Almighty – Ch. 51

Triple Energy Sword Formation

Yang Tian: The three of them are quite strong. This is going to be troublesome. They are several folds stronger than the two I killed a while ago. Their auras indicate they’re from the same clan.

Jiang Ling yelled, “Stop him!”

“Quite the fast one, aren’t you, punk? You took everything, didn’t you?” The girl chuckled while questioning Yang Tian.

“Why are you doing this?” Yang Tian questioned.

“Why?” Jiang Yuan snickered. “Kid, you killed my clan members, and now you’re asking me ‘why’? Hand over the items from the cave, and I might spare your life.”

“Oh, so you’re with those two thieves. No wonder why you’re so pushy.”

“Thieves?” Jiang Yuan fumed. Jiang Clan was a renowned clan on the Eastern Continent, yet Yang Tian labelled them thieves. No ego was going to stand for that.

“Buddy,” started Jiang Ling, as he walked over, “our clan discovered this abode first. Hand over the items, and we’ll pretend nothing ever happened.”

“Young Master, that…” stammered Jiang Yuan, surprised.

“What, my words don’t hold any weight?” Jiang Ling glared at Jiang Yuan. Jiang Ling had misgivings about fighting Yang Tian because no ordinary man could pass through the illusion trap without leaving any traces. Moreover, he had a feeling that Yang Tian could do some serious damage.

“Haha, if you want the treasures, you’ll have to rely on your skills to get them,” answered Yang Tian, aware he’d have the golden sword stuck in him if he handed them his treasures.

“Get him!” ordered Jiang Ling.

From a distance, the trio struck the air with palm strikes, sending gales of wind toward Yang Tian. Jade Cicada Palms was a Mystic Rank Martial Technique.

Yang Tian formed dozens of light blades on his hands and expanded their sizes before retaliating with a palm through the air that transformed into dozens of large rays of light. Yang Tian needed dozens of steps before he could regain his footing. The three Jiang Clan members hands’ were numb after the exchange.

“Bring it!”  Yang Tian discharged his qi and blood as he threw Wind Splitting Palm after Wind Splitting Palm.

The three were forced to retreat in the face of Yang Tian’s mad onslaught. He delivered three consecutive punches, ramming their palms with his lightning-fast punches to send them backwards.

Every time they made contact with Yang Tian’s body using Jade Cicada Palms, a gale would cut their output off.

“Let’s play with him for now. You two hold him. I’ll employ Earthquake Seal! Let’s see how tough his body really is.” Jiang Ling formed several arcs of light on his hands and then unleashed his qi and blood from his body. He waved his hands in the air, varying his movements as he went, easily inducing hypnotisation if one were to watch his hand movements resembling falling petals. Eventually, he formed a small condensed seal with immense energy inside the seal.

Yang Tian remained indifferent as he unloaded a barrage of punches on his two opponents. He had a suspicion that their three swords were as powerful as Peak Mystic Weapons. Given that they housed so much power, the three’s main technique should’ve relied on the swords, yet they hadn’t even drawn them.

“Runt, let’s see how tough your body is.” A small dark green seal began to confine space.

“You’re not qualified to take my life.” Yang Tian executed a simplified, more economical, version of Scorching Sun that he came up with recently.

“Get him!” Jiang Ling clenched his hand, sending the dark-green seal in for the kill.

Yang Tian unleashed his aura to send his Scorching Sun through the air to meet the seal.

The wall cracked. The Earth trembled. Rock fragments rained.  The seal Yang Tian attacked began to tremble as Yang Tian’s crimson rays pierced the green field loudly.

Earthquake Seal was a fragmented seal, but it was powerful, nonetheless.

“What in the?” Jiang Ling exclaimed, “Retreat!”

“Too late.”

Jiang Ling stopped and formed a fist and drew his golden sword, cleaving Scorching Sun.

“Mm, not too bad.” Yang Tian laughed and exploded towards Jiang Ling.

Jiang Ling was positive that Yang Tian wasn’t from a prominent sect for he had never heard of the latter’s martial technique before.

Yang Tian slammed a foot on Jiang Ling’s chest, breaking Jiang Ling’s bones in the process.

Jiang Yuan and the girl immediately pressed the attack on Yang Tian with their jade palms. As opposed to moving off trajectory to evade, Yang Tian countered with two of his own punches, driving them back.

Jiang Ling had never been beaten so severely as he was the young master of Jiang Clan. “Draw your swords!”

Yang Tian took in a deep breath and enveloped himself in his signature crimson qi and blood because he couldn’t use brute force alone against Peak Mystic Weapons. “I’m assuming they’re trying to kill me in one move.”

Despite the great distance between them, they already managed to put several holes in Yang Tian’s black robe with their lethal sword aura.

“Die!” brayed the three.

“Hargh!” Yang Tian utilised his unnamed fists style in the air, shooting out tendrils of energy that bound the zone. The confined energy continued to steal energy from the sword auras.

Yang Tian threw a barrage of punches all of a sudden, causing their sword auras to lose their edge. To add, the confined space dismantled their sword auras. Nevertheless, they dismantled Yang Tian’s crimson aura with slashes despite their weakened sword aura. Yang Tian trapped all three of their swords in the air within a split second using his qi and blood river.

It took three months of arduous cultivation for Yang Tian to display just a tiny bit of what his qi and blood pool was capable of.  Having said that, the range he could cover was incredibly small, yet cost copious amounts of energy.

“Kill him with Three Energy Sword Formation!” thundered Jiang Ling.

Blood and essence burst forth. The golden swords began to vibrate as they imbued their swords with more and more of their energy.

A sword clone fifteen metres high appeared before the large swords. The sharp sword aura dispersed and penetrated the air.

The three Jiang Clan members spat mouthful after mouthful of blood and essence, while their qi and blood atrophied. Forcing oneself to utilise Three Energy Sword Formation required months of recuperation to recover the lost blood and essence. Blood and Essence were of utmost importance to a cultivator as it was part of a living being. If one expended it all and failed to replenish it in time, it would be difficult to struggle in the future.

“You should be proud you could force the three of us into using our ace. Now it’s time for you to pay with your life,” stated Jiang Ling.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Yang Tian clenched his fist and steeled his resolve to kill. He explosively retreated and rapidly moulded qi and blood to the surface, ready to bear the ramifications of colliding with them.

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