Almighty – Ch. 50

Ancient Pill

Inside the illusion trap was a stone room approximately thirty-three kilometres long. There were more gullies in the ground than one could keep count of, which was a clear indication that a big fight was fought there.

“I’m not surprised this is an immortal’s cave. The ancient qi in here is vastly superior to the ancient qi outside.”  Yang Tian entered the room and surveyed the area around. When he saw the herb garden, his eyes lit up, and he quickly went over to it. He was disappointed that the majority of the herbs had withered when he looked into the gully. The scene his sombre eyes took in weren’t to his liking. He entered the three metre garden and had a quick look of the herbs.

“Rose gold spirit herb!” Yang Tian ran over to a surviving herb that he spotted. “What a pity. This herb will wither once it reaches a certain age. How many cycles would it need to go through by the time its shoots sprout?”

Most of the plants, some which had existed for millenniums, were rare ones. There was a corner of the herb remaining after somebody bit the remainder off. There was a clear liquid still sitting on it.

“Damn glutton. Did he just eat it without thinking?” When Yang Tian saw Xiaobai on the ground, chewing an herb, he picked the little beast up.

Yang Tian ignored Xiaobai’s pleas and stuffed him back in his shirt. Although Xiaobai could absorb the active properties of herbs, most of it was lost in the process.

After fumbling through the garden for a while, Yang Tian found over a dozen herbs and then headed in, following the path of gullies in the ground. He followed the tracks for about another seven minutes before stopping.

“Even adepts eventually fall,” mumbled Yang Tian. They had reached a supreme level, yet nobody buried their remains. Curious, Yang Tian crouched down and picked up a finger lying amongst the fragmented blades. “An ancient cultivator’s relic should contain a lot of things… Damn it. It’s a high-grade interspatial ring.”

High-grade interspatial rings had the ability to cast a divine soul seal of sorts, which would require a divine soul to break.

Yang Tian searched the other skeleton to find an interspatial ring and a golden token that had “Pill Mystics Sect” carved on. “Pill Mystics Sect? I think I’ve heard the name somewhere before.”

The material it was made with was extremely robust. A Peak Mystic Weapon would’ve lost all of its power by this point, yet the token didn’t have as much as a blemish after all those years. Yang Tian put the token away then looked to the stone room.

“Treasured Items Hall,” Yang Tian read out. “I guess I can expect it to be a secret room that stores items.”

The interior was roughly three hundred metres square metres. Unexpectedly, it was sparkling clean in spite of the time it had been in existence. Yang Tian went over to a shelf and picked up an item resembling a small cauldron. Sadly, there was no vital essence left inside, thereby classifying it as an ordinary Blood Weapon. The divine markings on the cauldron clearly couldn’t defy time and leaked, as well.

“Some items have nurtured divine markings into existence. They seem to almost be Dao Items. It’s unfortunate that their owner passed away and didn’t cast a seal on these items, leading to their loss of vital essence.”

Yang Tian stowed the items with patterns on them into an interspatial ring. The patterns were actually ancient item refinement methods. If he could decipher some of the intent behind the markings, he would benefit in the long run when he wanted to refine items.

Yang Tian picked up items ancient cultivators left behind from multiple rooms. The unfortunate part was that the items didn’t serve a purpose for the current situation. Finally, he arrived at a pill storage hall.

“This is the last room. I’m guessing this is where the cultivator stored his treasures.” Yang Tian went to break the door down, but a sudden explosion forced him to hit pause. “Somebody destroyed the formation?”

Yang Tian booted the door down. A red glow lit up the entire room. While he spaced out, a mountain of pills buried him.

“What the? I can’t believe the cultivator turned ancient qi into pills. What an unbelievable man.”


“There are people coming. Xiaobai, hurry and grab the pills,” Yang Tian directed.

Yang Tian ejected absorption energy from his palm to suck the mass of pills inside the secret room into the interspatial ring. With one breath, Xiaobai absorbed the pills in the room.

The three Jiang Clan members repetitively assaulted the illusion formation outside.

“Let’ go!” brayed Jiang Ling, before running further into the abode.

“They’re in.” The duo in the room continued to absorb pills, but they hadn’t even absorbed half of the total yet.  “Damn it.” Yang Tian shut the door to the room.

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