The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 11 Ch. 16

Everything Their Elder Sister Saw

“You… have already worked it out?” asked Lin Chucheng, breathing laboriously.

The young girl turned to face Lin Chucheng and enthused, “Yes, thank you! Thank you for helping us out so much! Thank you! If it was not for Miss Irena, w-we would’ve been thrown out… I’m truly sorry… for treating you both so poorly before… Sorry.”

“Ah, not at all…” The young girl’s gratitude made Lin Chucheng feel horrible as he knew he had no right to accept her gratitude. He never did anything – besides lashing out and throwing his temper around.

Irena showed neither discontent nor condescending feelings, as though his appearance was an eventual event she foresaw. “Though you’re late, you technically did come.”

“Sorry…” Lin Chucheng’s head-down apology didn’t stem from pressure he couldn’t bear but from the bottom of his heart. He genuinely believed he was in the wrong. He realised his mistake and how childish he was. He lashed out at someone doing their best to help people with their difficulties.

“Never mind.” Irena shook her head. Irena used the wall as support to walk. She didn’t escape the door slamming on her foot unscathed.

“Are you all right. Do you need me to help you?” Lin Chucheng queried.

“No thanks.”

The golden ball on the blue dome bathed Irena in a welcoming warmth once Irena stepped outside. She covered her eyes with her eyes and smiled as she peered into the blue sky. She suddenly realised that Lord Lin, whom she always admired, lost a leg thanks to someone.

Now that I’m the same as Lord Lin, will he like me a little more?

It was a great day for Irena. Her senior was right. A tax officer’s job wasn’t purely to collect taxes but to help everyone understand that they needed to pay taxes, and ensure they pay the correct amount. A tax officer’s work was anything but simple. Even so, it was satisfying. Lin Dongqing took many scenarios into consideration when he wrote up the tax guide. As long as one was willing to invest the effort, they’d be able to find a way to overcome issues.

Though Irena walked blindly, she finally found her resolve. What she wanted more than anything was to have a job that people could make people happy. She worked all night to find a solution, and it was worth it when she saw the girl’s smile. Though she couldn’t walk properly, she maintained an upright torso just as her unbending will that refused to buckle under pressure. She never complained or vented on Lin Chucheng.

Is this because she was educated differently? Our empire’s Princess is so gentle and tough… Maybe this world isn’t what I thought it was. Perhaps those I belittled are the ones who are truly giving it their all.

Lin Chucheng ran up to Irena from behind and picked her up. Startled, Irena shrieked. “Put me down! What are you doing?! Th-this is absurd! Put me down!”

“Sorry, Tax Officer Irena, but I don’t think you’ll make it back with your foot in that shape, so I’ll take you to a doctor.”

“Not going! Not going! I’m not going to the doctor! Put me down! Put me down!”

For some reason, Irena frantically resisted as soon as he said he was taking her to a doctor. She slapped Lin Chucheng all over his face, turning it into an assortment of shapes. He could accept being slapped for picking up a girl before getting permission, but it was obvious that she wasn’t focused on that but seeing the doctor…

“Tax Officer Irena, you must go to the hospital. You might have broken your foot or have a facture.”

“No! No! Put me down! Put me down! I don’t want an injection! I don’t want an injection! Put me down! I’m not going! Never!”

Lin Chucheng didn’t release Irena. He, instead, tried to reason with her. Unfortunately, when someone is scared and angry, it’s pointless to try and reason with them. Her resistance only encouraged him to hold her tighter. It looked as if Lin Chucheng was trying to violate an unwilling girl in broad daylight… except the two had yet to realise how troublesome it looked…

“Chu, what are… you two doing?”

Lin Chucheng riveted. Irena seemed to realise what she did and, hence, stiffened up, as well. She wanted to hide her rosy cheeks behind her slender fingers. She was a Princess, yet was touchy with a man in front of everyone… She embarrassed the imperial family.

Irena: Wait, who is Chu?

Leah was dumbstruck at the sight of her younger brother holding Irena. Most importantly, Leah knew her brother and the Princess… One was her younger brother and the other her younger sister. Though Leah wasn’t Lin Dongqing’s biological daughter, it was still quite the shock… Anybody would have their life turned upside down if they saw their younger brother and sister hugging each other on the street. She couldn’t accept it despite being a succubus…

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