Almighty – Ch. 57

Battle Sect Opens

Yang Tian delved into the intricate changes of the seal as opposed to manifesting it. The end result was better control of the seal. He slowly parted his eyelids to greet the next morning. With a wave of his hand, countless transformations took place.

Is he nearly there, inwardly questioned Yun’er.

Within a few seconds, a crimson seal formed on Yang Tian’s hand and immediately absorbed the ancient qi around. He kept trying to keep the rioting energy in check as, if he failed, he could very well fail, which would result in an injury. Plus, he didn’t have much time to begin with.

“Almost there.” Yang Tian smiled as some qi and blood seeped out of his hands. The wild energy continued to flow. “Yun’er, move”

“O-oh…” Yun’er quickly went to the rear. She wanted to see the results of Yang Tian’s three days of research.

Yang Tian curled his wrist and released energy, shaking the crimson seal. Using the momentum generated from the attack, the crimson seal flew to the entrance and exploded the boulder. With a flick of his sleeve, he erased the dust. A gully seven metres deep was left on the ground. “Hehe, seems I have the initial phase down. The seal really is powerful.”

“Brother Yang, what is that seal technique called?” Yun’er walked over to check out the gully.

“It’s Earthquake Seal.” Yang Tian clapped his hands. “Yun’er, let’s go.”

Subsequent to a night of travelling, they reached a mountain range, a former battleground, where several mountains had been cleaved in two. A hand print on the ground stretched over three kilometres.

Yun’er checked out the map then pointed ahead. “Brother Yang, that’s the mountain – the red one.”

There wasn’t a single weed on the red mountain Yun’er pointed to, which was part of the reason it stood out among the series of mountains.

“Let’s go.”

Forty-five minutes in, the temperature increased substantially; the mountains around were also somewhat red due to prolonged exposure to the heat.

Yang Tian wiped his sweat and blew out a strong breath. He casually swept his gaze around; however, when he tried to turn back, he turned his head back. Yun’er didn’t feel any discomfort due to the heat as she looked around. In fact, she was somehow able to release a clear and cool breeze around her.

Yang Tian: Tsk, tsk, I never thought her sacred clothes had that special effect.

“Brother Yang, this is the place.” Yun’er summoned her crystal ball into the air, thereby reverting the mountains back to their normal state, only to then rumble.

“What happened?” To Yang Tian’s disbelief, the mountain gradually levitated into the air. A strong gust of wind swept through and turned the sky fire red, splitting the firmament. “Goodness me…”

Some people were able to discern what was truly going on and, therefore, gathered the disciples around to go and take the treasure.

“I don’t think it’ll be so easy to obtain it, especially considering that it’s an ancient sect’s keystone,” Yang Tian opined.

Although they knew how to activate it, they didn’t have the foggiest idea as to how to enter. At present, Yang Tian could do some real damage to a divine descendant. Unfortunately for him, they all had protective items on them. It was extremely taxing to take on one. Now factor in that they were an ancient sect, and Battle Sect of all sects.

“Brother Yang, what should we do?”

“No idea. Try and recall if the adept gave you anything else or if he told you how to enter?”

Yun’er pondered with a frozen then palmed herself on her head. “He said we have to get past some formation to get in.”

“Formation?” Yang Tian’s eyes darted around. “Something must be suspending the mountain, and I think it’s the mountains around.

“Brother… Yang… I think… we are in a formation…”

“If there’s a formation, then we’re in serious trouble.”

Boom! Stone steps to the sky were lowered from the sky. On two sides were connected fire-red chains.

“Oh?” Yang Tian smiled. It came from far away, but that was precisely what told Yang Tian it whoever was happened to be strong. “Hurry!” Yang Tian grabbed Yun’er’s arm and sped to the stone steps to the sky.

“Hurry, don’t let someone else snatch it.” The people from behind rushed their teammates as they ran as fast as their legs could take them, kicking up a smokescreen behind them thanks to their speed.

Yang Tian suddenly stopped. They were still some distance from the steps, yet the heat violated him as if he was dipped in a furnace, leading to him sweating profusely. To counteract the heat, he enveloped his body in a coat of qi and blood.

Yun’er spoke up from Yang Tian’s side. As a result, she blew her breath in Yang Tian’s face, causing his heart to skip a beat.

“Ugh…” Yang Tian turned to see Yun’er’s pretty face. He quickly put her down. They were in a rush before, so he forgot to mind his manners. Now, however, he felt awkward.

Yun’er got over her embarrassment and focused back on the stone steps to the sky. With a charming smile, she brushed her hair off her shoulder. “Brother Yang, let’s head up.”

“All right.”

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