Almighty – Ch. 58

Staircase to Heaven

A number of people arrived at the bottom of the staircase with due time. As for the heat, they could only bite the bullet and climb. In no time, the first person on fire went tumbling down and certainly didn’t survive. Despite that, there was a never ending stream of people rushing to the staircase. The remaining members of the fallen, who were at the bottom of the staircase, would fight each other for interspatial rings.

Half-way up the mountain, Yang Tian and Yun’er continued to put one foot in front of the other. While Yang Tian’s armour was barely able to resist the sweltering heat, Yun’er, on the other hand, looked much better off. Her green sacred shirt released a cool air, which also help Yang Tian feel a lot better. To benefit from her shirt however, he needed to be too close for comfort.

Meng Yunxi was the type to charm one to death. Yun’er was the lotus that attracted attention.

Someone enveloped in a green aura on the staircase fixed his eyes on the two at the forefront. With a smile, he asked, “Brother Wang, that girl is Xing Yun’er, isn’t she?”

Wang Long, sullen over Yun’er not stroking his ego erection, looked over his shoulder with a counterfeit smile. “Hehe, Brother Tuoba.”

Wang Long showed a hint of fear for this Brother Tuoba for, while Tuoba Clan rose up later, their influence was on par with Yin Yang Cultivation Sect. Tuoba looked back at Wang Long with an ambiguous expression. In a way, he was ridiculing Wang Long because all disciples of Yin Yang Intercourse Sect were considered the scum of the world of cultivation.

Noticing a hostile gaze on him, Yang Tian turned around and set his sights on Wang Long, oblivious to the fact that he was making the latter burst at the seams.

“Yun’er?” Xing Hao stopped his leg movements and scratched his head. “Wait, who’s that next to her? Is that Yang Tian? Hey, move your behinds. Get lost.” Xing Hao nudged people aside to squeeze through and speed up the stone steps.

“Brother Hao, wait up,” shouted an individual trying to catch up to Xing Hao. He utilised an odd movement style to manoeuvre shove people aside and get through. On the back of his white shirt was a purple bow that resembled a dragon.

“You two rushing to your deaths…?” cursed someone he knocked aside. Nevertheless, he put a sock in it when he saw Xing Hao bolt up the steps, especially when he saw the white figure behind Xing Hao literally teleport past them.

“He’s Thundercloud Sect patriarch’s son, Xing Hao.”

“Who’s the one next to him? That’s one weird movement art.”

“Oh, Thundercloud Sect. No wonder why he’s so arrogant.”

“Tsk, tsk, his elder brother is considered strong. His elder brother could match an ancient clan’s best disciple who, by the way, they spent all their resources on training. I heard his elder brother is half a step away from becoming a Battle King adept. Him? Pfft.”

“Haha, here I come, baby. Just you wait for me.” A fat man came running over as they enjoyed their chat. He rambled the entire way as he bulldozed straight through the crowd. He was a lot stronger than the youth in white before, though. His every step made the staircase vibrate.

“Wait, how did he get in? He looks over twenty.” One of them was puzzled. There was a rule that forbade anyone over twenty from entering.

“Hey, look, it’s Li Hongtao.”

“Huang Li is also coming. I heard he almost bit the dust the other d-“

The chattering crowd felt hopeless. They spent a fortune to procure an invite. When a treasure trove appeared right before their eyes, they couldn’t grab it, unfortunately.

Yang Tian was close to the peak after travelling for an entire day and expending a considerable amount of qi and blood. When Yang Tian finally climbed the last step, the uncomfortable heat reduced exponentially to naught.

“Phew.” Yang Tian shifted to the side a little to escape the fragrant sitting at his nose the entire time. He wanted no part in it a second time. “Yun’er, we’ve arrived.”

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