“Fantastic skills but used for unjust reasons.”

That short delay was all the quartet needed to form their formation, besieging Yu Feiyuan at the centre just as The Four Sasmuume Swordsmen trapped Luo Yan – Concealed Sword Formation. To reiterate, without Yu Feiyuan, Elder Shou couldn’t imagine himself beating the four. If they were going to use the formation, they’d rival a Divine Realm elite, so they’d demolish him.

“What now? Shall I go call him in? I mean, it’s a husband’s duty to rescue his wife, right? This is all spiralling to hell afterwards, otherwise,” mumbled Elder Shou, no longer able to lounge around. He was unaware of the situation outside since he sneaked off before Ming Feizhen was left to simmer at the top of the cauldron.

A shockwave at the epicentre of the formation stopped the flurry of sword strikes and drove the quartet back.

“Did she… use Vajra Divine Might?”

Even though Yu Feiyuan had the might of a hundred people when using Vajra Divine Might and could utilise more times than Huofeng, there was a limit. If she couldn’t finish the four before she hit her cap, she was doomed to be fodder.

Yu Feiyuan retracted her arm and, instead of using the space to escape, stood her ground. “I have a question.”

Elder Shou: This is no time for questions, lass!

Feng Jian pinched his brows: “Let’s hear it.”

“Why did you frame and exterminate Evil Spirits?”

How does she know about that?

“You’ve… met Abels?”

“Yes, on your island.”

“What did he tell you?”

“Everything. He said he wants revenge. He asked for the truth to be broadcast to the world if he came up short.”

“How many people have you shared it with?”

“None yet. I haven’t had time. I was hoping to personally ask Patriarch Luo for confirmation, but I was asked to complete a rescue request, so here I am.” Yu Feiyuan sincerely felt it was regretful she didn’t get to ask Luo Ming for confirmation personally.

“Sadly, you won’t have the opportunity for you will die here.” Feng Jian positioned his sword parallel to the ground for a thrust. As long as he could stall Yu Feiyuan, the others could encircle her again.

“You’re skilled, so why do you do this?”

“… What?”

“You’re remarkable. Evil Spirits is innocent. Why did you kill them after framing them?” Nobody was checking out Yu Feiyuan’s extended arm because all the energy coalesced there distracted them. “Why did you commit those sins as though it’s perfectly normal? You find it acceptable just because they’re weaker than you?”

Feng Jian flicked his sword, splatting the floor with a trail of blood: “I didn’t expect Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s interim matriarch to be an ignorant three year old. Is the pugilistic world a children’s playground? In the pugilistic world, the strong rule; that’s how it’s always been. What sort of question is that?”

“Being stronger gives you the right to trample on those weaker than you?”

Feng Jian reflexively fastened his hold on his sword, recalling the bandits once did the same thing to his village and family using the same line of reasoning: “The strong rule… If you can’t get that through your skull, don’t step into the pugilistic world, or you’ll only disgrace your school.”

“I don’t get it. I was told I charge like a bull, so I should put enemies on their back before talking.”

Elder Shou: God dang, whoever said that couldn’t be more correct. Can you even worry for her more than I do?

“I still asked as I wanted to… I still don’t understand after hearing your answer, though.” Yu Feiyuan churned out the suction force that almost dismantled the formation again, condensing energy in her arm. “Forgive me for digressing during the fight. Let’s begin.”


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