Almighty – Ch. 59

Illusionary Dimension

The interior was a blood-red stone palace tens of thousands of metres long. There were a lot of stone blocks situated close together, all in the shape of a dragon. Yang Tian was taken in by the red dragon eyes for a second, but he soon came to his senses to feel a chill down his spine. The dragon eyes were able to draw one’s attention in. If their will was weak, they could end up standing there for an eternity.

“Brother Yang, this space is not stable. Cracks have already appeared.” Yun’er patted her chest as she peered at the cracks in the space. “A scrimmage evidently took place here.”

If so many people could make it to the top, the inheritance wasn’t all that powerful. Yang Tian curled his lips. “Let’s go. We’ll get ahead of them. We can’t let them get their hands on the inheritance.”

At the end of the hall was an ancient light door with runes covering it and energy leaking from it that induced a headache.

“This must be a formation.” Yang Tian himself had seen plenty of different kinds, so it was no surprise when they were on the grounds of a clan specialising in formations.

“I think this is a rune formation. Rarely does anybody use this type of formation anymore. I read about a formation similar to this back at him.”

“In that case, we need to storm it.”

When they touched the door with their fingers, the light rippled. Yang Tian, realising that Yun’er already entered, knocked himself on the head for his idiocy before stepping in. He could faintly hear someone shouting out to kill. Above the floor littered with corpses and flooded in blood was a scarlet sky.

“What is this place?” queried Yang Tian, scanning the ancient battlefield.

Catching a familiar voice, Yang Tian spun around to the figure dancing assaulting the air. “B-Big Brother…”

Yang Tian was stupefied. He would never forget his brother’s appearance; his appearance looked exactly as he remembered him. He remembered the five-coloured spear, one of Yang Clan’s few Dao Weapons, vividly.

Next, Yang Tian saw a man in black, also excreting black smith, cackling as he punched out black dragons toward Yang Ba. On the man in black’s chest were the words “Longyang”.

“Kill him! Big Brother, you must kill him!” belted Yang Tian.

“Hihi, I don’t want to kill you. If you’re not going to bow your head to this old one, then die!” The murky man’s black mist rushed out from his body and collapsed the dimension.

“Longyang, I’m taking your life today!” brayed Yang Ba, shooting out rays of purple light from his vibrating spear. He churned out more energy as he went, impacting even the dimension itself.

“Haha, you want my life? Try again in another few thousand years.” Longyang summoned dozens of huge black dragons out of the blue and had them dive down.

Yang Ba swung his spear horizontally, smashing the dragons with purple chains.

Longyang imbued a summoned black mirror with enormous amounts of qi and blood. “Hihi, Yang Ba, try out this old one’s Bright Blood Corruption Mirror’s power.” With a wave of his hand, Longyang’s Bright Blood Corruption Mirror teleported above Yang Ba’s head and came falling down.

“Get lost!” Yang Ba tried to use purple lightning produced from a horizontal swing to stop it but to no avail.

“Hihi, Bright Blood Corruption Mirror is my precious guard dog. You should quit while you’re ahead.”

The five-coloured spear cried out as it began to show signs of breaking; even Yang Ba was suffering damage as he tried to fight back.

“Big Brother.” Enraged, Yang Tian ran toward Yang Ba as if he had lost his mind.

Yang Ba juddered. “T-Tian…? Tian, run! Run!” roared Yang Ba, as he struggled against his confines that were breaking him.

“Hihi, today must be my lucky day. Buy one get one free today. Haha.” Longyang split his mirror and dropped it down on top of Yang Tian.

“You’re dead, your bastard!” thundered Yang Tian, as his body crumbled and ears stopped receiving sound. His fighting spirit called out and lit the fire in his blood again. He could hear a war taking place.

“Wait.” A light turned on for Yang Tian. He glanced over to Yang Ba and belted, “This is fake. It’s an illusion. Longyang!” Yang Tian returned to his senses, breathing laboriously.

“Brother Yang, what happened?” Yun’er wiped Yang Tian’s sweat with her handkerchief.

“Nothing… Nothing…” Yang Tian wagged his hand and took in a deep breath to calm himself, relieved that he saved his martial will before it fell victim to the illusion formation.

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