The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 11 Ch. 14

Inept Trash

“Not going.”

Irena looked stupefied at the serious Lin Chucheng , who looked away. Even though she had never worked as tax officer, she did know that an assistant couldn’t just disobey his superior’s orders. Tax officers had to go out with their assistants for convenience and to keep an eye on each other. If tax officers conducted private deals to embezzle or had any other malicious intent, then they couldn’t do it with someone keeping tabs on them.

“Don’t you think that’s enough? That was too much, yet you want me to go and take from someone so pitiful? I can’t do it.”

Lin Chucheng’s attitude was horrid to say the least. He spoke with a reprimanding and frustrated undertone despite knowing who he was communing with. He was angry with his father and Irena but didn’t use his brain to think about who gave him the right to lash out at the Princess. Nevertheless, Irena didn’t seem bothered.

“Do you really know what a tax officer’s job is? Do you genuinely want to be a tax officer’s assistant?”

“If a tax officer is supposed to steal from those who do not have anything, then I would rather not go. I do not know what a tax officer’s assistance is meant to do because I was forced to be here. If you are not happy, then sack me.”

Irena picked up her document, then asked an assistant of a tax officer, who was out, to help her. Lin Chucheng was rendered lost left for what to do. If Irena slapped him or told him to get lost, then he could strut out with his nose in the sky. Unfortunately, he was left resembling a kid throwing a tantrum. He discovered that nobody cared about his awkwardness or hopelessness. Nobody paid him any attention. Stay or leave, nobody cared. It was his first time being treated as if he didn’t exist.

Sulina walked up to Lin Chucheng. Eyes not on him, she dug in a trophy-worthy body blow, and then she landed an uppercut flush on his chin, sending him straight to the ground. He attempted to get to his feet and tried to stop the world from spinning, but Sulina stepped on his chest. Gaze cold, she said, “I never planned to hit you as you’re Lord Lin’s son, but I finally understand why he sent you here. It was for you to have some humble pie. You think I don’t dare hit you? Sorry, then, but I will actually smash you.

“You’re Irena’s assistant, yet you disparaged your officer and gave her unacceptable attitude. You keep blabbering about not wanting to harm others, so enlighten me as to what have you done, great hero? You think people will have bread on their table if you stand here and flap your gums?

“Irena stayed here until late at night, reading the tax guide twice to finally find a way to waive their taxes and refund them. What did you do? What did you do last night? Oh, I know. You refreshed yourself for several hours so that you’d have the energy to come in here and cast aspersion on Irena.

“The most important qualities everyone must have are shame and dignity. Sadly, you have neither. You think you’re special compared to everyone else? You think you’re the only kind soul in the world? Sorry, but the only thing you are is inept trash. Lord Lin’s tax guide lists laws for dealing with forty-two types of situations where people refuse to pay taxes. Which of the forty-two are you?”

“I-I’m none of them!”

Lin Chucheng was humiliated like never before. A woman floored him, and he couldn’t get her foot off him. To add insult to injury, literally, he had no retort for her insults. He never thought Irena would do something so bizarre. He always considered tax officers to be entities who robbed the poor and nobles to be useless trash. Only then did he realise the one who was truly useless was his conceited self.

Lin Dongqing already took similar scenarios into consideration when he created the laws and systems, which was why he put in place laws and methods to help the people who couldn’t pay their taxes.

The only useless person was his angry self. The nobles and tax officers were also doing their best, while Lin Chucheng just bottled up his anger, his concern for the nation and people, slept soundly on the beds they set up and then woke up to continue worrying.

“Oh, you don’t think you’re incompetent? Prove it to me. Irena solved the problem. What was it that you solved again? Aggravating your tax officer? Insulting a tax officer who is trying her best? Wow, that makes you a genius, then.” Sulina then removed her foot but not before stomping on his crotch. “If you have any semblance of shame, I think you best get lost now. Lord Lin is a brilliant man. How did he end up with the stuck up trash that you are? Although he may be arrogant at times, he has the ability to back it up. He doesn’t just flap his gums as you do. Now, get out!”

Lin Chucheng pathetically crawled to his feet and ran out while the tax officers ridiculed him with laughter and condescending gazes. It was the first time Lin Chucheng realised how pathetic and disgraceful he was. He thought he was the embodiment of justice unlike his shady father. He assumed he genuinely thought for the betterment of the people, even going as far as to think he was the only one. In the end, he found out that his sense of justice and so-called kindness was meaningless; same went for his rage. Forget changing the nation or saving a family; he couldn’t even get under Irena or Lin Dongqing’s skin. He viewed himself as an ally of justice, yet the people who protected those in need were the people he looked down on most…

Lin Chucheng’s first thought was to go home. Alas, he couldn’t face his father’s condescending smile; he had no where to go. He couldn’t look Lin Dongqing in the eye, not because he was angry but because he was ashamed.

None of my feelings serve any purpose. I thought I was extraordinary when, in reality, I’m the most unnecessary existence. This must’ve been his goal. He must’ve sent me here to make me realise how powerless I am to help others!

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