Almighty – Ch. 53

Meeting Yun’er Again

Huang Bo ceased his advance when he heard somebody clapping and sensed qi stirring, but the clapping was excessively loud that his ears ached. “Come out!” Huang Bo sternly swept his gaze over to where the sound first initiated. Deep down, he was concerned.

“You have my admiration. Three men against one girl. I might have trouble penetrating skin that thick…” Yang Tian derided.

“You… Your mortality doesn’t worry you, it seems. Being a hero isn’t all rainbows and roses. I suggest you leave while you’re ahead.”

“Big Brother,” exclaimed Huang Hai, voice stifled. He didn’t want his elder brother to spare Yang Tian.

“Shut up!” Huang Bo glared at Huang Hai. “There is still time for you to leave. Else…”

“Haha,” laughed Yang Tian, with a shrug. Then, he looked at Xing Yun’er with a kind gaze. “I know you. You can go.”

“Lucky you, picking up an Inheritance,” thought Yang Tian, noticing the crystal ball in Yun’er hand. There were lots of Inheritances out there, but being able to extract the contents inside were entirely different story.

Is he Brother Yang Tian, Yun’er asked herself. She identified him as Yang Tian whenever he moved.

“Insolence!” Huang Bo clenched his fists and began intensifying his aura, crackling the air.

“You two go and apprehend the girl. Leave him to me!” Huang Bo took off toward Yang Tian.

“Leave it to us, Big Brother,” assured Huang Hai, looking back at Xing Yun’er.

“This is what you get for sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong!” Huang Bo punched toward Yang Tian’s chest with his fist glowing blue.

“Now you’re trying to bite off more than you can chew.” Sneering, Yang Tian countered with a crimson punch. Right after a thud, Huang Bo’s arm bent in a directional it shouldn’t have, and his pain was visually illustrated from his facial reaction. “Don’t go after coming all the way here.”

Yang Tian chased after Huang Bo and twirled his wrist to generate a vacuum to pull the latter back. Huang Bo wobbled as he tried to struggle against the force hauling him in, though he materialised a blue spear. Huang Bo was to duel Yang Tian with his bare hands, he’d die in a few exchanges. He, therefore, didn’t take any chances against his opponent.

Notwithstanding Yun’er’s qi and blood being superior to her two adversaries, her combat strategy wasn’t optimal for her circumstance, therefore quickly giving away her upper hand.

“Worry about yourself first!” Huang Bo, enraged due to Yang Tian dismissing him and looking to Yun’er, performed a horizontal swing, yet Yang Tian punched straight through.

Huang Bo summoned a jade slip and crushed it in his hands, releasing energy that sent ripples through the air.

“Crap.” Yang Tian hastily churned up his qi and blood for another crimson fist to defend against Huang Bo’s swift charge.

“Die!” Huang Bo’s arm muscles wriggled and looked contorted. With his arms three times’ the size they were before and veins bulging out from under his skin. Huang Bo sent a crushing punch toward Yang Tian’s. “Mountain Smashing Fist!”

The energy chipping away from their clash sliced the trees around as if a tornado was rampaging.

The two with Huang Bo traced Huang Bo’s tragic plight as he flew through the air. From behind the parting dirt, Yang Tian casually emerged. Pleased with the claw wound on Huang Bo’s chest, Yang Tian smiled and then caressed Xiaobai.

“Run!” Huang Bo got to his feet and yelled for the other two to flee while taking off.

“I don’t seem to recall saying you could leave.” Yang Tian snickered before transforming into a gale that zoomed straight past Huang Bo to cut him off. Wasting no time, he swung a knife hand down toward Huang Bo’s skull, splattering the latter’s brains.

“He killed my big brother… He killed my big brother…”  Huang Hai couldn’t take his eyes off his slain brother. While he was preoccupied with his own fear, severed his arm in one slash. “Argh!”

Yun’er returned Huang Hai’s disgruntled look with a ruthless one before going for a straight thrust.

“Stop!” yelled someone from a distance, as he came with a group of men.

“Yun’er, run,” exclaimed Yang Tian, determining the leader of the incoming party was stronger than all the members of Jiang Clan he previously scrapped with. Yang Tian twirled his wrist right away to attack with multiple shockwaves, launching Huang Hai and his accomplice away.

“You really are Brother Yang…” murmured Yun’er.

“You think you can get away after killing our Outer Valley Disciple?” The leader, sixteen year old Huang Li, sped up exponentially to cut off Yang Tian’s path and eyed crystal ball in Yun’er’s hand on the way.

He’s a strong one. Could he be a divine descendant?

Yang Tian instantly moulded energy.

“Brother Yang, he is Huang Li, a divine descendant tier disciple from Yellow Dragon Valley,” whispered Yun’er.

Yellow Dragon Valley was among the top sects on the Eastern Continent.

Shifting his grim gaze from the corpses on the ground to Yun’er’s Inheritance, Huang Li sneered. “Hand over the Inheritance, and I’ll turn a blind eye to all of this. Your other option is death.”

“I…” Yun’er gripped the crystal ball tighter as her eyes danced back and forth between enemies and allies. In the end, she chose to cast the ball away.

Huang Li’s eyes lit up with excitement. Sadly, his smile froze on his face soon after.

“Silly girl. You think he’d spare us if you gave it to him?” rhetorically asked Yang Tian, with a chuckle and while holding her hand after returning to his senses. “Uh, ahem.” Yang Tian quickly let go of Yun’er’s hand when he felt it shake in his.

Yun’er couldn’t stop herself from giggling when she looked up to see the both of them awkward.

Witnessing the two flirting with each other stoked the three young men’s fire.

“Yun’er, make sure to follow close behind me. Don’t give them the Inheritance.” Yang Tian stepped forward.

“Uhm, don’t worry, Brother Yang. Yun’er won’t give it to them.” Happy Yun’er literally smiled with her eyebrows, too.

“Don’t go dying before you get the girl,” jibed Huang Li, gaze dead set on Yang Tian and with a scornful smile.

“Haha, you won’t need to worry about that. If you want the Inheritance, come get it. That said, don’t go dying before you get it.”

“Smart aleck!” Huang Li propelled himself over to Yang Tian, targeting Yang Tian’s vitals with an open hand.

Yang Tian quickly countered with three consecutive punches, deflecting the black glow. Nevertheless, he slid back slightly. A numbing sensation in his hand registered. Had it not been for his freakish body, his hand would’ve shattered in the exchange.

“You want to be a hero with that embarrassing level of skill? Just die.” Huang Li chuckled. The two behind him then began an attack on Yun’er.

“You’re not even qualified to carry my shoes.”

“Good enough for a warm up.” Huang Li unlocked his frightening life force, summoning a mountain overhead, consequently distorting the air around them.  “Xiao Huang Extremity Hands!” With a belt, a huge yellow hand made from earth appeared over Yang Tian’s head, generated gusts of wind and grabbed his qi and blood river.

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