Almighty – Ch. 64

The Quirk that Shook the World

“Star Rank Martial Technique – Yin Yang Mountain Breaker!”

Wang Long felt his dignity was tarnished since he couldn’t take Yang Tian down after so long, rendering him irate. From overhead, he brought the wyrm down onto Yang Tian’s head.

Acting as the winds’ puppeteer, Yang Tian twiddled his fingers to conjure a crimson seal. “Earthquake Seal!” he shouted. The small crimson seal trembled as he clenched his fist vigorously, shaking the air, as well. Without wasting a single moment, he began his assault on the wyrm. The battle resulted in a collection of light rays in the sky. The white head of the wyrm began to show signs of breaking. “Crush it!” Yang Tian clenched his fist, imploding the seal and took the white wyrm with it.

Wang Long staggered backwards once his martial technique was dominated. The remaining energy dispersed in his body, shaking it up, thereby causing him to cough blood. His clothes were in tatters, revealing his light-red sacred shirt. Had it not been for his sacred shirt, he would’ve been inflicted with grievous wounds

“Yang Tian, you’re finished!” Wang Long was mortified.

“I’ve heard that plenty of times before. I’ll reiterate the same response for you: that’ll depend on whether or not you have what it takes.”  Though Yang Tian was all smiles and cocky, he actually remained on high alert.

“I summon thy,” thundered Wang Long, introducing an eye-catching light to the sky. A golden, sparkling, double-ended furnace with three legs and two dragons carved on appeared in the air – Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace.

The furnace began to rock similarly to crashing waves as it expanded in size rapidly. Soon enough, it was over a hundred metres tall and proportionally intimidating. Wang Long then infused it with yin and yang qis, bringing it to life, setting the ancient trees in the vicinity ablaze.

Yang Tian focused on moulding qi and blood to resist the heat. Wang Long wasn’t able to use much of the furnace’s maximum potential; however, that wasn’t a ticket to trifle with him.

“Be honoured that you have the privilege of dying to Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace.” Wang Long went wild, laughing and taunting Yang Tian when he saw Yang Tian without anything to protect himself.

“A treasure is only as good as how you use it.”

“He still has more in him? No matter, you’re dead, anyway.” Wang Long ended his maniacal laughter and got serious. With a wave, he brought the furnace down toward Yang Tian. “Crush him!”

The two furnace’s two lids popped off, allowing the qis to spurt out.

Yang Tian threw crimson punch after crimson punch to break up the descending yin and yang qis.

“Your arrogance will be your downfall.” Wang Long infused more energy into his furnace to no avail. “Wyrm to the Ocean!” He increased his yin and yang qis output even more, vibrating the furnace.

A fire wyrm akin to molten and a chilly wyrm emerged, turning the atmosphere blistering hot one moment and then chilly the next alternatively.

“Come out!” belted Yang Tian, aching and bleeding ever so slightly. Suddenly, his qi and blood river levitated as loud as thunderclap – The Wind Invades the Nine Heavens and Thunderous Heavenly Sound.


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