Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 113

Operation Evil Purging Commences

Luo Ming didn’t celebrate despite having removed his strongest opponent yet. Needless to say, the crowd was clamouring, yet their voices didn’t seem to reach him.

“Bitter, aren’t you, Ming Feizhen…? I acknowledge you are strong. You exceeded my expectations by far. While I don’t know how you polished yourself into the formidable man you were, I know for sure that you’ve paid your price for it. How formidable you are is irrelevant in a fight to the death, nonetheless. If there’s anything I took home from my numerous failures in the last decade, it’s that, when you need to win, sometimes you need to sin.”

Ming Feizhen had almost plummeted into the inferno when Shen Yiren tried to dart past Luo Ming. Luo Ming thoughtlessly caught her with his right and slammed her into the ground. Howbeit, she bore the brunt of the impact with her left arm so that she could throw a raven-black rod behind her. The black weapon went through the flames and caught Ming Feizhen’s collar before it was caught in the cauldron, thereby suspending Ming Feizhen above the flames.

“He’ll die later if not now. Zhurong’s flames shouldn’t be compared to ordinary flames because they are toxic. How hot do you think the spot he is hanging from? Even if he doesn’t fall into the flames, the heat will cook his organs. Even that weapon will melt in a matter of time.

“Dividing twenty percent of your strength to negating my attack so that you have eighty percent left to save him, running past me was part of your plan. Devising a plan in a single moment, you’re calmer and better at judging than I gave you credit for. This is our second conversation. How about joining me? Emperor Yuansheng will only waste your talents.”

“This is also my second time discussing this with you.” Shen Yiren wiped away the traces of blood at her mouth. “Write your offer on a sheet of paper. Roll it up into a ball, and then shove it up your hole.”

How Empyrean Zha and Luo Ming’s intense fight ended in one strike, why Luo Ming immediately killed his opponent and why Shen Yiren went to Empyrean Zha’s rescue were questions that befuddled Jin Caitan, who just returned to the ring, and everyone else not directly involved.

“Hahaha, you really resemble your father.”

The remark that came out of left field rendered Shen Yiren forgetful of where she was.

“Perhaps people will say you resemble your mother. They’re not wrong if they’re referring to your temper, that is.” Luo Ming genuinely appeared as though he was feeling jovially nostalgic as he continued, “But they’re discrediting your attention to detail and composure. There’s also the trait that you and your father share, namely surprising people at important junctures. When you exude dominance whilst keeping cool, you’re his spitting image.”

“… You knew my father?”

“Why your father would marry your mother was a popular question. In my opinion, they’re a match made in heaven.” Strolling off, Luo Ming added, “You inherited both of their unique traits, reminding me of the past. If only you’d join me.”

There was no regret in Luo Ming’s tone even though he sounded sincere about missing the opportunity to convert Shen Yiren.

“You think you’ve won?”

“Shen Yiren, your plan is doomed to fail. I know you better than you think I do. Why don’t I tell you how this will pan out? Your army of martial artists will sit on the fence once they hear what I have to say. My people will leverage their hesitation to operate. Poison King is also on my side. When it’s time to rumble, you can already imagine the outcome. As for rescuing Emperor Yuansheng, I can tell you Feng Jian, Yu Jian, Lei Jian and Huo Jian are watching him. If you feel you can defeat all four of them, be my guest.

“You think your spontaneous plan will succeed? I have spent ten years preparing for this day. I subjected myself to the worst torment imaginable. I’ve cast aside my pride as a swordsman and my role as Luo Clan’s patriarch to become a scoundrel.

“I don’t have time for you side characters. Not one of you can even be considered obstacles for me. Nobody can stop me from completing my sword.”

Luo Ming heading straight to the cauldron could only mean one thing: the sword nerve was ready.

“Scions of Luo Clan,” Luo Ming hollered as he ambled into the smithing workshop.

“Yes, Patriarch.”

“Apprehend anyone who tries to leave. If anyone tries anything, you have permission to kill.”


Ever since the competition commenced, Huofeng couldn’t stop pacing back and forth in her group’s pavilion, privy to Luo Ming’s intent to keep Yu Feiyuan from partaking. When she thought Empyrean Zha had finally exposed Luo Ming, Luo Ming sent the former into the cauldron. To compound her anxiety problem, Yu Feiyuan just sat there with her eyes shut from the start.

“First Sister, can you pl-”

“It’s time.” Yu Feiyuan suddenly walked off, confusing her fellow disciples.

When Yu Feiyuan got outside, a Luo Clan member blustered, “Get back ins-”

Bang! It looked as if somebody took a long whip drenched in blood and whipped the ground from where Yu Feiyuan stood and where the Luo Clan member landed.

On her way to Luo Clan’s secret chamber from the outer perimeter, Yu Feiyuan bumped into a familiar face.

“What a coincidence,” Elder Shou greeted cheerfully. “Where are you off to, Interim Patriarch Yu?”

Yu Feiyuan offered a palm and fist salute: “To purge evil.”

“Well, this old one happens to be sharing the road. Could this old one have the honour of following your lead?”


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