The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 11 Ch. 17

So-called War

“We must fight in the war! We can see that Roth Empire would be dragged in if Silonmiya went to war. Right now, Puxis Empire has captured territory. Our relationship with Farish Empire’s is good. Roth Empire is their ally, so they will also join. We must join our allies in this war to prevent Puxis Empire from growing stronger! We won’t lose this war! At the very least, our royal navy must join the war! We cannot allow Puxis Empire to suppress our power!” the marshal asserted in an impassionate tone.

While war had yet to commence, Sisi formed a highest war committee despite lack of preparation in order to avoid war. The best general prepared for the war as marshal, leading people to think that the war had to happen at that point and that it was merely a question of when. Due to Queen Sisi and Lin Dongqing not explicating their stance, though, no declaration of war was ever made.

The land forces expanded, while the navy completed fixing their ships and replenishing their ammunition. The navy that surpassed Troy Kingdom’s navy was ready to fight at any spot in the world. The military factories ran themselves into the ground working until they dropped as their goal to provide everything the frontlines needed. All the troops waited for the day they could revel in the glory and honour that war brought them.

The marshal visited to convince Lin Dongqing to approve a declaration of war. However, those who were familiar with Lin Dongqing knew that he wasn’t a fan of war. Countless wars took place as part of their expansion, but Lin Dongqing wouldn’t allow the military to be reckless even if they won. As soon as victory was achieved, he immediately began negotiations to reach an amicable agreement. He considered the military to be a tool, not a means.

If Lin Dongqing didn’t agree, then neither would parliament or Sisi. In other words, regardless of how hard the military tried, no war would ever happen without their approval. The location, where the war was meant to be fought, was an island incredibly far away. If the empire didn’t get involved, then stability might’ve been maintained in the chaotic war.

Lin Dongqing silently held onto his glass of wine, focusing on his own thoughts. He wouldn’t get involved if it was a war between just the empire and another group, but too many nations and races were involved in this situation. If a world war broke it, it wouldn’t be easy to settle.

Lin Dongqing was aware that the empire wouldn’t gain anything from the war. The location of the war wasn’t under the empire’s jurisdiction, in the first place. The land would be divided between the nations that were close to it, not them when they were so far away. All the empire would receive would be monetary compensation, but the total sum all of the small nations could pay would unlikely be enough to cover the resources spent or for grieving families.

It begged the questions: is there any reason to fight a pointless war just for allies? Is it really worth fighting a war for another empire’s divided spoils at the cost of your own excellent young men? They could wage war, but it should give them enough in return. If it couldn’t, why send your young ones out to die? It cost them the people’s trust. If a nation considered their people to be grass, then the nation would return the favour and treat the nation with just as much worth. Having said all that, Lin Dongqing was conscious of the fact that he was no longer the empire’s prime minister.

The young, reckless and ambitious young generation after Lin Dongqing’s ruined his tireless efforts to create balance already with their ambition to conquer the world. In fact, many of his friends already passed away or imprisoned. Their generation created peace and stability for every nation to develop, but they forgot to teach their people to remain humble.

“I’m no longer the empire’s prime minister, so I have no authority to tell parliament what to do. All you’re looking at is an old cripple.”

Lin Dongqing placed his glass down and forced a smile. He knew that he’d be impeached if he involved himself. He created the empire’s parliament that practiced fairness and discussion. If he seized power again, he’d be condemned. Though parliament would remain in spite of that, they’d only be an empty shell. The parliament he created might not be perfect, but there were young individuals in there who he trusted and admired. One man can only do so much on his own. He knew the state of his health. He didn’t want to be the man who controlled parliament in history. He couldn’t even control his son, let alone the wild young ones.

“Do as you want. You are the marshal, after all. Parliament will come up with a suggestion that everyone can agree on. Her Majesty will also understand. I’m not prime minister, so I can’t involve myself with this. In saying that, I hope you’re aware of what you’re doing. The empire appears rich and mighty, but regardless of how powerful an empire might be, they’re all weak when faced with war. War is only a tool, not a means. You must know when to reel it in. Don’t let the entire nation die out.”

Lin Dongqing’s maid walked over to support him when he rose to his feet. The never thought the man who modernised the empire from war to hygiene and public toilets had become so weak. Lin Dongqing gave his soul, heart and life for the empire.

The marshal, wondering if Lin Dongqing left anything for himself, bowed: “I shall take my leave, then. Thank you for your advice, Count. We will not let you down.”

“All right.” Lin Dongqing softly coughed a few times.

In a gentle voice, the maid helping him expressed, “Count Lin, you have not recovered yet. You should go and see the doctor tomorrow. You have toiled late at night and seen guests for the last two days. I hope you take care of yourself.”

“Thank you. I will.”

The maid kindly passed Lin Dongqing over to Veirya without saying anything. He felt she looked familiar. He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination or what… but the child seemed to… resemble Leah…

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