Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 108

Everything is Under Control

Luo Ming let out a relaxed breath after a long meditation session. Using Seven Emotions and Fleeting in conjunction to manipulate Abels’ five senses was an amazing accomplishment, but it also cost an amazing volume of true energy. The fact that he accepted the risk of suspicion to recover in his secret chamber before returning to public view showed just how taxing it was on him. That being said, taking down Abels with just loss of energy was easily one of the highlights of Luo Ming’s legend.

“Sea Deer Hunter, truly deserving of its legendary status as one of the Nine States Enervating Blades.”

The blade doused in sea-blue energy already proved its worth in the short scuffle between two feared men. It proved its worth once again from the fact that it was credited with Luo Ming’s quick recovery.

Despite Poison King’s poison effectively boosting Luo Ming’s internal energy, at the end of the day, it wasn’t an equivalent for cultivated strength. An imitation doesn’t come without its flaws. Poison King’s boost could only be utilised once every three days and for only two hours tops, or the poison would harm the user. If it was so omnipotent that it could provide a permanent boost, Luo Ming would’ve had a fat chance of grasping more of Repository Sword Theory already – not to discount other factors.

The surprises Luo Yan, Ming Feizhen, Emperor Yuansheng gave Luo Ming in their exchanges, including his other failures, reminded him of how unstable his foundation was; escaping each time by strokes of luck that were borderline humiliating. Like a building built on a wobbly foundation, Luo Ming was fully aware of the risks he was carrying on his path to vengeance. His only option was to start Repository Sword Theory and master it without cutting corners. Alas, he didn’t have the patience to wait for another dozen years, nor did he have that luxury anymore.

Sea Deer Hunter empowered Luo Ming to continue fighting no matter how severe his internal injuries were. Most importantly, it allowed him to manipulate the venom inside him at will.

“You’re… next.” Luo Ming cast his gaze up at the black case inside the furnace that was absorbing all of the energy from the matches to forge a sword nerve.

Luo Ming originally planned to have Feng Jian overwhelm all the competitors until Yu Feiyuan’s performance on Dragonroot Island forced him to change his plans. To prevent Wutong Jin Yuxuan from competing, Luo Ming set the competition up so that Wutong Jin Yuxuaun couldn’t influence the results of the competition, cognisant of the fact that Yu Feiyuan’s absence meant that he wouldn’t get to gather as much fighting spirit for his sword nerve. No matter, though, for Abels followed him into the secret chamber to compensate – proximity relative to the cauldron mattered. After their match, the fighting spirit in the black case had reached ninety percent of its completion.

“Everything is under control.” Luo Ming didn’t react surprised to the presence of the elder approaching from behind as the latter’s appearance was part of his plans. “It is proceeding as planned. Have you recovered… Poison King?”

Luo Ming realised the risk of his secret chamber being exposed once Hong Jiu and Song Ou were extracted, which was why he checked high and low, thereby finding Poison King along with the fact that many of his secrets had been dug up. It wasn’t bad news entirely, however, because he learnt Ming Feizhen’s secret – Ming Feizhen escaping from the eternal stone door.

“Ming Feizhen, you think everything is going according to your designs? How naïve…”

“That prick… ate two of my babies! I want him to go to hell!” fumed Poison King.

“Relax, Poison King.” Luo Ming made his way out of his secret chamber. “Everything is under our control. He’s already shown his ace; he’s out of moves. Watch the progress of the sword nerve. I need to show the public I am still present.”

There was a guard in the pavilion and Emperor Yuansheng, but A-Ji and company were gone. Luo Ming cracked a grin when he saw Emperor Yuansheng’s astonishment as he watched the ring without blinking.

Indeed, Feng Jian should have seized victory by now.

“Ahahahahahahaha, take this! And this! And this!”

Some dishevelled daoist dressed up as though he picked a garment from here and there to slap together sent sword qi after sword qi blast whooshing at Feng Jian, gusting up small tornadoes in the arena. It was one-way traffic, with the daoist doing all of the attacking and Feng Jian wobbling on his knees, unable to even draw his sword.

“Coward… Coward, fight me in a sword fight…”

“Catch!” The daoist’s next big blast blew Feng Jian across the ground.

Luo Ming: What in the world?


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