Almighty – Ch. 52

Earthquake Seal

Jiang Ling vigorously waved a hand, lifting up the sword replica. Like an unimaginably sharp sword, he brought the majestic sword aura down to execute Yang Tian.

Yang Tian punched, sending his qi and blood river overhead assuming the form of a sun toward the incoming sword. The sword sliced apart Scorching Sun, but there was a noticeable crack on the sword that continued to spread to the rest of its body. Scorching Sun, which was almost done for, suddenly erupted and transformed into multiple fire chains, binding the sword in mid-air with a fist clutch.

The trio spat out a mouthful of blood and essence, invigorating the golden swords that were dimming once again. The three golden swords began to vibrate, imbuing the sword clone with energy from the three blades. In exchange for strengthening the sword, the three burnt through chunks of qi and blood. Nonetheless, the sword broke free of its shackles and stood tall in the air once again. It was weaker than it was moments ago, but it was enough to tackle Yang Tian. Jiang Ling immediately commanded, “Slash!”

“Guess we’re going all out.” Yang Tian consumed a pill to boost his strength, resulting in his nearly dry qi and blood river to start making waves again.

Suddenly, Xiaobai came out and looked intently at the six-metre Sword Shadow.

“Get back in.”

Yang Tian quickly reached for Xiaobai; however, Xiaobai spat a white mist onto the sword. As a dense mist began to rise and slow down the rate the sword descended, Xiaobai followed up with several more consecutive mist blasts, consequently trapping the sword within the mist. Exhausted, he leapt back up to Yang Tian’s shoulder.

“This little fellow possesses some serious abilities,” quietly mumbled Yang Tian, as he caressed Xiaobai’s body.

“Let’s go.” The trio’s life force was fading quickly, and they no longer had the energy to fight against Yang Tian, who still had the energy to.

“Running away, are we?” Yang Tian snickered.

“I’m Jiang Clan’s young master. Kill me, and you’ll be in trouble.”

“If you kill us, our clan elder will track you do. We’re giving up on the items. They’re all yours.”

“Haha, I happened to not fear offending people, especially big clans. I’ll kill whoever comes knocking,” replied Yang Tian.

“Kill him!” brayed Jiang Ling. The three of them went in for the kill.

“Go to hell!” Yang Tian shook his head before battering them with a barrage of punches.

“You’re done for. Wait for Jiang Clan’s vengeance!” roared the dying Jiang Ling, as his body rapidly expanded.

“Crap.” Yang Tian widened his eyes and vaulted backwards.

Jiang Ling’s body exploded all of a sudden, while someone dashed out of the cave. Yang Tian’s garments were torn and tattered as a result of the explosion.

“What a pain. What was that secret technique?” Yang Tian curled his lips then hopelessly shook his head. Not even their armour was intact. He walked up to the three corpses and found yet more interspatial rings. “Surely core disciples of Jiang Clan have decent stuff on them.”

There were roughly twenty thousand mid-grade bloodstones and some rare herbs. A jade slid containing energy that resembled energy in the area caught Yang Tian’s attention.

Yang Tian had a taste of Earthquake Seal during his tussle with Jiang Ling. It was a powerful offensive martial skill that could give his own Wind Splitter Palms a run for its money.

“Eh? Why is there only one technique?” A quick look revealed only one skill in the jade slip. Yang Tian searched for a while but couldn’t find any broken fragments. “If the first technique is already a Mystic Rank Peak, the sequential techniques should be even more powerful, shouldn’t they? What a pity. These Peak Mystic weapons have been refined with blood. They’ve lost their power now. My only option is to try and erase the seals at a later date.”

Yang Tian stored away the three golden swords and then headed to the pill room. He picked up more herbs than he could count and a number of pill concoction formulas. He sat on the ground to recover his qi and blood inside the pill room. Every now and then, Xiaobai would sneak an ancient pill into his mouth.

After one night of cultivation, Yang Tian was stronger again.

“What happened in the ancient age? Why did they create so many pills?” Yang Tian buried two corpses and then sighed. “You absorbed ancient qi for cultivation, while we use it for alchemy. If we absorbed ancient qi daily, we’d have unshakeable foundations, wouldn’t we?”

Sure, ten thousand pills was a lot, but the volume of energy a Warrior Realm cultivator required was immense. Therefore, number of pills he had wouldn’t last long.

Yang Tian suddenly heard someone with a familiar voice blustering almost a kilometre away. Three youths had Xing Yun’er surrounded. Three grown men surrounding one girl was an act beyond shameless, yet they only cared for their lust.

“Give me the inheritance, and I’ll give you a quick and painless one,” demanded Huang Hai, fiddling with his folding fan. He found out by chance that Xing Yun’er managed to find an inheritance from a skeleton, which was why they decided to mug her.

“If you want it, come take it.” Xing Yun’er increased the power of her aura as she tightened her grip on a bright golden glass ball.

“Big Brother, she’s an important member of Thundercloud Sect. What do we do?” Huang Hai asked of his elder brother, Huang Bo.

Although killing Xing Yun’er would be a pain in the neck to clean up, people’s minds were clouded when an Inheritance was the payout. Huang Bo responded, “Tell me why I should care about Cloud and Lightning Sect. we’re a branch of Yellow Dragon Valley. Why should we fear her?”

“Good looking, don’t worry, I won’t kill you.” Huang Hai ran over to Yun’er with his posture similar to a cheetah. Back markings suddenly appeared on his palm before he attacked.

Xing Yun’er vaulted and delivered a dawn-coloured blast from her dark green sword plus a vicious stab to Huang Hai’s chest imbued with her dark green energy. Huang Hai formed a black fist and struck back at the dark-green sword qo. The dark-green qi pierced through Huang Hai’s Qi to stab his fist.

“All together, kill her!” commanded Huang Bo.

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